Where to Find ATMs in Dubai: There are a lot of ATMs in Dubai That You Can Use

2:24 pm  |  30.10.2021
ATMs in Dubai

As a rule, ATMs can be found in Dubai, for example, in large shopping malls such as the Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates.

Where to Find ATMs in Dubai

ATM Machine Dubai

If you haven’t brought enough cash with you to Dubai from home, you will need more money at some point. But it’s very easy and you use the numerous ATMs in Dubai. You just put your credit card or debit card in the machine and then you get dirham bills. However, there are a few things to consider and you should not underestimate the fees that may be incurred. So you should think twice about whether you use it or not. In this post, you can find out everything about it and how you should actually pay in Dubai. Nowadays there are many modern means of payment that have also been offered there. As already mentioned, fees can apply there and you only notice that when you are back home.

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Shopping Malls and Airports Offer ATM Machines

The first thing you should do is go to a large shopping mall in Dubai and then look for an ATM machine. Now you are probably wondering what that actually is. In the United Arab Emirates, this is the name of an ATM. By the way, this is an English term for an ATM and it stands for Automatic Teller Machine. If you can’t find them right away, you should go to the information desks where the employees will be happy to provide information about where they are.

You can also take a brochure with you where these are also marked. Usually, there are several ATMs there and it doesn’t take long to search. But you can also find exchange offices there where you can change euros into dirhams. Another option would be to use ATMs immediately after arriving at Dubai International Airport. So these are widespread and you have a lot of choices where you can withdraw money quickly.

Can You Use the Debit Card in Dubai?

Dubai Money Exchange

As a rule, it is possible to use the EC card at an ATM in Dubai as you are used to at home. All you have to do is insert the card and then choose English as the language. So you should be able to read the menu navigation there. Usually, this is only in Arabic and English. But that is very easy and you then have to enter the 4-digit card PIN.

Then the desired amount and then you get the dirham banknotes paid out. However, one should not underestimate the fees when using it. This means that the banks often charge a foreign transaction fee or other transaction fees. So you should think twice about whether you want to do it.

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Withdraw Money in Dubai with a Credit Card

The principle is the same and you also have to put the credit card in the ATM. Usually, only VISA and maybe MasterCard credit cards are accepted there. That means if you have an American Express credit card, for example, that it does not work there. But you can quickly see which ones are accepted there. You also need a 4-digit PIN there, which you should of course know. If you have forgotten this, the card will be withdrawn. Furthermore, there are usually fees that are then called the foreign transaction fee. Incidentally, depending on the credit card, these can then amount to up to four percent of the amount withdrawn.

Don’t Underestimate Fees

As you have now learned, there are usually always fees when using an ATM in Dubai. But there are also cards where these are significantly lower and where you can withdraw money free of charge. We recommend that you think about which debit cards and credit cards you would like to use on your Dubai vacation. It is of course very easy to use these cards and you can get the money very quickly. But you only notice the fees when you get home and then you will probably get annoyed about it.

Paying With Cash is Still the Best

It might sound old-fashioned these days that you should still pay with cash. But there are no fees at all and you pay what it costs. Furthermore, you can have money changed in an exchange office in Dubai. This is done very easily and quickly. You also have the option of paying anonymously there. If you withdraw money with a credit card or debit card, then, of course, data is also recorded, whatever you can imagine. In our opinion, you should therefore still prefer good old cash.

Are the ATMs in Dubai Safe?

You have probably already heard that there is fraud with ATMs and that they may not be secure. But that won’t happen in Dubai and there is nothing to worry about. We recommend, however, to look at it carefully before using it to see whether it might have been manipulated. If you notice something like this then, of course, you shouldn’t use it.

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Our Opinion

Withdrawing money from an ATM in Dubai is very easy and these are available in the large malls and also at the airport. But you shouldn’t underestimate the fees and we recommend using cash instead. If there is no other option, or if you need money very quickly, then you should use this one. Furthermore, you should always inquire at the house bank beforehand how many fees there are when using it so that you don’t get annoyed later

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