Thrilling Experience in Heaven: Skydiving in Dubai

6:05 pm  |  01.06.2021
Sky Diving in Dubai

It will be a thrilling experience for the “future skydiver”. To hover over Dubai like a bird and take off from one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. “Skydive Dubai” is one of the most famous organizers in the Emirates and the “guest jumper” is in good hands. An extra runway was built on Jumeirah Beach for these parachute jumps.

What is SkyDive?

SkyDive or skydiving is a relatively young sport that has recently gained increasing popularity worldwide. It’s basically parachutist, which is accompanied by a magical release of adrenaline, a lot of positive emotions for those who like to bring something new into their vacation. The Dubai skydiving can be done independently or in conjunction with a professional parachutist who will provide backup and moral support. It’s relevant for newcomers. A standard parachute or a professional parachute is available for those who wish to use it.

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Many centers where «flying» with parachutes offer a group jump from 5 people. Jumps are made from an altitude of 4,000 meters, and this event is necessarily accompanied by a video shoot.

Procedure of Jumping

The parachute jump takes place from a height of almost 4000 meters in a twin-engine “Twin Otter”. And the power of the wind is felt very strongly. This situation is a unique feeling. 

That has an indescribably positive effect on the senses. The companions on the plane and while jumping has successfully performed more than 300,000 jumps in recent years and the guest is in safe and good hands with the tandem jump over Dubai. The jump is documented by a cameraman so that this unforgettable experience cannot fade from the memory of the guests. After a minute of free fall during a tandem jump, the instructor opens the parachute. And there is enough time to enjoy the unique view while floating over “Palm Jumeirah” and on to the landing site.

Palm Jumeirah

The United Arab Emirates offers tourists many different kinds of entertainment, including a great variety of extreme forms: shark diving, skydiving, etc. Today, skydiving has become increasingly important – this service is common in almost all entertainment complexes in cities that host tourists. In order to test your courage and get a lot of impressions and adrenaline, you’ll need a visa in the UAE.

A number of entertainment and professional venues are located near Dubai, and there are also specialized aeroclubs in the city, such as the Skydive Dubai The Palm. But only professional athletes with more than 300 jumps are allowed to jump here. For newcomers, only a tandem jump is allowed, with the instructor attached.

It is mandatory to take specialized courses and even obtain an international certificate of professional parachutist before jumping. During the training period, several flights will be flown in a small three-seat aircraft for 30 minutes. The work of the center starts at 9 am local time. 

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Dubai has always been known for its superlatives and global innovations, and the man-made islands in the Arabian Gulf are an impressive example. When the “guest jumper” is in the air, he notices that the islands in their entirety look like a stylized palm tree and, especially from this height, the skyscrapers look like toy houses.


It is advisable to reserve a tandem skydive in advance on the Internet before traveling to Dubai. A certain amount has to be paid in advance. And the rest before the start of the flight. 

It is said that Skydive in Dubai is extremely well organized so that the participants can finish the usual formalities in a very short time. Registration takes place in the so-called “drop of zone”, the participants are then assigned a jump, their sneakers are put on and they board the plane. The “tandem masters” are very helpful and every “guest jumper”, also called “guest student”, is provided with a photographer and at the end of the jump everyone gets two DVDs.

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Tips for Skydiving in Dubai

So that everything goes smoothly your “first time”, here are a few tips that we would have liked to have known beforehand:

  • You should book a few weeks in advance. So you can be sure that you will get a place. If you are lucky, you will also get a place spontaneously. Unfortunately, you cannot always assume that.
  • Be a little flexible. If the weather doesn’t cooperate (e.g. too much wind), your jump may be postponed to a later slot or even another day. However, you will get your money back if you do not agree to the postponement.
  • Make sure you have long clothes with you (shorts are fine if they are over your knees); With very tight or short clothing, jumps are not allowed for safety reasons. In addition, at an altitude of 4,000 meters, it is much more “airy”, so you will be happy about every centimeter of fabric.
  • If you have sensitive ears, you should bring earplugs. In free fall it blows quite a bit into the ear canals.
  • If you get sick quickly, you should think twice about the jump. Because as soon as the umbrella is open, it goes down in a circle, almost like a vortex. Travel sickness tablets may help.
  • Skydive Dubai only offers one package. This is significantly more expensive than in the rest of the world, but the video and photo package is already included here. This puts it into perspective again. Negotiating is useless, the price is fixed.

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