Zabeel Park: Find the Peace There

9:24 pm  |  07.09.2021
Zabeel Park

You are sure to be looking for a green space in Dubai. This can be found in Zabeel Park where you can relax from the city. There are also some interesting attractions to visit there. It is a very large park and you should plan enough time to visit it. However, you also have to pay an entrance fee there.

The Zabeel Park in Dubai

Tourists imagine the emirate of Dubai in such a way that it is very dry there with hardly any green space. But if you look at Zabeel Park you will quickly see that the metropolis is also very green. There you will find around 7,000 trees and 3,000 palm trees in a beautifully landscaped park.

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Incidentally, this was opened on December 8th, 2005, and of course, a city like Dubai needs green spaces where the residents can hang out on the weekend. There you will also find sufficient shade, especially in the hot summer months. So that everything looks so nice and green, everything is watered and a water hose goes to every palm or tree. Of course, only Dubai can afford that.

Do You Have to Pay Admission There?

As already mentioned, you have to pay an entrance fee to visit Zabeel Park. However, this is not very high and you pay 5 dirhams per person. So this is not very much and a family with children can easily afford it. The city had to pay 200 million dirhams to build the park, which is why the entry is required there. But it is definitely worth it and you will be amazed what there is there. You should therefore go there early so that you also get something from the park.

Zones in the Park

The Zabeel Park is divided into different zones that can be accessed on foot. There is a technology zone where you can see the latest technical innovations. 

Then the Barcode Garden or the Alternative Energy Zone. You should definitely take a look at Space Maze. It will certainly not be boring and the park is almost a mixture of an amusement park and green space in the city. There is a lot on offer for the visitors for the low admission price.

What Kind of Attractions are There

It is not only a beautiful park where you can relax but there is much more to discover. As already mentioned, Zabeel Park is very large. You can explore it on foot or use the tram. With this, you can move much faster. Don’t miss a visit to the 45-meter high Panoramic Tower. The view is of course impressive from there. 

But if you want a better view then you should go to The Dubai Frame.

The famous “arch” (Dubai Frame) and a lake overlooking the skyscrapers, where you can ride a rented boat. It has become the visiting card of Zabeel Park. Dubai Frame is a large-scale art object representing an observation deck illuminated in different colors at night. The height of the arch is 48 floors (150 meters), and you can get to the top by elevator in 75 seconds. The construction took 2,000 tons of steel.

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According to the authors of the project, Dubai Frame is a metaphorical bridge between Old and New Dubai, which connects the past with the present.

There is also a viewing platform that is even higher. Incidentally, this is also the largest picture frame in the world. Then there is a nice jogging path or a BMX route. In the amphitheater Mega Bowl, there are always events that you can visit. 

When is the Opening Times of the Park?

Before visiting Zabeel Park, you should also find out about the opening times. This is open every day of the week. However, the times are different there. You can go there from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. between Saturday and Wednesday. You have a little more time at the weekend. From Thursday to Friday you have 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. to visit the park. Those who want it quieter should go there during the week. There were significantly more visitors on the weekend. 

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Location and Address of the Park

This is in the middle of the city and tourists who have never been there should be taken by taxi. In our opinion, this is the best option. There is a metro connection nearby. But from there you have to go on foot. Zabeel Park’s address is 1/9 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Rd, Al Kifaf, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There is a large parking lot even if you have a rental car.

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