Tips for Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai: A Highlight for Tourists with Great Fireworks

10:15 pm  |  22.12.2021
Tips for Celebrating New Year's Eve 2021 in Dubai

Here you get a lot of tips if you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai. The emirate has prepared well and there are great fireworks, for example on the tallest building in the world, that should not be missed.

Tips for Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai on New Years Eve

In many countries around the world, there are now bans on New Year’s Eve and fireworks are no longer allowed to take place there. But in Dubai, this is of course completely different and there you can still marvel at a really impressive fireworks display. That is certainly a reason why you should fly there. Especially at the turn of the year, there is always a lot going on in the city and that attracts tourists from all over the world.

But so that you can really celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai, we have put together numerous tips that you should know. Of course, it is important where the best fireworks take place. Because there are always several in the city, but they are all very impressive. By the way, the great thing about it is that you don’t have to pay any admission to see it.

Where are the Best Fireworks in Town

As you have already learned, there are numerous fireworks in Dubai that you can see. That means you have to decide on a place because of course you can’t see all of them at the same time. The city is then simply too big to be able to quickly switch between one location and another. It is also important to know that you always have to look for a good place early on.

Surely you can imagine that the demand is very high. Our tip is to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Burj Khalifa and of course, there are always the most visitors there. But it’s definitely worth it and it’s very impressive. There is always a lot going on in Downtown Dubai. There is also always a beautiful fireworks display at the Burj al-Arab. And then there are fireworks on the Palm Jumeirah.

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Popstar Robbie Williams Performs at the Atlantis Hotel

The flying cup on New Years Eve

Of course, there are not only fireworks but also numerous events that you can visit. One of the highlights will certainly be Robbie Williams’ concert at the famous Atlantis The Palm Hotel. It is estimated that this will take about 70 minutes and thus the new year 2022 begins spectacularly what one can imagine. But the tickets are of course very popular and you have to be lucky to get one more. Unless you’re a famous VIP and then it’s certainly easier.

Where Do You Have the Best View and Where are the Best Restaurants

If you have booked half board in the hotel, you can always look forward to a great buffet on New Year’s Eve. That means there is of course something special for the hotel guests. But there are also very spectacular restaurants in Dubai such as the At. Mosphere, which is particularly suitable for New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai. You always have to reserve a table early.

Now you are probably wondering where you can get a great view of the fireworks at the Burj Khalifa. The answer is from The Address Downtown Dubai and there is the legendary Neos Bar with a sensational view of the tallest building in the world. It is even better if you stay at this hotel and have booked the Fountain View category. Then you can marvel at the fireworks from the balcony and take the best photos.

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Are There Any Free Hotel Rooms At All?

Burj al Arab fireworks

In order to be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai, of course, you also need a good hotel and the demand for the best rooms is of course very high what you can imagine. There are still free hotel rooms and the capacity is already very tight. That means if you decide to go on vacation there you have to spend a lot more money. Furthermore, the good hotel rooms are already occupied. But it is still possible.

How Does the Entry into the U.A.E. Work?

A few days ago it was still possible to enter Dubai without a PCR test and that was as always. But in the meantime, this has changed again and a PCR test is necessary. That means you have to take care of it in good time because you have to show it at check-in at the departure airport. Otherwise, New Year’s Eve 2021 is not possible in Dubai and then you would of course miss something.

Do You Have to Wear a Mask in Dubai?

Certainly, an important question is where you have to wear a mask everywhere in Dubai. In Dubai, it is mandatory to wear a mask in closed and public areas. That means if you want to look at the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Burj Khalifa, for example, then the mask has to be worn there. If you ignore this you have to pay a fine. Furthermore, a mask must be worn during the flight to Dubai to Dubai International Airport. This is then no longer necessary at the hotel pool.

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Our Opinion

Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai is always an experience and you can see the best fireworks around the world there. Furthermore, you still have pleasantly warm temperatures of around 25 degrees and then you can soak up the sun again. So there are many reasons why one should vacation there and the emirate of Dubai is a very fascinating metropolis where one always likes to fly.

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