When is in Dubai Low Season: From May to September

7:36 pm  |  10.06.2023
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The Dubai low season is from May to September where it has fewer tourists in the city. But you have many benefits that you can use on vacation. Which ones are we will explain here?

When is the Dubai Low Season?

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Basically, Emirate Dubai is a year-round travel destination. But there are months where more and fewer tourists come to make their vacation. For example, from October to April, the Dubai High Season is. During these months, most tourists come. The reason is of course that the temperatures are perfect there and you can expect between 25 to 30 degrees. Then there is also the Dubai low season from May to September where the temperatures are significantly higher from 35 to 45 degrees. This is then just too warm and therefore this travel time is not so interesting. But this is still tourists to decide for a Dubai journey the Emirate can come up with a lot. That is one can benefit to make it cheap holidays for example. But there is much more that you can use.

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Luxury Hotels Reduce Overnight Prices

Surely one has also heard that there are many well-known luxury hotels in Dubai. These are unique all over the world and you will not find any other city where there is more. Very spectacular are certainly the Burj Al Arab or the Atlantis The Palm Dubai Hotel. There you certainly want to stay there and feel like a well-known star. Of course, there is not an overnight stay so cheap and that can not afford everyone. But in the Dubai low season, many luxury hotels in the city significantly reduce prices for one night. That means the hotels will be affordable for tourists who could not afford them. Furthermore, the big advantage is that you have the same services you have also in high season. There are no restrictions there and then you can treat yourself to a luxury hotel.

What are the Disadvantages in the Low Season?

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As already mentioned, the Dubai low season is very warm. You can also talk about hot and you have to expect daily temperatures from significantly above the 40 degrees brand in July and August. On some days, the thermometer can then climb up to 50 degrees. That’s already very warm and you should then stay mostly in the shade. As a tourist from Western Countries, you are not used to such temperatures. You can then get a sunbeam very quickly. Furthermore, it is so the temperatures at night then hardly fall under the 30-degree mark. It then has tropical temperatures at night. But there are also tourists who like exactly this heat. In principle, you always have to decide for yourself if you have no problems with such temperatures.

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Diseases Can Be Mitigated

But even the strong heat has advantages, for example, in diseases. That’s why many tourists decide to do there exactly during the Dubai low season. There, the climate is not so warm, and therefore the disease is favored. 

If you then back in Europe or USA then these will come back very quickly. Thus, then the heat has some benefits that you should use when suffering from a disease. But even with skin problems such as psoriasis, the heat and saltwater in the sea are very good. As a rule, the symptoms can also be reduced after a week of Dubai holidays.

More Privacy in the Dubai Low Season

Since in high season, significantly more tourists in the city are also, for example, more guests on the beach or pool. Basically, the hotel plants in Dubai have been created very generously and you always find free space. But who wants it to be quieter during the Dubai low season their vacation. Especially at Ramadan, it has fewer tourists again. Then it may be that you have a beautiful pool almost alone for yourself. Of course, this also has an advantage you should enjoy.

Cheap Prices in Shopping Malls

Surely you will also visit one of the numerous Shopping Malls in Dubai. The most visited are the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. During the summer months, the shops also reduce prices for example at the Dubai Summer Surprises. This is similar to the Dubai Shopping Festival and you can always make a bargain there. Furthermore, the dealers always lure with discounts of up to 70 percent. In our opinion, you can save a lot of money there if you do it right. There are many those who fly to Dubai for you to shop there. Another advantage is certainly that it has in the shopping mall then pleasant 23 degrees. You do not come there sweat and can stroll in peace. But as soon as you go back outside then it has back around 40 degrees.

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Our Opinion

For tourists who have to look at the money and a Dubai, the journey can not afford over the winter, the Dubai low season is very interesting. As already mentioned, one can then make a luxury hotel that would otherwise be priceless. Furthermore, children also get many advantages. This is, for example, sometimes a free flight to Dubai or the overnight stay at the hotel is free. Such actions are always available during the summer months. Especially for families with children, this travel time is very interesting. The only downside is that it may then be very warm. But if you do summer vacation then you certainly want to have warm temperatures.

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