What Should You Have Done in Dubai: A Lot of Tips 

9:25 pm  |  20.10.2021

Here you can find out what you have to do in Dubai on a trip. The city offers so many interesting attractions for visitors that it will certainly not be boring there.

What Should You Have Done in Dubai?

We keep getting the question from tourists what should one have done in Dubai. Especially if you’ve never been on vacation there, then of course you don’t know your way around. There you have to rely on other travelers who have already been there. But as already mentioned there are countless sights in the city that you can visit. In our opinion, a week’s vacation in Dubai will no longer be enough to see the top sights at all. As a rule, you only ever get to see a fraction. But we will summarize the most important things here, what you should definitely do there. Surely you don’t want to miss anything there and don’t want to hear from friends why you didn’t do it. But that has already happened to many holidaymakers. That is why planning is always very important and necessary.

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Visit the Observation Deck from the Burj Khalifa

To Bus Tours Dubai

The most famous and most visited attraction in Dubai is of course the Burj Khalifa. Because this is the tallest building in the world and the number of visitors is particularly high there. Therefore, you should always reserve the Burj Khalifa ticket in advance. By the way, this is possible in our Dubai ticket shop. If you haven’t done this then you will have to buy a ticket on-site at a significantly higher price. You can choose the time and date in advance, which is very practical. We recommend buying a ticket there just before dusk. Then you can still take photos of the sunset and when the skyline is illuminated. By the way, the viewing platform is called At the Top and there is a higher one called At the Top Burj Khalifa SKY. However, this is significantly more expensive and the first is usually sufficient if you want to look down there.

See Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Mall

If you are close to the Burj Khalifa then you should also look at the Dubai Mall. This is the largest shopping mall in the world. Furthermore, you have to know that there are many other attractions in this shopping center such as the Dubai Aquarium or Dubai Ice Rink. A highlight is certainly to look at the skeleton of the Dubai Dino. You should definitely plan a few hours there for the visit. In our opinion, the mall cannot be visited in a day. This is simply too big and has around 1,200 stores. Then of course the Downtown Dubai which is very impressive with the numerous skyscrapers. There you should also have a look at the Dubai Fountain. It is of course very practical if you have booked a hotel there. Then you can use the free shuttle buses from the hotels.

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Take a City Tour in Dubai

Jumeirah Burj al Arab lobby

In any case, you should have done a city tour in Dubai. We recommend doing the Hop On Hop Off tour here. Maybe you know that from other cities in the world like London or Paris. There you take a red double-decker bus through the city and the bus stops at the city’s most famous attractions. There you have the opportunity to get out and have a look. Then you just wait until the next bus comes and you continue to the next highlight. If you don’t want to do this, you can also take a private city tour in Dubai. For first-time visitors, however, we always recommend booking such a tour and not doing it on your own. A ticket for a Hop On Hop Off tour is not expensive and then you get to see a lot.

Take a Look at the Ski Hall of Ski Dubai

Something really spectacular in Dubai is of course the Ski Dubai indoor ski area that shouldn’t be missed. If you are a skier then this is definitely a highlight of the trip. You can ski in the middle of the desert and you don’t need to bring anything with you. You just go there and buy a ticket for an hour, for example. Then you can go down the slopes there and you should definitely have done that in Dubai. It is certainly spectacular that the outside temperature is around 40 degrees in summer and it is zero in the hall. So there is a temperature difference of 40 degrees and that is spectacular. After the visit, you just go back into the sun and warm up again. Something like that is certainly only possible in Dubai.

Reserve a Tea Hour in the Burj al Arab

The emirate of Dubai has become known all over the world thanks to the Burj al Arab Hotel. It is considered a seven-star hotel and you can only find gold and marble everywhere you look. You would certainly like to have done that in Dubai and a visit is only possible with a reservation. It is best to take a closer look at our contribution to the Burj al-Arab visit. Because the hotel guests do not want to be disturbed by crowds of tourists, which one can imagine. But it is possible for normal vacationers to take a look inside. Then you book the Burj al Arab tea lesson and here you should definitely pay attention to the dress code. If you have never seen such a luxurious hotel you will be impressed.

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Visit The Palm Jumeirah

Atlantis The Palm Dubai Panorama

Another highlight that you should have done in Dubai is a visit to the artificial island The Palm Jumeirah. This is also where the spectacular Atlantis The Palm Hotel is located. There you can see Lost Chambers or visit the Aquaventure water park. If you feel like shopping and dining then you should go to The Pointe where you have a great view of the hotel, especially at night. However, the island is very large and you cannot walk around it. Here you should take a tour with The Palm Jumeirah Monorail. You also have the opportunity to take great photos there. In any case, this is only a small selection and there is a lot more than you can do there.

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