What is the Difference Between a Free Realtor and a Paid Expert: For All Potential UAE Investors

11:04 pm  |  29.03.2024

Many people believe that paying a real estate expert is not necessary. You can try to find a free alternative or figure it out yourself. After all, the real estate market offers a variety of options. You can always find free videos, chat with a realtor from a developer, or get advice from another free or almost free consultant who is committed to helping you change your life.

However, it’s not for nothing that they say that free cheese only comes in a mousetrap. Let’s find out why.

How Does a “Free” Realtor Work?

In the real estate market, everyone follows their own rules, which are often hidden from the average buyer. Imagine that you are interested in purchasing residential or commercial real estate. You are offered different options from realtors that seem ideal at first glance. You think that the realtor works for you, for the buyer, protecting his interests. Therefore, you think that the buyer should pay for his services. But 99% of realtors selling new buildings work for free. Why?

Let’s be clear. There are various parties involved in the real estate market, including developers, realtors, and buyers. Each of them has its interests and goals. Developers strive to sell their property at the maximum price and ensure a profit. Realtors, in turn, receive a reward for fulfilling the plan and are interested in ensuring that the transaction goes through as quickly as possible. Buyers are looking for the best offer in terms of price-quality ratio.

Thus, part of the amount you pay for the property goes towards paying the real estate agent. Essentially, you pay for the realtor’s services through the price of the property, but his client remains the developer, not you.

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Because it affects your choice and the final amount of the transaction. If you know that part of your payment goes toward the realtor’s fees, you can be more conscious about choosing a property and negotiating the price. In addition, this helps to avoid situations where a realtor may try to sell you something in the interests of his company, which pays for his services, and not your real needs and interests, since for him you are just a means to an end.

And this happens quite often, and we are not saying that this is good or bad. Sales managers and realtors also need to provide themselves and their families with a decent living by closing their mortgages and loans, which requires fulfilling a sales plan, and for this, selling a certain volume to you. They don’t need you to be satisfied and return to them, they only care about completing the transaction.

Therefore, understanding who pays for the realtor’s services and how this affects the transaction helps you be more informed and confident in your decisions in the real estate market. It is important to remember that although realtors may seem like your allies in finding and purchasing real estate, in the end their services always cost a certain amount, which is paid by the developer.

How Does an Independent Expert Work?

In developed societies, the client who wants to achieve a result pays for it. This ensures the protection of his interests. For an independent expert, the main priority is the interests of the client. He focuses on them when choosing real estate.

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The purchase may seem simple if you look at attractive photographs and choose based on them. But this is not only an investment, but also not a guarantee of a comfortable life, since decisions should not be made based on emotions.

Before buying, you should select, compare, and check potential objects according to many criteria, check documents, and conduct an in-depth analysis. Every investment has its risks that need to be assessed and ways to mitigate them must be found. You also need to assess how liquid the property is, whether there will be demand for rental or resale, and what potential the area has.

Then you need to consider and analyze the area according to such parameters as transport accessibility, availability of infrastructure, medical and educational institutions, and places for entertainment since all this affects the value and growth of real estate in the future.

The Role of an Independent Expert

An independent expert must take all this into account, comparing it with the client’s requests, preferences, and plans for the future. He asks questions that many families wouldn’t think to ask before purchasing.

This is exactly the kind of work that an independent expert does. This is his profession, for which the client pays. The price of his services is a guarantee that his work is appreciated, even if the client decides to refuse the purchase.

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Free consultants and realtors will never offer this. Buying real estate is not easy. Therefore, to create family capital, it is worth thinking, analyzing, and, best of all, trusting professionals.

Conclusion: Building Family Capital

Only those who are ready to invest in their future and work on it become an investor and create reliable capital for their family. There is no option to do everything quickly and cheaply because this will affect the lives of your loved ones, their safety, and comfort.

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