Yas Waterworld: You Can Find It in Abu Dhabi

3:12 pm  |  03.09.2021
Yas Waterworld: You Can Find It in Abu Dhabi

A very nice water park is Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi located on the island of Yas Island. In good an hour’s drive with the rental car, this is accessible from Dubai. You can spend there easy to spend the whole day with the family and you will have a lot of fun. Especially with the hot summer temperatures, there is cooling very well there.

On January 21, 2013, Yas Waterworld was opened and he certainly belongs to the best in the United Arab Emirates. The water park has 45 different attractions where certainly something is there for everyone. Of numerous slides and pools, you will find almost everything there. The motto of the park is the Legend of the Lost Pearl which translates into German the legend of the lost pearl means. The area of ​​Yas Waterworld is very large of 15 hectares and you should get an overview plan so you can find everything.

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The landmark is a pearl that you can already see from afar. But there is not only slides but also an Arab Souk where you can certainly find a souvenir. For the physical well-being of several restaurants where you can eat and drink something. To bring food from outside is of course banned what you can imagine. Also, a roller coaster is available as in a leisure park the bandit bomber calls where you will have a lot of fun.

However, there are similar attractions such as the Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai. The attractions are divided into different levels by harmless to the adrenaline junkie. 

Those looking for a lot of action should try Rush Rider, Bubble’s Barrel, Dawwama, Liwa Loop, Hamlool’s Humps, or Jebel Drop. With the other attractions, you can tackle it a bit quieter like Sebag, Yadi Yas, or Marah Fortress.

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Yas Waterworld Opening Hours

Opening hours are daily from 10:00 to 19:00 on a normal day. But there are always events and events that take place where the opening hours are shortened. It should therefore be exactly informed if such a one takes place. 

Yas Waterworld Entrance

A standard ticket for Yas Waterworld costs adults 240 Dirham and for children 195 Dirham. Interesting is certainly the combination with the Ferrari World where you can save money. For both parks, a ticket for adults costs persons 290 dirhams and for children 240 dirhams. If you like to look at both parks should buy such a ticket where you can save money.

If you want to visit the water park YAS WATERWORLD often then you can buy an Annual Pass where you can pay a lump sum and then you can visit every day. Then you can buy a ticket for example for the Ladies Night and if you participate in the Mile Program of Etihad Airways Then you can exchange them for a free ticket when you have collected enough miles.

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Also, the adjoining hotels have always offered where the hotel accommodation and a promotional ticket are included. Furthermore, you can still rent a Cabana for an additional fee. If you are a group then you get a cheaper price on the occurrence.

Yas Waterworld Arrival

If you stay in Abu Dhabi then you can go there by taxi that is very reasonably priced there. The water park is also accessible by bus and if you come from Dubai then you can park your rental car there for free. If you stay in a hotel on Yas Island then you can use the Yas Express Bus that is very convenient.

Yas Waterworld Security

The security in this water park is very important. It’s everywhere is the staff that you can ask and that would also like to help. Of course, the security adapts to which visitors do nothing because you can also get blue spots on some attractions in Yas Waterworld. The slides are of course very tempting where but always something can happen. The valuables are best included in the locker room. You can pay in the park by the bracelet and do not require cash.

Yas Waterworld Bath Accessories

In principle, you do not need to bring anything if you visit the water park. Even a swimming trunk can still be bought on-site in a business and also sun’s milk if you might forget it. Towels and bath towels can be rented and there are enough sun loungers that can be used for free.

Yas Waterworld reopened its doors to the public on 31st July 2020. However, an effective system has been put in place by the staff to ensure maximum safety and hygiene within the venue.

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  3. […] READ: Yas Waterworld: You Can Find It in Abu Dhabi […]

  4. […] READ: Yas Waterworld: You Can Find It in Abu Dhabi […]

  5. […] READ: Yas Waterworld: You Can Find It in Abu Dhabi […]

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