The Secret of a Premium Holiday in Dubai: The Roots of Luxury

11:14 pm  |  25.04.2024

Social, geopolitical, and economic events in the world affect all areas of our lives: the hotel business, which has experienced great upheaval in recent years, has also changed noticeably. However, tourism continues to flourish, including the luxury segment.

Unique Individuality

By 2024, travelers’ attitudes toward luxury lifestyles have changed. Now this is not material extravagance, but an individual approach to everything that surrounds the guests in the hotel.

It is important for hoteliers that their guests are not only surrounded by care from all services but also receive emotions and impressions that will become the basis of their overall perception in the future. Based on this experience, they will have a different attitude towards other hotels: compare, look for pros and cons, and mentally return to the place where their stay was as personalized as possible.

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Every guest wants to feel valued. He should not be just another tourist: it is important to structure the entire vacation in such a way that from the moment of check-in to departure, the person understands that everything was created exclusively for him.

At the same time, it is especially important to understand that the attitude towards a luxury vacation is formed based on the cultural characteristics and mentality of the guest, and also depends on the region in which the resort is located. Still, the socio-geographical environment creates the standards to which residents of different countries are accustomed.

Travelers evaluate the overall concept of the resort: what atmosphere it has, how authentic it is, whether it is close to the environment, and whether it conveys the traditions followed in the region. It is also based on its values – initiatives related to the protection of the environment and the social sphere. For example, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has organized a turtle rehabilitation project, in which the hotel team, together with guests, helps marine life.

It’s important to Feel Home

It is obvious that the conceptual content of the resort is directly related to how the hotel is embodied in its arrangement. The first thing guests pay attention to is the architecture of the project. And in this case, of course, it is important to show the status – to attract tourists with a unique format. At Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the iconic sail-shaped silhouette is synonymous with luxury, evoking a sense of grandeur and sophistication, and is one of the symbols of Dubai. Hotel architecture is not just about the visual: it also plays a decisive role in shaping the guest experience.

In addition to architectural features, interiors are important – both in common spaces and in individual rooms. It is the interior arrangement of the rooms that helps guests feel at home: the necessary household items for convenience, the area of the room, lighting, and, of course, the design, which reflects both the concept and the pedigree of the project. The selection of materials from which furniture and textiles are made also differs from expensive natural fabrics and rare tree species, marble instead of tiles, and glass with complex processing – just a small part of what designers can surprise guests of luxury resorts.

The new luxury is also reflected in the way the system of caring for the guest’s health is structured. One of the important spaces in the hotel is the fitness club, from the condition of which one can conclude how the overall structure of the project is structured and how well the staff performs their duties.

It is also worth taking into account the interior design, training items, and a team of specialists because, in necessary situations, trainers must assist the guest.

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No Stress

The third component of a luxury holiday is everything that surrounds the guest. An important element that is paid attention to is gastronomy, from which many things can be judged. A knowledgeable guest takes into account all possible factors: how diverse the choice of restaurants is at the resort, and how high-quality products are used in the dishes. In this case, hoteliers’ control over the restaurant world is especially sensitive. The selection of suitable establishments for openings in a luxury hotel is really strict. 

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Industry awards and ratings are an excellent marker that a particular project is worthy of being part of the resort.

After gastronomic adventures, guests devote their time to another type of hedonism – beauty and self-care. Luxury holidays are inextricably linked with spa centers, where guests come to fill all the “beauty gaps” that they have in everyday life. As in the case of gastronomy, the variety of offers is very important here: special treatments, basic care rituals, specialized consultations, and much more are available to travelers.

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