You Have to Tip in Dubai: With a Few Dirham You Can Reach a Lot

8:49 pm  |  19.06.2022
Tips in Dubai

Giving a tip in Dubai is no duty and every tourist should decide himself whether he wants to give this or not. In many restaurants in Dubai, however, it is customary that a service allowance of 15 percent in the bill is available. Here you do not need an additional tip. If this is not the case then you should give about 10 percent from the invoice price.

Who is traveling by taxi in Dubai should give the driver a tip. This always expects that you turn up to the full amount. In many luxury hotels in Dubai, there is Valet Parking and an employee from the hotel drives the car path or picks it up for you. Here you should also give a pair of Dirham to not look at the bad. You can say that you should not exaggerate it with the tip in Dubai but you occasionally give something to not attract unpleasantly.

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Tipping is Voluntary

Before every trip, one should also deal with the culture of the country and the practices there prevailing. Especially in Arab countries, there are many things to be observed in order not to fail against the good customs of the country or to step into a fat susceptible. In a service-oriented country as the United Arab Emirates, as well as in all other countries, it is welcome if the tourist also gives a tip. Just how much tip should one give? What is considered appropriate in Dubai? Generally, the tip is not a must but depends on personal feeling, satisfaction with the performance, and the framework of the services used.

Tip Box

Especially in the city, you will get in many situations where you could give tips. Immediately at the beginning of the holiday in Dubai, it is recommended to allow the cleaning staff a pair of Dirham either directly in the hotel room or press themselves. Normally, the staff for the room makes even better service than usual. Likewise, when using the parking service from the hotel more than friendly as a thank you to give a little change.

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In restaurants is usually in the small print of the menu that the service is already included. If you are satisfied with your operation or the service charge is not included in the invoice, can additionally give between 10 and 15% as a tip. When visiting a spa in Dubai or with beauty treatments, this percentage is also available for a tip. For taxi rides, messengers, or even the packaging in the supermarkets in Dubai, it is normal to break down the invoice amount.

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Tipping is Gladly Taken

Don’t forget about tips 

These tips should only help to get a rough orientation on how much you usually have a tip. It is not expected in Dubai, but like everywhere in the world gladly accepted. And you should not exaggerate it. In addition, it is a sign of the appreciation of the work and service, which the employees have done. Important is during the stay in Dubai that is respectfully handled with the people. A request and thank you connected with a smile is so happy to see here.

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