What to See in Dubai Without Money: In Search of Entertainment

4:44 pm  |  25.05.2021
Dubai Without Money

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Most of the tickets for the various attractions are worth a big sum of money, which is able to punch a hole in the pocket of any tourist. But that doesn’t mean that Dubai is not good enough for budget travelers. And in this article, we share our findings, which are to see for free and where you can go without paying any money.

Camel Racing

Camel racing is a unique entertainment.

If you really wanted to take a dip in the atmosphere of a distinctive life in the desert, to feel more than just a megapolis with a crazy rhythm. Camel racing in Dubai is also a traditional sport that you may not find anywhere else along the way.

Camel Museum

The theme of camels in Dubai is also reflected in the museum dedicated to these indispensable desert animals. This is an exposition of the history of camels in the Arab Emirates, what assistants they were in the lives of local people, how they were used in the economy, and many other aspects of the field. It’s interesting and fascinating.

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Flamingo in the Desert

The Ra’s Al Khor Nature Reserve is a haven for migratory birds. 

There are over 60 different species of feathers, but the most unique is, of course, the beautiful pink flamingos. There is a huge flock of birds and it is possible to come to admire them from the observation grounds for absolutely free to anyone who desires.

Aquarium in Dubai Mol

The largest aquarium is built with a height of several floors of the most famous Dubai Mall. In the aquarium, tickets are quite expensive, but the aquarium itself, through the glass of which you can see all the marine inhabitants, including a bunch of toothed sharks and slow-planning rays. To see it all from the mall without paying a dime for it.

Dubai Singing Fountains

Another popular free entertainment in Dubai is located near the famous high tower of Burj Khalifa and the same mall in Dubai Mol. Singing fountains are, of course, a unique and wonderful show. You can enjoy it each evening.

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Evening Light Show at Burj Khalifa

The most famous tower not only in the UAE but also in the whole world, Burj Khalifa in the evenings from time to time becomes a «canvas» for a bright laser show. 

IMAGINE Laser Show

IMAGINE Laser & Light Show Bij de Dubai Festival City Mall.

Previously, a similar laser-water show was available in Delhi. Completely amazing experience when different scenes «drawn» by colorful laser beams are played on the wall from water to music. Certainly an impressive sight.

Dubai Free Beaches

Access to the beaches is free at any time of the day, visits are absolutely free of charge, no fences are provided. The Jumeira Beach is particularly popular for its magnificent view of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, as well as the Marina Beach luxurious skyscraper district right on the first line.

Arabic Venice

Madinat Jumeira admires his bridges over the man-made canals, whose banks adorn green gardens and palm trees. Walking through this area leaves the most positive impressions. Restaurants and shops will surprise their varied assortment.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina – the famous bay with white yachts is considered to be no less interesting for walking, opposite this area is even more popular with tourists than any other area of Dubai. Here you can admire the tall skyscrapers, see the piers where rich yachts are moored, even take one of them to the hotel Atlantis, which is situated on the Palm Jumeira, as well as take a very cordial walk along the promenade along the coastline.

Fort Al Fahidi

Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort.

The Al Fahidi Free Open Air Museum is an ancient fortress with narrow streets and eastern houses built of sand and shells. The fort was built on the site of an ancient settlement of Arab tribes to depict the history of the locals.

Coffee Museum

There are several free museums on the grounds of Fort Al Fahidi. One of them is a wonderful coffee museum, which is dedicated to the history of this drink. Here you can find out how the Arabs used to make coffee. Very interesting!

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Coin Museum

Another interesting and free museum within Al Fahidi is the Coin Museum, which contains a collection of antique coins that have ever been in trade with the Middle East. Given that the neighboring Muscat has been an important point of merchant shipping for centuries in a row, the collection of money is quite rich. Numismatists will be particularly interested.

Jumeira Mosque

Mosque View.

In Islamic countries, knowledge of the cultural heritage also occurs through the religion of the locality. Mosques are therefore no less popular with tourists. The Jumeira Mosque in Dubai is not as luxurious as the famous Abu Dhabi mosques, but it offers free tours for everyone.

Gold Market

The beauty of the jewelry is amazing.

Despite the fact that visiting Gold Souq in Dubai is absolutely free, but only people with huge willpower can leave without buying. A variety of gold jewelry and precious stones is absolutely unbelievable. Each shop competes with the neighbor, so you’re surprised at the fantasy of the jewelry being sold.

Spice Market

Within walking distance of the gold market is another colorful place where Eastern trade takes place. The spice market in Dubai is popular with many tourists. First of all, as a place to inhale Arab culture. The range is very rich, so feel free to bargain.

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