Unusual Properties in Dubai: 5 Amazing Residential Complexes

4:34 pm  |  07.01.2024

If you seek to stand out and appreciate unconventional solutions, you’ll be intrigued by the “country dachas” on an artificial archipelago. The Floating Seahorse project from the Kleindienst Group features unique floating homes with underwater floors and their own coral reef gardens. These are high-tech vessels located 4 kilometers from the coast, consisting of three levels.

The Enchantment of “Floating Sea Horses”

On the lower floor, featuring a bedroom and an underwater bathroom with glass walls, you can enjoy the depths of the sea and its inhabitants. The middle level includes a living room, kitchen, and dining area with floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. The top floor offers relaxation on sun loungers, a Jacuzzi with a transparent bottom, a kitchen, a minibar, and a shower. The housing is completely autonomous, powered by solar panels on the roof and a water recycling plant.

Damac Lagoons: Mediterranean Charm in Dubai

A unique area with villas and townhouses on snow-white beaches and lagoons. The space of over 4 km² is inspired by luxurious Mediterranean living and is suitable for family and resort holidays. Consists of themed areas, including “Santorini” and “Portofino.”

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Fabulous “Santorini”

A place in blue and white, with townhouses, villas, and bike paths that transport you to a Greek island. Green spaces and picturesque lagoons embody the spirit of the original Santorini.

Italian Chic at Portofino

The cluster, with its harbor, azure water, and paved area, conveys the luxury of Italy. The area provides opportunities for work and active recreation: kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and much more. Luxurious dinners by the water and intensive relaxation are your options at Portofino.

Barcelona: The Atmosphere of Catalonia in Dubai

White walls, red tiles, and mosaic floors convey the unique atmosphere of Catalonia. Here, fashion boutiques coexist with art galleries, and picturesque coves and green gardens add charm. An ideal place for fans of extreme sports.

Malta: Paradise for Children and Education

A cluster created for children’s development, learning, and games. There are playgrounds, a labyrinth, an augmented reality trail, a house-building pavilion, and floating objects. Excellent conditions for the development and fun of kids.

Nice: French Charm in Dubai

Picturesque beaches, villas with swimming pools, and soft light through the branches of olive trees convey French charm. Ideal for cycling, skateboarding, swimming in the pool, or relaxing on the beach.

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Morocco: Zone of Peace and Tranquility

A cluster in white and green tones is an ideal place for solitude, relaxation, and replenishment of resources. Numerous yoga centers offer peace and tranquility.

The most romantic area with villas, canals, narrow streets, and cafes by the water. A city afloat with architecture made of wood and stone, recreating the atmosphere of magical Venice.

Marbella: Luxury Spanish Resort

An elite area with premium townhouses, surrounded by lagoons, flamenco gardens, and orange trees. A unique women’s center with a spa, beauty salon, gym, and meditation area.

Ibiza: Luxury and Comfort of Resort Style

A new luxury community that attracts investors with its resort lifestyle. Spacious green areas and exclusive townhouses on the lagoon make Ibiza an excellent place to live and relax.

Damac Lagoons: Up-and-coming Rental Paradise

A favorable area for purchasing and then renting out, especially for families with children.

Bentley Villas: Luxury Palaces from Bentley in Dubai

A limited collection of five-story palace villas on the island of the World archipelago in Dubai. Luxurious spa areas, glass walls, and Bentley design make each home unique.

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences: Highest Standards of Living

The Binghatti Developers mega tower will be the tallest residential building in the world. Jacob & Co’s design, stunning views, and exquisite apartments create an outstanding living space in Dubai.

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One Canal

An exclusive project from developer AHS Properties, One Canal is set to become a vibrant new landmark in Dubai. Spanning 9 floors and located along a water canal, this residential complex offers a limited collection of 3 and 4-bedroom penthouses, Sky Villas, and luxurious Sky Mansions.

One Canal embodies luxury and exclusivity, harmoniously combined with an atmosphere of comfort and privacy. Residents are provided with high-quality amenities:

  • Cinema;
  • Rest zone;
  • Pool;
  • Cigar bar;
  • Guest rooms;
  • Private elevators with access to the living room;
  • A world-class spa, and much more.
The windows of the building offer stunning views of the water, the Dubai skyline, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and the famous Safa Park. The ceiling heights in the apartments vary from 4 to 9 meters.

The design of the project is inspired by nature: green oases are woven into the facade of the building, and curved terraces symbolize the waves of the canal, on the very shore of which the residential complex is located. On each of these curved lines, there are swimming pools and green areas, emphasizing the uniqueness of the architectural solution.

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