Use the Free Dubai Shuttle Bus: For Everyone Who Wants to See the City

9:10 pm  |  20.11.2021
Free Dubai Shuttle Bus

For tourists, it is very convenient to use a Dubai shuttle bus where you can get around the city for free. We will explain here exactly where they go and where to.

Information about the Dubai Shuttle Bus

Dubai Shuttle Bus

If you want to get around in the metropolis of Dubai, you need a means of transport. You have a lot of possibilities there and the city has a very good infrastructure that others would certainly dream of. So you have no problems there look at everything carefully. Still very popular is the taxi where you can go anywhere in the city cheaply. But we also recommend always using the free Dubai Shuttle Bus. This is particularly useful for newcomers to Dubai. You just get on the bus and then you are driven to a large shopping mall, beach, or attraction. Furthermore, of course, you have the advantage that this is free of charge.

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Use the Dubai Shuttle Bus from the Hotel

Dubai Shuttle Bus Service

As a rule, if you have booked a five-star luxury hotel in Dubai, you can take a free shuttle bus there as a hotel guest. That means you can go to a beach or one of the numerous Dubai shopping malls several times a day at set times. This saves money and you can see some of the city while driving. If you want to use this service then you should inquire in advance whether this is offered by the hotel where you would like to stay. Usually, every five-star hotel offers this.

The disadvantage here is perhaps that the buses only run at certain times. You can always get a map at the reception where you can see the times. Then you should always stand at the hotel entrance about 15 minutes before departure. Usually, there are already many other hotel guests who want to go with them. So you should always be there early so that you can still get the best seats on the bus. If there are many guests who want to travel with them, a second bus is usually used. But that always depends on the hotel.

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Where Can You Even Go With the Buses?

Al Seef Dubai Shuttle Bus

The hotel buses usually go to a large shopping mall such as the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates. You then have the option of taking a look at the shopping center, or you can take a taxi from there. Numerous public beaches are also served, such as La Mer Beach. However, you have to be at the place where the bus goes back to the hotel at the specified times.

It may well be that the driver waits maybe five minutes. But the times are respected there and if you are not there on time then you have to use the taxi to get back to the hotel. In principle, the Dubai Shuttle Bus is always free for hotel guests and can also be used by them. But the driver always expects a tip and you can give it a few dirhams. Maybe you want to take the bus again for the next few days and then the driver will already know you.

Atlantis The Palm Shuttle Bus

You definitely want to see the Atlantis The Palm Hotel on the artificial island of The Palm Jumeirah. If you have a rental car then you have to park the car in the large parking lot next to the hotel. So that you don’t have to go too far, the hotel offers a free Dubai shuttle bus. You will then be driven directly in front of the entrance. However, this is not the main entrance to the hotel. The day visitors are driven to the entrance where you can visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium, for example. It is important to know that only guests of the hotel are allowed to use the main entrance.

Use The Outlet Village Dubai Bus

You certainly want to visit one of the numerous outlets in Dubai. The most beautiful is The Outlet Village and there is also a free Dubai shuttle bus that you can use. Incidentally, this is called the Complimentary Tourism Shuttle Bus and there are several routes. Route 1 goes to numerous hotels on The Palm Jumeirah such as the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah or the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. If you stay in these hotels you can ride for free. But there are also tours from the Dubai Marina or Bluewaters Island. You should look at the map where you can see the exact travel times.

Legoland Dubai

If you have children with you on your Dubai vacation, they will definitely want to visit a Dubai water park or the numerous amusement parks in Dubai. There you can use the free Dubai shuttle bus from Legoland Dubai. You have to know that the amusement parks are far from the city center at Dubai Parks and Resorts. So you can then use the buses and be driven there, which is very practical. However, the buses only run there at certain times.

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Use Dubai Cruise Terminal Shuttle Bus

Many tourists now arrive by cruise ship and take a Dubai cruise. A free Dubai shuttle bus is also offered for cruise guests directly in the Dubai Cruise Terminal. As a rule, the large shopping malls are also approached there. All you have to do is get on and drive there. If this is your first time in Dubai this is very useful. But since there are always many who want to come along, you should be there early.

Al Seef and The Pointe Dubai Shuttle Service

The popular promenade Al Seef and The Pointe Dubai can be easily reached with a Dubai shuttle bus. You only have to look at the buses that can be recognized by the label. It is always important that they stop at certain places and also drive at set times. If you use the buses correctly then you hardly need to use any other public transport in the city. As we said, you can save a lot of money there. If you get stuck then you can still use the taxi. There are certainly other buses that you can use, all of which cannot be listed here. Furthermore, it can also always be the case that this is no longer driving.

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