UAE Citizenship: Opportunities to Obtain a New Passport for a Foreigner

8:44 pm  |  12.09.2023

If you have UAE citizenship, there are really a lot of privileges. After visiting an Arab resort, many foreigners desire to immigrate to this country. Thanks to the work of the authorities, social policy is actively developing. The educational and healthcare sectors in the country are also developed.

What are the Benefits of Citizenship in Dubai?

Local residents work only in prestigious positions; foreign citizens are attracted to low-paid vacancies in the Emirates. If an Emirati performs similar work to a foreigner, his salary, according to the law, must be at least twice as high.

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In addition to high income, having UAE citizenship provides the following benefits:

  • Financial support from the state. Local people receive profits from the sale of petroleum products, various bonuses, and benefits. When a child is born, he is immediately given a plot of land.
  • Free education for everyone who has UAE citizenship, makes it possible to receive education in any country. 
  • Visa-free entry to a large number of countries. An Emirati citizen does not need to obtain permission in advance to cross the borders of another country. The stamp is placed at the airport upon arrival.

The Emirates is a state for local people. Only they can receive free medical services and receive a subsidy for utility bills. The highest quality of the social sphere is the reason for the annual increase in life expectancy. That’s why the UAE government is introducing new laws to maintain this level. As a result, many people will still be unsure of how to obtain citizenship in the UAE.

How Foreigners Can Obtain Citizenship in the Emirates

UAE citizenship for foreigners in 2023 can be granted to people who can improve the development of the state. We are talking about scientists, engineers, writers, doctors. The government considers each specific case on an individual basis.

Today, foreigners have several options for obtaining citizenship in the UAE:

  • invest in local real estate;
  • represent a certain profession (innovations in the law will be discussed below);
  • marry an Emirati;
  • live in the country for more than 30 years (you must have a regular income and not violate state laws).

Doctors and other highly qualified specialists are required to have at least ten years of experience and work in a field whose personnel are needed by the state.

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For representatives of creative professions, an important condition is the presence of significant international prizes and awards, for scientists – the presence of international awards.

Obtaining Citizenship Through Marriage

Marriage could become one of the options for obtaining the citizenship

This method is only suitable for women. Therefore, if you are interested in how to obtain UAE citizenship for a man, you should consider another option.

Not only the presence of a stamp in a passport will make a woman an Emirati citizen. There are other conditions:

  • renunciation of the previous passport;
  • residence in the country for three years or more;
  • filing an application for citizenship;
  • obtaining permission from the local Ministry of Internal Affairs and the agreement of all the husband’s relatives.

If a man is a citizen of another state and marries a woman from the UAE he will not be able to obtain Arab citizenship using this way.

By Origin

A child whose father has local citizenship can become an Emirati citizen. If the mother is an Emirati citizen and the father is not, the child also automatically becomes a citizen of the UAE. Citizenship is also given to orphans born in the country.


This is the only effective way to obtain Emirati citizenship. However, not many migrants successfully complete all stages. The foreigner must have a regular income and a good reputation, as well as speak the local language. To obtain citizenship, immigrants from Arab countries must reside in the UAE for at least 7 years, and citizens of other countries – for 30 years. However, it is impossible to guarantee a positive result. Having fulfilled the conditions, you can only become a contender for obtaining the rights of a local resident. Before obtaining citizenship in Dubai or another emirate, the candidate will have to renounce the passport of another country.

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For Investment

Previously, it was impossible to obtain Dubai citizenship for investing in real estate. Only a residence permit was given, allowing one to live and work in the state. Thanks to the new amendments, an investor can now become a full citizen of the United Arab Emirates.

Whatever option you are considering, you should be aware that obtaining UAE citizenship by investment is not easy. However, there is no need to despair if you fail. The legal framework of the Emirates for local residents and foreign citizens with a resident visa has almost no differences, and obtaining it is much easier.

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