The Pointe Dubai: Place There are You Can Find Many Shops and Restaurants

1:20 pm  |  19.11.2021
The Pointe Dubai

A beautiful promenade with a promenade is The Pointe Dubai, which is located on the island of The Palm Jumeirah. There you will find numerous shops and restaurants where you can stroll a bit in the evening.

What is The Pointe Dubai

Everywhere in Dubai, you can find promenades that are very interesting to visit. But The Pointe Dubai is definitely something very special. Because the location there is certainly unique and from there you have a direct view of the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. For this reason alone, it is worth visiting and the hotel is wonderfully illuminated at night.

You shouldn’t miss it if you are on vacation there. Something like that was of course still missing on the artificially created island. So far there have been no restaurants, cafes or shops where you could go in the evening. You always had to go to the mainland to Dubai Marina or The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence. This is now very practical for hotel guests and you no longer necessarily have to book a half-board in the hotel.

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Facts and Figures

The Pointe Dubai and Atlantis Hotel

The Pointe Dubai extends over an area of 130,000 square meters. Space is of course always very important and scarce, especially on this island. But they spared no expense or effort to build it there. The length of the beach promenade is 1.5 kilometers and that is impressive. As a visitor, you can choose between 100 shops, cafes, and restaurants. So you can easily stay there for a few hours. We always recommend going there in the evening as the view of the Atlantis Hotel is sensational. Of course, you can also take great photos there.

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The Pointe Dubai promenade

At the moment you can find around 20 shops at The Pointe Dubai where you can buy everything for daily use. For tourists, it is certainly interesting that there is a souvenir shop where you can buy everything from postcards to mugs. Furthermore, it is also very practical that there is an exchange office where you can change euros into dirhams. So you don’t have to go to the mainland anymore if you want to change money. This is of course very useful for tourists who have booked a hotel on the island. Then there is a pharmacy in case you need medicine. It is also very practical that there is also a hairdresser and a supermarket where you can buy groceries.


The great thing is certainly the numerous restaurants and cafes. With the pleasantly warm temperatures in Dubai, it is of course worthwhile to sit outside in the evening. This is exactly what many tourists want and you can enjoy dinner there. You can find everything you can imagine from fast-food restaurants to upscale cuisine. As a visitor, you can get everything from burgers to pizza at The Pointe Dubai. But you can also try the Arabic cuisine there. This is of course a good idea if you are on vacation in an Arab country.

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Movie Theater

Once you have visited a shopping mall in Dubai you will quickly find out that there is always a big cinema there. This is of course also the case with The Pointe Dubai and you can watch the latest films there. But these will of course be presented in English or Arabic. You should already be able to speak the language there so that you can understand something. But a visit there is always interesting.

Address, Location, and Parking

Of course, there is also a large parking garage there if you have a rental car. This has 1,600 seats and it is very large. You can also get to The Pointe Dubai via The Palm Jumeirah Monorail and that is very convenient. Because this drives right past there. Tourists who stay in a hotel on the island can take a taxi to get there. It doesn’t cost very much and the driver drives straight to the main entrance. Some hotels now also offer a transfer by boat. So there are many different ways to get to the promenade.

Opening Hours

Restaurants at The Pointe

Before visiting The Pointe Dubai, you should also find out about the opening times. The shops are open Monday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The restaurants have slightly longer opening times and are open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to even midnight. Thus, as a visitor, you have enough time to take a close look at everything. But at the weekend you always have to expect significantly more visitors than during the week. If you want it a little quieter, you should go there on Monday. You should plan at least two to three hours there so that you can look at everything carefully.

Concerts and Events

There are also regular events and concerts that can be attended. For example, the famous singer Enrique Iglesias has already given a concert at The Pointe Dubai. If you are lucky you will see your favorite singer there and that on vacation. But you should find out beforehand which events are currently taking place. But there is always something on offer there and it won’t be boring.

Spectacular Water Shows

Similar to the Dubai Fountain, The Pointe Dubai also has a show with water fountains that is impressive. If you have already seen this at the Burj Khalifa then you are sure to be thrilled. Then it makes sense to have a look at them there. As a visitor, there is no need to pay admission and everything is free. So you should look at it when you visit the promenade.

Our Opinion

Especially if you have booked a hotel on The Palm Jumeirah then you should take a look at The Pointe Dubai. You don’t have to leave the island anymore if you want to visit a restaurant or shop. This was previously not possible and the operator Nakheel made it possible. Furthermore, the view of the Atlantis Hotel is of course a highlight. The location is unique there and the promenade has got a special place on the island. It is also worth a visit if, for example, you have booked a hotel in the Dubai Marina. You can get there in a few minutes by taxi.

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  3. […] READ: The Pointe Dubai: Place There are You Can Find Many Shops and Restaurants […]

  4. […] READ: The Pointe Dubai: Place There are You Can Find Many Shops and Restaurants […]

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