Top 5 Cooking Courses in Dubai

1:55 pm  |  22.07.2021
Top 5 Cooking Courses in Dubai

If you are tired of the variety of Dubai restaurants, or if you are more into cooking yourself, this article is for you. At a minimum, we guarantee that any of these cooking schools will teach you how to cut onions and crush garlic correctly. We are sure that you do not know how to do this as skillfully and gracefully as Michelin chefs.

The Chef’s Palette is now available at Fairmont The Palm on the Palm Jumeirah. This is not just a restaurant, but a playground for experienced Michelin-starred chef Romain Van Durmen.

He conducts various lessons and workshops, full lunches, and even Friday brunches – there is something to interest even the most strict foodies. The cozy kitchen can easily accommodate from 8 to 12 people: come here with friends or hold a corporate party with your department.

The German company Gaggenau is responsible for the kitchen equipment in Chef’s Palette. It has everything a chef can dream of – new, bright and beautiful.

Chef Romain has a lot of experience but still works hard and willingly. He conducts many workshops, lunchtime lessons, and VIP lectures every week. If you enjoy eating more than cooking, stop by Romain’s for “lunch from the chef”: see how professional chefs and waiters work. And if you want to eat and cook your own food, sign up for a private Friday brunch that rivals the famous brunch at the nearby Flow Kitchen.

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In addition to a fun, rewarding, and enjoyable experience, you will receive a branded apron embroidered with your own name and recipe cards. Chef’s Palette studio has a variety of offerings for a wide variety of wallets, ranging from AED 195 to a premium menu for AED 595. It includes foie gras, Kobe beef, oysters, and unusual desserts. No one in Dubai will teach you how to cook better such delicacies.

Culinary Boutique

This place on Jumeirah Beach Road is very popular even among those who do not cook at all. The two-story Scandinavian-style building opens at 8 a.m., is immediately filled with the public, and does not empty for a minute: business for its owner, Emirati entrepreneur Hessa Al-Qassim, is doing fine. The elegant lodge stands out among the endless clinics behind the Mercato shopping center. In addition to the culinary school, there is a café with a pleasant terrace.

Mainly local cuisine is served here – and that’s great. Previously, Emirati dishes could not be found at all, but now you can learn how to cook them yourself. True, it turned out to be quite laborious: we spent more than two hours cutting and sprinkle everything.

In addition to the cuisine of the Emirates, Culinary Boutique hosts masterclasses in Mexican cuisine, seafood, paleo, pasta, tapas, Thai cuisine, and others. Lessons are held almost every day and take from one and a half to three hours and cost from 295 to 495 dirhams. The schedule can be found on the website.

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Top Chef Cooking Studio

According to the philosophy of the Top Chef studio, cooking is a joy, an art, and a reason for communication, acquaintance, and friendship. The studio is located in a villa on Jumeirah – so warm and welcoming that it seems as if you just stopped by to visit someone.

Real gourmets and fans of their craftwork here, capable of infecting anyone with their enthusiasm. Courses for children and adults are presented, as well as personal lessons, themed parties, and unusual corporate events. The professional kitchen is equipped with modern equipment.

One of the leaders of the school is Guy Martin, a French chef with three Michelin stars. Another French-educated chef is present at every lesson and makes sure that no one is left on the sidelines. Education here fosters communication: after preparing dinner, guests sit at the same table and together taste the results of their creativity.


Chef Doxis Bekris and his team will not only teach you how to cook hearty meals, but also reveal the techniques and secrets of professional chefs. You will learn how to make pasta and bake fresh bread, how to balance the flavor of a dish, and how to properly handle a knife. And after a few hours of work in the kitchen, you can relax and enjoy a private lunch at Solo Restaurant with your newly minted colleagues.

1762 Stripped

JLT’s new 1762 Stripped Cooking Studio and Café has recently opened a Cooking Lab featuring extraordinary lessons. Four years ago, Jordanian Maisaa Megdadi worked as a civil engineer, and now she has become a professional chef. She started by teaching several friends to cook and to this day she sometimes organizes lessons at home. Maysaa is erudite, appreciates accuracy and scientific approach, so it will not let you get bored and will entertain you while cooking with Arabic tales.

In a culinary course on cooking Arabic cuisine, you will learn, for example, that chili, radish, and mint need to be sliced ​​for fatush – we didn’t even know what they were in the composition at all.

After that, you will be taught how to make a wonderful dressing with pomegranate syrup, lemon juice, and garlic. You mix a baked kebbe with coarse wheat bread – it takes so much effort that you don’t have to go to the gym in the morning. Then add the oriental seven spice and pine nuts blend.

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As a result, it will turn out very tasty, do not hesitate. But there are no less sophisticated ways to surprise you – for example, the classic recipe for the most delicious Arabian dessert Umm Ali: a sumptuous mash of almonds, dried apricots, puff pastry, vanilla, and cinnamon, all in a sea of ​​condensed milk and cream.

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