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5:03 pm  |  23.09.2023

When planning a trip to Dubai, it’s worth thinking about how you’ll travel from one place in the city to another. It is known that the emirate of Dubai is not very developed in terms of walking, moreover, the city is very hot, so the best way to get around is by taxi.

This article will provide you with information on taxis in Dubai, their cost, how to contact them, as well as features and recommendations. Absolutely all taxis are officially organized and controlled by the state; for this reason, every taxi car has a taximeter.

In addition, the cost of a taxi ride in Dubai is very cheap compared to other cities in the world. Every taxi driver speaks English. These two factors will guarantee that you will not get lost, and will also dispel fears that getting around the city is difficult or problematic.

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How Much Does a Taxi Cost in Dubai?

Prices are the same for almost all taxi companies. However, the final price always depends on the taximeter reading.

For this reason, always make sure that the meter is turned on. It is known that taxi drivers in Dubai are people from not very prosperous countries, such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. You may be scared at first, however, you should not worry, since each car is equipped with a tracking sensor and dispatchers can see where each car is located and whether the taximeter is turned on. The country pays special attention to maintaining order and ensuring the safety of both citizens and tourists.

TariffsDuring the day 6:00 – 22:00At night 22:00 – 06:00
If you “catch” a taxi on the street5 dirhams5.5 dirhams
If you call a car using an application on your smartphoneThe price ranges from 8 to 12 dirhams for both day and night, depending on traffic.The price ranges from 8 to 12 dirhams for both day and night, depending on traffic.
Call a taxi to or from the airportFrom 20 to 25 dirhamsFrom 20 to 25 dirhams
Cost per 1 km.1.71-1.82 dirhams per km in the city 1.96 per km to or from the airport1.71-1.82 dirhams per km in the cityAED 1.96 per km to or from the airport
Interest in waiting time0.5 dirhams per 1 minute0.5 dirhams per 1 minute
Minimum order12 dirhams12 dirhams

Important note! There are various privileges, such as calling a minibus, women’s taxi, and taxis for people with special needs. However, it is worth considering the fact that the prices for calling such a taxi are already different from a classic car.

In addition to calling a taxi by phone, if you use Etisalat communication services, you can order a taxi by sending an SMS message to the number 4774. The text of the message must contain the code assigned to the taxi rank. Usually, this code can be found on the same parking sign.

As mentioned above, the actions of absolutely all taxi cars are controlled. This process is handled by the Dubai Taxi Corporation. In addition, the corporation is engaged in providing franchise services for other companies. The reason why all official taxis in Dubai have a crepe body color is because the company that owns the car has already chosen the roof color.

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If you have just arrived in Dubai from the airport, it is not difficult to call or “catch” a taxi. There is a queue of free cars right outside every airport terminal. Exactly the same queues line up near shopping centers and various attractions in Dubai.

It is known that there are more than 50 official taxi ranks in Dubai. However, it happens that these parking lots are empty since the city is large and there is always a clientele because tourists go to Dubai every day. To get a car to come to you, you can call the number that is written on the parking sign.

Taxis in Dubai can be found near the metro. If there is no taxi, you should call the taxi company number, or, alternatively, send an SMS message to 4774.

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Important info! Please note that this method only works for Etisalat users. As previously mentioned, it is necessary to provide a distinct code that is associated with both the metro and exit in the message text.

UberChopper: Flying Taxi

If you want to take a helicopter flight, then using the application a car will drive up to you and take you to the helipad, which is located on the territory of the Atlantis Palm Hotel.

Please note that you can only order a helicopter during the day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The cost of the flight per person is as follows:

12 minutes – 520 dirhams;

15 minutes – 660 dirhams;

25 minutes – 1050 dirhams.

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