Umm Suqeim Beach: Beautiful Public Beach of Dubai

8:46 pm  |  29.11.2021
Umm Suqeim Beach

If you want to visit a public beach in Dubai, then Umm Suqeim Beach is very suitable. You can find a wide beach in front of which is also very clean.

Umm Suqeim Beach in Dubai

There are of course many tourists who vacation in Dubai in a city hotel because it is cheaper. There you usually have a small pool on the roof. Of course, you have heard of the beautiful beaches in Dubai that you can visit. Many of them are private beaches and are only accessible to hotel guests. But Umm Suqeim Beach is a public beach that can be visited by everyone. So this is a great alternative to the beach hotels that are much more expensive. Many people might not even be able to afford an overnight stay there. A visit to a public beach in the city is, therefore, a good option.

Where is the Beach

Umm Suqeim Beach in Dubai

Certainly, the nice thing about Umm Suqeim Beach is the excellent location right near the famous Burj al Arab Hotel. So you can always look at the hotel while swimming, which is certainly very nice. It is best to take a taxi to get there. Furthermore, you have the possibility to get there by rental car. There are some parking spaces where you can put it. You won’t have any problems there during the week. At the weekend, however, it may well be that these are occupied very quickly. So you always have to go there early to get a free parking space.

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Fees and Admission

A lifeguard from Umm Suqeim Beach

You don’t have to pay anything for the visit as it is a public beach. It doesn’t matter if you are a local or a tourist. Anyone who would like to go swimming there can do this. There are numerous beautiful beaches in the emirate that can be visited. Umm Suqeim Beach is certainly one of them and in another travel destination, you would certainly have to pay admission for it. But you don’t have to do this in Dubai and they are also very well maintained. This is certainly an advantage for tourists when choosing Dubai as a destination. In our opinion, this is ideal for vacationers who have booked a city hotel. So you can get to the beach there without having to pay anything for it. If this is not enough, you can visit a beach club where you have to pay admission.

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Sanitary Installations

Umm Suqeim Beach has very well-maintained sanitary facilities. You can’t normally expect that on a public beach. But this has been made possible there and of course, the government always makes sure that these are clean. If you are on holiday in Dubai for the first time, you will quickly find out that it is very clean everywhere. Then there are of course toilets and showers where you can take a quick shower after you’ve spent the whole day on the beach.


A solar shower from Umm Suqeim Beach

If you are hungry or thirsty then you can visit the Tent Jumeirah Restaurant. There you can get small snacks such as a hot dog or burger. Of course, also cool drinks and in the summer months when it is very hot these are always very pleasant. It is also advisable to bring something to Umm Suqeim Beach. However, there is no supermarket nearby that can be reached on foot. Then you have to take the car. The prices in the restaurant are okay and are of a level that tourists can pay for. But if you have a good breakfast in the hotel early in the morning then you don’t need to eat something again at lunchtime.

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Beach Chairs and Towels

As already mentioned, this is a public beach and of course, there is no service there like in a hotel. That means you won’t find any beach chairs or umbrellas where you can just lie down. For example, you can bring your own beach towel. But there are also providers where you can borrow this for a fee. The prices there are usually a bit more expensive. Our tip is to drive there in a rental car and then you can pack everything that fits in the car. It becomes more difficult with a taxi. Incidentally, the beach cannot be reached by metro and you have to rely on the car.


Of course, so-called lifeguards are also available there to ensure the safety of bathers. Usually, there is no such thing on a public beach as Umm Suqeim Beach. But it is of course very important to the government of Dubai that guests can bathe safely there. On some days there can be quite a few waves and a current. So, of course, you always have to be careful when bathing. But you can always orientate yourself on the flag. That means if you can see the red flag you are not allowed to go into the water. When it is green then the conditions are good and you can go swimming in the sea.

Opening Times from the Beach

The regular opening times of Umm Suqeim Beach are from sunrise to sunset. We always recommend orienting yourself towards the other guests. That means when it gets dark and they go home then you should do this too. You are not allowed to spend the night there. You should also go back to the hotel in good time if you came by taxi. In the evening it may be that there are no more to be found there.

Water Sports are Offered There

Since there are always many visitors at Umm Suqeim Beach, water sports are offered there. There are some providers there who offer this. For example, you can take a tour with a banana boat there. If you are several people then this is always a lot of fun. Of course, you also have the option of renting a jet ski. There are many options there that you can do. However, this is chargeable and you have to pay something for it. Registration is not necessary there and you just go there and ask if you can do this. You can also bring your own air mattress if you want.

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