Use Emirates Lounges at Dubai Airport: All Passengers Can Now Use the Emirates Lounges

8:11 pm  |  25.03.2022
Emirates Lounges at Dubai Airport

Passengers like to use the Emirates Lounges at Dubai International Airport where they can relax and prepare for the flight. There you can just relax in peace, have something to eat and drink or even take a shower. It’s all possible if you have access to one of these lounges. 

Previously, this was only ever possible for First and Business Class passengers. Of course, they pay a lot of money for a flight. Then, of course, you can expect special service. However, it is now also possible for other passengers to use the lounges, regardless of the booked carriage class.

How to Get In There

All you have to do is book a flight with Emirates Airline and be a Skywards member. This is a frequent flyer program of this airline where you can earn miles. If you fly a lot then it’s definitely worth it. Skywards Silver members already have access to the Emirates lounges. But it is also sufficient if only one family member has such a card. Fellow travelers will then also have access. Surely one can imagine that this cannot be free of charge for Economy Class passengers. We will explain exactly what this costs here. Furthermore, it is also crucial which lounge you want to use.

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Business Class Lounge

Emirates First Class Lounge am Dubai International Airport

If you are an economy class passenger and want to use this lounge then you have to pay 100 US dollars per person. The price for using the Emirates lounges is always per person and if you are two people, for example, you have to pay 200 US dollars.

First Class Lounge

This lounge is of course the best and most exclusive that the airline has to offer. If you want to use this then you have to pay 200 US dollars per person. If you have booked a business class flight then you can also use this for an additional charge of 100 US dollars. Otherwise, you can use the Business Class Lounge free of charge.

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How Long Are You Allowed to Stay in the Emirates Lounges

You get access for up to four hours and this time should be enough before the flight takes off. So it makes sense that you check-in as early as possible and then you can use the Emirates lounges intensively. There you will be spoiled as a passenger and get an extraordinary service. If you only have a short time for the onward flight then it is probably not worth paying the extra charge. Then it is better to spend the time in the Dubai Duty-Free area.

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Where are the Emirates Lounges in Dubai Airport

In all three terminals with the Concourse A, Concourse B, or Concourse C you will find a Business Class Lounge and also a First Class Lounge. There is also direct access in the duty-free area if you decide to go in there on the spur of the moment. Then this is possible from there without any problems.

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