These are the Best Pools in Dubai: For a Beach Holiday, We Have Put Together the Best Pools in Dubai that are Simply Great

7:17 pm  |  09.10.2021
These are the Best Pools in Dubai

Here we present the best pools in Dubai that are recommended for tourists. You definitely want to spend a beach holiday in the emirate and you also need a good beach hotel with a large pool area.

The first thing you should know is that there are many luxury hotels in the Emirate of Dubai. But that doesn’t mean that you can expect a nice pool there. Furthermore, there are city hotels that usually have a very small pool. You can’t stay there all day. Then there are the well-known luxury resorts that have gigantic outdoor facilities.

Atlantis The Palm

One of the most popular and well-known hotels in Dubai is the Atlantis.

The Palm on the artificial island The Palm Jumeirah. This is a great hotel, especially for families with children where you can have a nice beach vacation. You have a very large pool area and the special thing there is that there is a water park called Aquaventure. As a hotel guest, you can of course also use it, which is a great advantage.

Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa

The Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa certainly has one of the largest outdoor facilities of all luxury hotels in Dubai. 

This area with several pools and the private beach is very large and you could almost get lost. It is also a large hotel, but there are a lot of quiet places there and that is certainly an insider tip if you want a good location. The Walk can be reached very quickly from there.

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One & Only The Palm

There are of course many tourists who want to have a lot of peace and quiet because they want to relax. Then you will surely find this in One & Only The Palm. 

The advantage is the exclusive location and it is a small hotel with a lot of privacy. There is a nice beach where the beach chairs are very far apart. Furthermore, the pool area has also been done very nicely.

Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is definitely one of the best pools in Dubai. 

There you have the advantage that you can even choose between several pools. That means there is a pool only for adults and for children. So everyone has their area there and that has been implemented wonderfully there. Of course, there is also a beautiful private sandy beach.

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The Address Downtown Dubai

As already mentioned, a city hotel tends to have a smaller pool. But that’s different with The Address Downtown Dubai and it has been made very big. 

Now one wonders what is so special there. The answer is the view and from the pool, you have a spectacular view of the tallest building in the world and that is the Burj Khalifa. It is certainly one of the best pools in Dubai because of the view.

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Then there is another nice city hotel where you can expect a very large outdoor pool. 

In our opinion, it is definitely one of the largest of all the hotels in the city. There are also several pools there. In the case of a pool, there is even a small sandy beach where that beach feeling arises. You can stay there all day and the outdoor area is just perfect.

Jumeirah Al Qasr

One of the best beach hotels in Dubai is of course the five-star luxury hotel Jumeirah Al Qasr. 

It is located in Madinat Jumeirah where there are several hotels belonging to the same hotel chain. As a hotel guest, you can also try out the other pools there, which is very practical. The pool area is very well done and you will not be disappointed.

Rixos The Palm

The Rixos The Palm is also in a very good location. It’s on the outer ring of the island, but at the very end. 

So there is no other hotel right next to it. Furthermore, the pool area and the beach area have been made very nice where you can spend a great day at the beach. By the way, there is even a stop from the Dubai Water Taxi where you can be driven to the Dubai Marina.

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Our Opinion

As already mentioned, this is only a small selection and there are many other hotels where you can find the best pools in Dubai. As a rule, however, the most beautiful are always on The Palm Jumeirah and we recommend staying there for at least two to three nights. Then you can enjoy the hotel wonderfully and no longer need to leave the island. Certainly, you have to spend more money there for an overnight stay, but it’s worth it.

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