Time Between June and September: The Warmest Period in Dubai

12:22 pm  |  29.09.2021
The Warmest Period in Dubai

It is warmest in Dubai between the months of June to September, where you have to reckon with high temperatures of over 40 degrees during the day.

When is it Warmest in Dubai?

Basically, you should know that the United Arab Emirates is one of the warmest regions in the whole world. When planning your trip, you should therefore take into account that there are warm and even very hot months there. There are always vacationers who have prepared poorly or hardly at all for the destination Dubai. When you arrive on-site, for example in July, you wonder why it is so hot there. So you should always inquire about the climate beforehand.

Furthermore, it is always so that not everyone can take this well. That means there are tourists who are perhaps a bit older and then have problems with their circulation in the high temperatures. Then there are vacationers again who love the warm climate. That is very different and therefore we recommend inquiring carefully beforehand.

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Summer Months are Very Hot

In any case, you should know that the summer months in Dubai are the warmest. That means in May it starts so slowly and the temperatures then rise very quickly. You have to expect at least 30 degrees during the day there. But when it turns into July then it gets hotter and hotter and the daytime temperatures are at least 40 degrees. Usually, the hottest months are July and August. If you are out there you have to sweat very quickly.

Dubai desert safari

You don’t have to do anything there and it’s like being in a sauna. Furthermore, you should also cool down regularly, for example in the shopping malls of Dubai, which are all air-conditioned. However, you have to be careful not to catch a cold there. Because the outside temperature is 40 degrees and when you go to the Dubai Mall it may only be 25 degrees. In any case, there is a high-temperature difference when you go in there with a sweaty t-shirt. Not everyone can take that.

What are the Advantages for Tourists

Now you are probably wondering what the advantages are when it is warmest in Dubai. The answer is that the overnight prices in the hotels are falling significantly. That means you have a discount of 50 percent in the months of summer. So you can spend a cheap holiday there. 

Leap of Faith

You have to know that the winter months are the best time to travel to Dubai. But the prices there are very expensive and not everyone can afford that. But you have probably already seen a lot about Dubai on TV and you would certainly like to go on vacation there. Then you have the chance in the hot summer months and then you have to accept the high temperatures. But then you get a lot of luxury and can stay in a five-star luxury hotel. So this travel time is particularly recommended for bargain hunters.

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Air Conditioning 

The Emirates have adapted very well to the climate and everything is wonderfully air-conditioned. If you go to the hotel or a big mall then you don’t have to sweat anymore. It may well be that the air conditioning has been set too cool and you even have to freeze. This can happen once in a while. But we recommend tourists to always wear breathable clothing where they don’t have to sweat so much.

Furthermore, there is also the advantage that it dries faster. You have to know that even the bus stops there are air-conditioned and that is certainly unique in the whole world. If you take the Dubai Metro then everything is air-conditioned and even the crossings. So you don’t have to worry that you always have to sweat. If you like it warm and sunny on vacation, then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s Even Warmer in the Desert

You definitely want to go on a desert safari in Dubai and of course, it is the warmest there that you can imagine. There the temperatures can be 50 degrees and there you can speak of very hot. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary that you drink a lot of water that day. Because in this heat you sweat a lot and the body then loses a lot of water. So you have to drink significantly more than at home. The big advantage is certainly that the hotels always provide free table water in the rooms. Furthermore, this is always refilled every day and you don’t need to buy it in the supermarket. But going on a desert safari is always an experience and you will certainly not forget it anytime soon.

The Summer Climate is not Suitable for Everyone

For example, if you see cheap travel offers for the emirate of Dubai on television or in a magazine, then these are always dates in the summer months. However, it is then also the warmest there and many tourists do not know that and only notice this when they have arrived on site. Older holidaymakers, in particular, should always be careful there, as there can be problems with the circulation. As a rule, this doesn’t bother younger people very much and they get used to it very quickly.

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Our Opinion

We recommend tourists always get detailed information about the climate beforehand and not just look at the price because you have to pay for the trip. You always have to know that it is warmest there between June and September and that is also the low season in the emirate. There are not so many tourists there and you have peace and quiet on the beach. Of course, this also has advantages. If you want to go on holiday there for the first time then you should rather opt for the winter months, where it is between 25 to 30 degrees during the day.

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