Why Should You Book Half Board at The Palm Jumeirah: Important Info for All Guests of Dubai

9:53 pm  |  09.12.2021
Half Board in Dubai

If you book a hotel on The Palm Jumeirah then you should definitely book half board. We will explain exactly why this is necessary here.

Be Sure to Book Half Board on The Palm Jumeirah

The luxury hotels on the man-made island The Palm Jumeirah are particularly popular with tourists. Everyone would like to spend the night there and that also attracts holidaymakers. Because there is one of the best hotels in the whole metropolis. That would be, for example, the Atlantis The Palm and many more. But you have to know that you are there on an island and not on the mainland.

Live Cooking

Most people always forget that and when booking the hotel they only book breakfast to save money. In our opinion, this is very important because otherwise, you would have to leave the island again and again. You certainly don’t want that and we recommend spending most of your time there so that you get something from the hotels. You have to know that they are very exclusive and also have beautiful beaches.

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What is the Surcharge Per Person and Day for an Evening Buffet?

Now you ask yourself how much you actually have to pay if you book half board there. The answer is that you have to pay at least 30 dollars per day per person. It also depends on the hotel booked. You can say the more luxurious it is, the more money you have to spend. It can even be 40 dollars. At first glance, of course, this always seems like a lot.

In the evening you can always help yourself at the buffet where there are also cooks who, for example, prepare pasta for the guests. All of this has to be paid for, of course. A big advantage is that you can eat as much as you want. If you go to a pizzeria in the Dubai Marina, you can easily pay 30 dollars for a normal pizza.

Distance to the Mainland

Great view

It always depends on which hotel you have booked and where it is located. The furthest distances are, for example, from Rixos The Palm and One & Only The Palm. There you have to reckon with a transfer time of 15 to 20 minutes until you are back on the mainland. But it can also be more minutes because it depends on how much traffic is currently.

If you stay in a hotel on the trunk like the Fairmont The Palm then you are back on the mainland in a few minutes, which would certainly be practical. But with the hotels on the outer ring, you have a much better feeling that you are on an island. It is better to book these and the beaches are better there too.

There are no Restaurants on The Palm Jumeirah

In the meantime, you can also find restaurants on The Palm Jumeirah where you can get something to eat and drink. Our recommendation would be to visit the promenade The Pointe where you have a large selection. There the prices are not cheaper than in the hotels. Of course, you have to pay for the view of the Palm Fountain, which you can imagine. But this one is very nice.

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If you want to have cheap meals then we have another good tip here. So you could save the half board in the hotels. You simply visit the food court, for example, the Nakheel Mall, which is located on the tribe of the island. You can take a taxi from the hotel to and from the hotel.

What are the Advantages of Half Board

Arabic cuisine

If you have already stayed in such a luxurious hotel then you should enjoy it without having to go to a restaurant in the evening. You can then stay longer at the pool or the beach. So you only have to go to the hotel restaurant where, for example, the buffet is offered. There you always have a very large selection and the hotel guests are spoiled with many delicacies.

Our tip is to try the Arabic cuisine when you are already on vacation there. Furthermore, there is no need to worry that there will be problems with the food. Everything is always freshly prepared there and there are many popular travel destinations such as Turkey or Egypt where hotel guests then have problems with eating such as diarrhea or vomiting. That doesn’t happen there.

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Dress Code

Of course, you should dress appropriately when visiting the restaurant in the 5-star luxury hotel. Half-board is of a high standard there and everything is presented wonderfully. You are not allowed to come there in shorts and a T-shirt. At breakfast, this is still okay. But at dinner, you always have to pay attention to the dress code. An evening dress is recommended for women and long trousers and a shirt for men. Then you won’t be looked at in a strange way there.

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Our Opinion

As you have already learned, you can’t go wrong with half board in the luxury hotels on The Palm Jumeirah. You pay an extra charge there, but it’s worth it. There are always offers where this is offered free of charge by the tour operators. This means that you then pay the same price for an overnight stay with breakfast or half board. So always look for the offers.

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