Which Airport in Dubai: Where You Can Land

4:30 pm  |  20.12.2022
Airport in Dubai

Before a trip, you should find out which airport is suitable in Dubai. In the metropolis, there are two airports where you can land. These differ by the situation and also which airlines from there end up and depart.

Airports of Dubai

Dubai International Airport

For example, if you have booked a package holiday then you probably can not choose the airport in Dubai. That means this is determined by the tour operator and then you have to land there too. But if you organize everything yourself from the flight to the hotel then you decide course yourself. Maybe you want to fly to the Emirate with a specific airline. So there are many reasons why you should choose the airport. In the city, you can choose between Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport. What exactly the differences are we will explain here.

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Dubai International Airport

Terminal in Al Maktoum International Airport

The largest airport in Dubai is still the Dubai International Airport. As a rule, most tourists land there and business travelers fly with Emirates Airline. Because there is also the home airport and the great turnstile. There are many passengers who only change there and have a few hours stay. The time can then be spent, for example, in the Dubai Duty-Free. Furthermore, there is the location certainly very well in the city center. For example, if you have to do business in the metropolis then you are very fast in the financial center at the Sheik Zayed Road. So you should decide on this airport. In the surrounding area, there are also many airport hotels where you can stay. That’s very convenient and you have a short airport shuttle. However, this airport encounters its capacity limits over the next few years.

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Al Maktoum International Airport

As already mentioned, the old airport will reach its limits over the next few years. That means it can not be handled there even more passengers. Therefore, a few years ago, the foundation stone was placed for an even greater airport. This is called Al Maktoum International Airport and is said to be expanded to the largest airport around the world. Certainly one can imagine that this takes a long time. But the airport has already been built and also opened. Currently, there are predominantly charter airlines and cargo airlines. In the future, it is then planned that Emirates will completely move. But when this will be exactly the case is not yet fixed. For tourists, this is certainly very practical because you can quickly stay at the Hotel in the Dubai Marina or the Palm Jumeirah. There, this benefits from a short transfer to the hotel.

The Largest Airport in the World

As already mentioned, in Dubai, once the largest airport is created around the world. The foundation for this was placed in 2010. Because there the Al Maktoum International Airport for cargo flights was opened. Already in 2013, the first flights for passengers were already carried out. Furthermore, there is a lot of space there and the entire area is called Dubai World Central there. On an area of ​​around 14,000 hectares, there is practically a complete city with infrastructure. The airport in Dubai will then become a separate district. Currently, this is still more expanded and you are already planning for the future. Already, the Dubai International Airport is already the largest international aviation crossing christire around the world.

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At Which Airport in Dubai Lands as a Passenger

Currently, it is so when you fly with Emirates Airline then you still land at the Dubai International Airport. This is a very large and modern airport where you will find yourself very well. But if you book a package holiday to Dubai with the Condor then you end up at the Al Maktoum International Airport. Many tourists who booked a trip do not know that at all. Therefore, one should always inquire exactly with which airline one flies. But usually, that does not matter and both airports are very modern and well equipped.

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