Vacation in Dubai: Is It Dangerous in Dubai

12:45 pm  |  28.11.2021
Vacation in Dubai

The emirate of Dubai is not dangerous and the United Arab Emirates is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. As a vacationer, you can go on vacation there without hesitation.

Is It Dangerous in Dubai

When planning your vacation, you naturally also ask yourself whether it is dangerous in the desired travel destination. Because security plays a major role and you want to be able to spend a nice holiday there and not get into any conflicts. But as a tourist, you can be very reassured there and in Dubai, there is a very low crime rate and there is hardly any violent crime. Now you probably ask yourself why this is the case there.

The answer is if you commit a crime there you have to expect very harsh penalties. Incidentally, the largest population is the guest workers and they know exactly what you can and cannot do there. They came to the country to work and not to commit any crime. So they always behave according to regulations in order not to be expelled from the country because they need the money. In this post, you can find out everything about it and what you as a tourist should know in order to avoid problems.

Emirates are Among the Safest Countries in the World

Shops in the Dubai Mall Gold Souk

As already mentioned, the security in Dubai is very high and it is not dangerous there. There is an international ranking of all countries in the world that deal with this topic. In this ranking, the UAE takes second place, and thus you can see how safe the country is. Tourism is particularly important there and the government does a lot to ensure that the holidaymakers are happy there. You have probably already seen popular travel destinations on television such as Egypt or Turkey, where there have already been terrorist attacks aimed at tourists. Of course, you don’t want to have this and come home healthy again. Something like this has never happened in the Emirates in the past and it is safe to vacation there.

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Find Out More from the Federal Foreign Office Before Traveling

Emirates aircraft

We recommend tourists always find out about advice from the Federal Foreign Office before going on a trip. You can see at a glance whether there are travel warnings and whether it is currently dangerous there. By the way, you can read them online at any time and they are also free of charge. Before the trip, the security can change at any time. Therefore it is certainly not a mistake to take a closer look at this beforehand. Furthermore, you should always have travel cancellation insurance where you can withdraw from the trip. If you do not have this then it can be that you are left with the costs and these can be very high.

How High is the Crime Rate There

One should know that the crime rate in Dubai is very low and therefore it is not dangerous there. As already mentioned, you have to expect very high fines there. But of course, that doesn’t mean that no crimes are committed there. There have been incidents in the past with tourists where they then swapped hotel rooms for a prison cell. But that happens very rarely and as a tourist, you always have to adhere to the applicable rules. That means when you go on holiday in a foreign country that you adapt there and don’t attract attention.

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There are surveillance cameras everywhere and the hotels are always monitored by security. Well-known hotels such as the Atlantis The Palm are very closely guarded. There you have no chance as a non-hotel guest to take a look into the lobby if you are not a hotel guest there. It is ensured there that only those guests who also stay overnight enter the hotel. Furthermore, this is very similar to the Burj al Arab and it is not so easy to get into it.

There are Also Crimes There

Palazzo Versace Dubai Lobby

Of course, there are also criminal offenses there and it is quite possible that a purse is stolen. As a rule, these are always minor offenses that are hardly worth mentioning. We, therefore, recommend that tourists always be particularly careful and not openly show valuables around. That means you should always stow away the expensive SLR camera or smartphone well so that you cannot see them at first glance. You should know that the guest workers do not earn that much of course and they can be jealous very quickly. In addition, you can safely deposit your valuables in the hotel safe in the hotel, for example.

Women Can Go On Vacation Alone

Ain Dubai

For women, in particular, it is always very important that you are not stared at or harassed when you are in your travel destination. There are of course women who want to go on vacation there alone. This is, of course, possible there without any problems and it is not dangerous what you can imagine. Due to the very high level of security, more and more women are choosing to vacation in the UAE.

As a Tourist, You Should Always Hold Back

If you are on holiday in a foreign country that you do not know, you should always hold back because you are a guest there. Then you won’t have any problems there either. You certainly don’t want to be negatively remembered in the hotel where you stayed. We always recommend reading our article about wearing the right clothes in Dubai. You can go a lot wrong there as a tourist.

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Our Opinion

In our opinion, it is not dangerous in Dubai and you can vacation there all year round. It is one of the safest travel destinations in the world where you don’t have to be afraid. But still, you should always be careful not to get into conflict there. If you have problems then you can, for example, contact a specially set up hotline from the Dubai Tourist Security Department. Incidentally, this can be reached on the following telephone number: 0800 44 38.

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