Which Hotels in Dubai Offer All-Inclusive: Here We Present Hotels in Dubai that Offer All-Inclusive Service for Tourists

8:46 pm  |  12.11.2021
All-Inclusive Hotels in Dubai

The all-inclusive catering in Dubai is rather the exception. But here we present some hotels that offer this and there you can look forward to very good catering as a hotel guest.

Which Hotels in Dubai are All-Inclusive?

As already mentioned, the hotels in Dubai rarely offer all-inclusive meals. The reason is that you can reach numerous restaurants from almost every hotel in the emirate, even on foot. We recommend booking something like this if you are staying on the island of The Palm Jumeirah, for example. Since you are there on an island, you may not come to the mainland every day.

Especially in the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah, this is also a good option where the restaurants are not yet so widespread. There you need a means of transport such as a taxi to be able to reach them at all. In this post, you will find good hotels where you can also book all-inclusive. In principle, however, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they need this and whether they want to pay the surcharge.

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Riu Dubai

You probably know the Spanish hotel chain Riu if you have already been on holiday to the Canary Islands or Mallorca. In the meantime, it has also opened a hotel in the emirate of Dubai and of course all-inclusive is offered there. Incidentally, this hotel is perfect for a beach holiday. You can find yourself there on the small island of Deira Island. From there you can also easily reach the sights of Dubai.

Moevenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach

A very popular hotel near the beach with a very good location is the Moevenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach. There you have the advantage that you can stay in a luxury hotel in a perfect location on The Walk. From there you can reach a lot on foot. But there are also many good restaurants in the area that you can use. So all-inclusive would not be absolutely necessary there. You can also book this there if you want.

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Grand Hyatt Dubai

Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel

Of course, there are also good city hotels in Dubai that offer all-inclusive meals. That would be, for example, the Grand Hyatt Dubai where you are near Dubai Creek. This is very suitable for exploring the city, or for a stopover. Right next to it is the popular Wafi Mall, where you can go shopping.

Sheraton Jumeirah Beach

Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort

The Sheraton Jumeirah Beach is already one of the oldest beach hotels in Dubai. But this is characterized by its excellent location and therefore this is recommended. You are there in the best environment on the beach and on The Walk. The big advantage is certainly that you can explore everything on foot and so you can still stroll there in the evening.

Rixos The Palm

Rixos The Palm Dubai

Particularly popular with tourists is the Rixos The Palm where you can also book all-inclusive. Since you are there on an island, that would be offered there. But you should also leave it once and take a look at the attractions. A highlight is certainly the beautiful beach and this is one of the best on the palm island.

Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai

A family hotel is the Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai with a good location on Deira Island. Of course, you have a lot of peace and privacy there, which you can imagine. If you want to spend a beach holiday then you’ve come to the right place. But then you need a means of transport if you want to reach the sights such as the Burj Khalifa.

JA Beach Hotel

JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel

The JA Beach Hotel is also a classic among the most popular beach hotels. You have a beautiful outdoor area and this is certainly a reason why you should book this hotel. The disadvantage is that you are far from the city center or the Dubai Marina in Jebel Ali. But this is exactly the right hotel for those looking for relaxation. All-inclusive meals are definitely an advantage there.

Do You Have to Pay Extra for All-Inclusive?

First of all, you should know that it is always the cheapest if you only book breakfast in the hotel. With the all-inclusive board, you have to pay more money.

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So you should always think twice about whether you need this at all. You certainly don’t go on holiday in Dubai where you can eat there almost around the clock. The city offers so much that you shouldn’t stay in a hotel all the time. When you are out and about you can find good restaurants everywhere where you can get something to eat and drink. We always recommend comparing the prices exactly how much you have to pay per night.

About Food

As a rule, breakfast is always included when you book the hotel in Dubai with a German tour operator. In our opinion, this is completely sufficient. But there are always offers, for example at hotels on Palm Island, where you have to pay the same price for breakfast and half board. So you should book the half board as you don’t have to pay anything for it. But if the surcharge is too high then you should think about whether you need this at all.

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