Wedding in Dubai: Where to Spend the Most Important Day of Your Life

8:51 pm  |  05.06.2021
Wedding in Dubai

There comes a time in every couple’s life when they want to legitimize their relationship. Now that the bride’s consent has been obtained, the engagement is over, so it’s time to start organizing a magical wedding celebration.

Dubai is increasingly chosen as the venue for the wedding ceremony. The decision to arrange a marriage in the UAE has certain advantages:

  • The sea and the sun. The best climate for wedding celebrations, the weather will not surprise you.
  • Entertainments. Honeymooners aren’t gonna be bored, because the city’s nightlife is so hot.
  • A variety of places to organize the holiday. Restaurants, hotels, yachts, seashores, deserts are at your service.
  • Fair value. On average, prices do not differ much from those in Western countries.

The wedding ceremony in Dubai will leave an indelible impression for the rest of your life. It is difficult to obtain an official marriage certificate from the UAE authorities, but there is always a way. The bride and groom may sign in their hometown and in another country they may hold a symbolic ceremony.

Perhaps the biggest flaw is that not all relatives, friends have the opportunity to come, but on the other hand you will have only the closest people.

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Where to Get Married

In a city as multifaceted as Dubai, there are many options for celebrating a wedding for any taste. On the basis of your wishes or whims, you can choose the venue of the wedding, the azure coast by the sea, the roof of the tower, or approach the issue in an original way and get married in the desert. The choice of one of the options presented should be made according to the theme of the wedding and the financial possibilities of the newlyweds.

On the Shores of the Persian Gulf

The coast of the Persian Gulf is perfect for a solemn event: white snow sand, warm sea and cool breeze without effort will create a romantic mood. 

Such a ceremony will be appropriate during the day, but you can wait and have it against the sunset, then it will be magical! Perhaps after the wedding, we should have a small buffet on the street, the weather in the UAE in the evening pleases with its soft warmth.

Wedding in the Desert

Would you like an unusual arrangement for a wedding? Arrange it in the desert! 

Why not, because this place has its charm: the unusual landscape of barkhans of flowing sand, the abundance of the sun will be remembered by all guests, and the event will rightly be the most unusual.

On a Yacht or a Boat

The waters of the Persian Gulf are suitable for wedding ceremonies not less than desert sand. 

You will find modern yachts or a boat. Spatter of seawater and easy swinging will set the newlyweds and guests in a special romantic mood. Unfortunately, the number of seats allocated to one vessel is limited. But there are also advantages to not sharing this happy moment with anyone. And if you make a well-crafted route, you can combine the pleasant with the useful: look at all places worthy of attention and capture the most secluded corners of the city.

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Script for the Wedding Ceremony in Dubai

For the celebration to be perfect, it makes sense to prepare a script in advance or to use the standard template below:

Holiday Morning. Includes the preparatory stage for the ceremony: the creation of a magical image of a beautiful bride with the help of a team of professional stylists, grooms.

Main part. It can be divided into stages such as the thrill of waiting for a newlywed at the ornamental floral arch, the appearance of a charming bride, the thrill of the future together along a path covered with flower petals, the solemn speech of the presenter, showing the seriousness of the moment, joining two hearts together and the cherished long-awaited «yes».

At this point, there is an exchange of rings, the first kiss is now a husband and wife, and the solemn speech of a ceremonial master wishing the young as much joy and happiness as the sand in the surrounding desert city.

Buffet. Although the weather is hot enough, it is necessary to make arrangements for a buffet: emotions alone will not satiate all guests. A preference should be given to light snacks and refreshing beverages, after which it is possible to start a photo session.

Banquet. After a walk and a romantic photoshoot, the newlyweds and their guests go to the restaurant, where each guest presents the young with gifts and warm words of encouragement. All of this goes hand in hand with a feast where a happy tamada won’t let anyone get bored. Interesting competitions, performances of musicians and various shows will add raisins to the celebration of this day.

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The end of the celebration. You can end the evening in a romantic way, as it started: a slow sensual dance between the bride and the groom. Now the guests are waiting for their rooms, and the young family – the first wedding night in their apartments.

Wedding Photoshoot in Dubai

A celebration like a wedding in Dubai promises to be an unforgettable event. But still, it is worth taking precautions and capturing the joint adventure in photos. This city is rich in wonderful places for a photoshoot: giant beaches, modern architecture, singing fountains. It is impossible to express in words all the beauty that awaits you.

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