The Karama Market: The Famous Fake Market in Dubai

9:13 pm  |  07.04.2022
The Karama Market

In the Al Karama district of Dubai, there is the famous Fake Market with counterfeit items mostly from China. However, this part of the city looks very run down and doesn’t really fit in with the other cityscape of Dubai. It’s probably only a matter of time before it will be demolished and a new modern shopping mall will be built there. 

However, European tourists are still drawn to Al Karama because there are so many bargains to be found here. Here you can get cheap Rolex watches, Gucci glasses, or Versace handbags. The goods are of course very cheap, but you should definitely look at the quality. It can be that the purchased goods break after half a year. It is therefore advisable not to spend too much money there.

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Cheap Prices

Of course, in Al Karama, you also have to act. The traders always try to rip off the tourists. In order to achieve a high profit, of course. Some traders are also very annoying and always try to lure tourists into the store. Once you are in there is usually something bought. There are very few parking spaces in the Al Kamara district and everything is very tight. If you want to visit this souk in Dubai, then we recommend that you take a taxi to get there. This usually only costs a few dirhams. If you not only want to take a look at the large shopping centers in Dubai but also want to visit a real and partly traditional market, you definitely have to take a closer look at The Karama Market.

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Don’t Forget to Act

Shoes at the souk 

This is an opportunity to look at and buy very nice things. Which has existed at this very spot for several decades. On the other hand, of course, this also means that it is very possible to enjoy traditional things there. This gives you the opportunity to visit one of the many restaurants. Who still open their gates there day after day. On the other hand, there is also the alternative of visiting one of the many shops. Unlike the modern malls that can be found in Dubai these days, there are very few true luxury goods to be found in the market. Rather, it is about small and very authentic-looking dealers who want to bring their goods to the customers there every day.

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Especially with regard to the quality, there was once again a very significant increase in The Karama Market in Dubai, which is why tourists, in particular, like to take a look inside the market again and again. At the same time, unlike many other areas in Dubai, the prices are much better adjusted. So it is quite possible not only to look at the really beautiful things but also to actually buy one or the other piece for yourself. Overall, these are the very clear benefits one can enjoy by choosing to visit the mall. In particular, the great equipment, which is beautifully presented in many places, makes The Karama Market a real eye-catcher.

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