Transfer: What is the Best Transfer from Dubai Airport to Hotel

11:20 pm  |  25.12.2021

Here we explain what the best transfer from Dubai Airport to the hotel is. There are many different options there that you can use as a tourist. These of course always differ in the price how much you have to pay.

Airport Taxi

Taxi in Dubai is a very convenient way to get to the hotel

A very cheap option for the transfer from Dubai Airport is of course always to use a taxi. There are thousands of them in the city and you can get from A to B very quickly whatever you can imagine. It’s the same in every other metropolis in the world. Furthermore, the taxi costs in Dubai are very cheap and manageable. So you don’t have to pay too much there. As a tourist, you have the advantage at Dubai International Airport that there are special airport taxis. These are significantly larger than the other taxis where you can easily put a few pieces of luggage. This is not possible in a normal taxi. But these are equipped in such a way that at least four people and suitcases can be transported without any problems. You just have to tell the driver which hotel you want to be driven to.

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Book a Transfer from Dubai Airport with the Tour Operator

If you are on holiday in Dubai for the first time, you usually book a package tour to Dubai. The tour operator usually also offers a transfer there. But only for a surcharge and there the price is not included in the trip. So you have to spend more money there for the transfer from Dubai Airport to the desired hotel. However, in our opinion, some tour operators are asking too much there. There you have the advantage that a driver is waiting in the arrival area of ​​the airport with a name sign. So you can find it easily and recognize it. Furthermore, you have to know that there are different types of transfer. This means that more tourists can be transported by bus and various hotels can also be approached. So it takes longer to get to the hotel.

Private Transfer

It is certainly very practical if you book a private transfer. You can book this, for example, in our large Dubai excursions area. You are also welcome to contact us and we will be happy to help. A driver will be waiting there with a name tag and he will take the luggage and bring it to the car. So you don’t have to worry about anything and the transfer from Dubai Airport is child’s play. However, you have to be willing to spend a little more money there. The advantage is certainly that there are no other passengers in the car.

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Dubai Metro

Metro in Dubai

The Dubai Metro is now also directly connected to Dubai International Airport. That means you can go there directly and that is very practical. Furthermore, we recommend that you only do this to tourists who have already vacationed in the United Arab Emirates several times. Otherwise, you will have problems there very quickly and you certainly do not want that. You also have to know that you have to get to a metro station somewhere. Usually, this is not near the hotel. But on Sheikh Zayed Road there are some hotels that are only a few meters away. So this would be very practical again and you can get to the airport there very cheaply.

Limousine Transfer from the Hotel

Then there is the possibility to book a luxury hotel in Dubai such as the Burj al Arab. If you reserve a room there, the transfer from Dubai Airport is included. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore and a limousine is already standing in front of the airport and waiting for the new guests. This is certainly a very exclusive option that you can do. You can also be picked up there in a Rolls Royce. So the holiday begins there like in a fairy tale. However, very few tourists can afford it.

Rental Car

Rental Car in Dubai

Of course, it is very practical to book a rental car in Dubai. You can then go anywhere you want and of course to the hotel. We only recommend this to holidaymakers who are already familiar with the city. The volume of traffic in Dubai is very high and it is very easy to find the hotel. If it is still night then it becomes even more difficult. So this transfer from Dubai Airport is convenient, but not for everyone. Picking up and returning a rental car in Dubai is very easy and usually only takes a few minutes. As a rule, the offices of the rental car companies are located in the large parking garage opposite the terminal.

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Hotel Shuttle Bus

Many hotels in Dubai also offer a free shuttle bus for guests to use. However, one should inquire beforehand whether this is offered or not. It is often the case that they go to many shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall and not to the airport. This is of course also a very cheap transfer from Dubai Airport and you don’t have to pay anything at all. Often the tour operators also cooperate with the hotels and offer this to the guests.

Helicopter in Dubai

Transfer by Helicopter

In the emirate, there are numerous luxury hotels such as the Burj al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, or the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah that have a helicopter landing pad. It is therefore also possible to fly from the airport to the hotel in a helicopter. Certainly, this is not cheap what you can imagine. But this is used very often and so this is probably the fastest transfer from Dubai Airport to the hotel. But probably not everyone can afford it.

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