The Lost Chambers Aquarium: The Perfect Romantic Place

9:40 pm  |  02.09.2021
The Lost Chambers Aquarium

At Atlantis The Palm Dubai Hotel, visitors can see The Lost Chambers Aquarium where there are 65,000 fish swimming around. For families with children, this is a popular destination in the city. There are several aquariums that are accessible on foot and you can look through the glass.

Information about The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The aquarium was opened in conjunction with the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. This is a gigantic hotel complex in Dubai with around 1,500 rooms where there are numerous attractions. One of them is The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It has been made accessible to hotel guests as well as visitors. A tour there is very interesting and you can see an impressive underwater world. You can also take great photos there. You will certainly see fish there that you may not have seen at all. The aquarium is structured in different themes and you always see something new there.

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What is the Entrance Fee There?

An adult ticket costs 105 dirhams at The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Children receive a discount and there the ticket costs 80 dirhams. You can buy this online, for example, in our Dubai Excursions area. Then you just have to show it at the checkout. You can also buy one online on the hotel’s website. Another alternative is to buy it on-site at the box office. However, it can then be that you have to reckon with a queue. Especially on weekends, the hotel has a lot of visitors who want to see it.

Free Entry for Hotel Guests

 If you are a guest of the Atlantis The Palm Dubai hotel, you can visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium for free. That means you don’t need a ticket and you don’t have to buy one or stand in line. 

There you have the advantage that you can visit it for free. So it makes sense to stay the night there so that you have this advantage over other visitors. However, the overnight prices in this hotel are not cheap. It is one of the most popular beach hotels in Dubai and therefore you have to pay more for an overnight stay there.

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Opening Hours

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. As already mentioned, there are more and more visitors on the weekend. Then the rush is usually very large and you can not look at the aquarium in peace. Those who prefer to have some peace and quiet should go there during the week. Then you can also take photos of the fish better and get there better.

Directions and Address

The address is Atlantis The Palm Hotel on The Palm Jumeirah Island. You can see the hotel from afar when you drive to the island. Who has never been there should use the taxi. The drivers know the way and you can get there very quickly. These also drive directly to the entrance and you only have to get out. The Hop On Hop Off buses also stop there and you can get off if you want and have a look at the aquarium.

You Can Park There

There are many tourists who rent a car during their trip to Dubai. However, you cannot park there directly. There is a large car park near the hotel across from the Aquaventure water park where you can park for free. Then a bus takes you directly to the entrance. By the way, this is not the main entrance to the hotel. It is a separate entrance where you can only visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium and the water park. But you can also get to the hotel from this area. However, you need a room card there which must be shown.


The Lost Chambers Aquarium features 65,000 fish and 250 different species. These are bigger and smaller fish. 

There are 18 million liters of water in the entire aquarium and of course, this has to be cleaned constantly so that the marine life is good. The effort is very big what you can imagine. A pane of glass is 10 meters high and 70 centimeters thick. So it is very thick so that it can withstand the water pressure.

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Diving and Snorkeling

As already mentioned, you can explore the aquarium on foot. But if that’s too boring for you, you can book a tour where you can dive into The Lost Chambers Aquarium. That is certainly a great experience on a Dubai vacation. There are different activities you can do. If you want to do this you need a reservation in advance. As a visitor, you can do a lot at The Lost Chambers Aquarium and you should plan a few hours for a visit. The tour alone takes around three hours. When you have seen everything there is a souvenir shop where you can buy a souvenir of your visit.

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