Water Shoes in Dubai: Don’t Forget About Them on a Beach

1:27 pm  |  12.12.2021
Water Shoes in Dubai

We definitely recommend wearing water shoes when swimming in the sea in Dubai. You can protect yourself from injuries and you don’t have to be afraid.

Why Wear Water Shoes in Dubai

Beach shoes

As a rule, most tourists vacationing in Dubai want to get into the water as quickly as possible. But of course, you should be careful there that you don’t get any injuries. It has already happened to many holidaymakers and later you got annoyed that you might have been too fast. You want to be able to spend a nice vacation there and not have any cuts. Especially on The Palm Jumeirah, you have to be careful because this island was artificially piled up.

That means you will also find larger stones there where you can injure yourself very quickly if you are not careful. In this post, you will learn a lot about why you should wear water shoes. At first glance, these may not look so nice. But these offer significantly better protection than if you weren’t wearing one.

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The Palm Jumeirah

As already mentioned, the island of The Palm Jumeirah was artificially raised. There you will find beautiful beaches where you can swim in the beautiful luxury hotels. But if you want to go into the water then there are also many larger stones that you can overlook very quickly. Furthermore, of course, also smaller and larger mussels. If you are not careful there, or if you are carried away by the current, you can get a cut on your feet very quickly. So you should always be careful there if you want to go into the water from the hotel beach. It is also possible that you cannot see the stones at first glance. That means the water is maybe not that clear at this point and then you can’t see it. Furthermore, you can then step on a stone very quickly. If you want to avoid this then you should rather wear water shoes.

Jumeirah Beach

Bathing shoes

Also on Jumeirah Beach, you should prefer to wear water shoes. You will find a few fewer stones there, but these are also available. That means you can get injured there very quickly. There are also many shells in different sizes that can be dangerous if they come into contact with the feet. Another advantage is that the sand is very hot and you are protected. Especially in the months of summer, it likes to heat up and you can almost burn your feet, which you can imagine. So it is definitely very useful to wear shoes when you want to go into the water. You then have the option of taking them off beforehand or wearing them in the water.

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Can You Buy Water Shoes in Dubai?

In our opinion, it is better to buy water shoes at home before you travel. Then you already have them with you and don’t have to worry about whether they are there or not. As a rule, these are not yet that common in the United Arab Emirates. That means you can’t buy them everywhere. But you will certainly find them in a large supermarket. You can then simply take a taxi or the Dubai Metro to a large shopping mall in Dubai such as the Dubai Mall. There is then a large supermarket where you can then look around.

Use Pools from the Hotels

If you don’t have water shoes with you, then it makes sense to refrain from bathing in the sea. You can then use the beautiful hotel pools such as the Jumeirah Al Naseem. There you can also swim around and cool off. But of course, it is not the same as the sea and there is no salt water in it either. So you can then decide for yourself what you would like. Another advantage is that there is always a lifeguard at the hotel pool who takes care that nothing happens. Of course, you will also find them on the beach. But there the area is of course much larger where you have to be careful.

Book a City Hotel

There are also many tourists who book a city hotel that is of course not on the beach. But you can also get to the beach from there. Incidentally, many city hotels offer a free transfer to a beach such as La Mer Beach. But of course, you should also wear water shoes there so that you don’t get injuries. You can also find a few shops there that offer beachwear, for example. If you are lucky you can buy them there.

Be Careful

In our opinion, you should always be careful when going into the sea for a swim. At first glance, you cannot see what is there. So you could overlook stones and a lot more. Then it is best not to go into the water alone. But on the beaches of the hotels, it is always regulated that there is a barrier so that you don’t swim too far outside.


If you have bought water shoes and then want to use them on your Dubai vacation then this is of course an advantage. But these are of course also difficult what you can imagine and you will notice that, especially in the water. There you should buy shoes from a manufacturer that are very light and then dry again quickly. Furthermore, these also add weight. Especially with the airlines, there is always a regulation of how much luggage you can take with you.

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Our Opinion

Especially if you have booked a hotel on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai then you should wear water shoes. This can prevent injuries. As a rule, these are not provided by the hotels and you have to bring them yourself. But you will definitely see other hotel guests who will wear them. Furthermore, these are not very expensive because they are made of plastic.

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