The Island Dubai: A Perfect Beach Club 

8:16 pm  |  11.12.2021
The Island Dubai

If you want to visit a very special beach in Dubai then The Island Dubai is a good choice. This is the island of Lebanon from The World. This is an artificially raised island world off the coast of Dubai where the islands have the shape of the world.

Information about The Island Dubai

The Island Dubai

There are many beautiful beaches in Dubai that you can visit. The most beautiful are certainly Jumeirah Beach or La Mer Beach. Furthermore, it is so that you can visit many for free and with some, you have to pay a fee. 

Many beaches are also private and are among the city’s luxury hotels. This is the case, for example, with the Madinat Jumeirah or the One & Only Royal Mirage. So you can say that the selection of beaches in Dubai for tourists is particularly large. But the Island Beach Club, where you can spend an exclusive day at the beach, is quite spectacular. Because it is not so easy to get to this island as a tourist because it is located at The World. How to get there and what you can do there we will explain here once.

How to Get to the Beach

Since it is an island, you can only get there by boat. If you want to visit The Island Dubai you have to know that the boats only leave from Jumeirah Fishing Harbor 1. So you have to be there on the agreed date to be taken. By the way, the first transfer always takes place at 11:00 a.m. and then every hour. From this point, you have the fastest transfer to the island and you can get there quickly. You should also know that it is the island of Lebanon where you are going. This is of course very nicely done and you can spend a wonderful day at the beach there.

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It was of course once planned that the islands would be developed by The World. But so far not much has happened there and with a few, you can already see something like this island. The Beach Club was opened there and it has been made accessible to tourists. It remains to be seen whether the construction of the infrastructure on the other islands will start in the near future. Hotels and luxury villas were to be built there. So it is something very special to be there and it is certainly a highlight of a Dubai vacation.

Entrance Fee 

The World Dubai

You have to pay admission to visit The Island Dubai. Adults usually pay 300 dirhams there. But there are always discounts of only 200 dirhams. For example, children get a discount and the regular price is 150 dirhams. If you get a cheap ticket you only pay 100 dirhams. Now you are probably wondering where you can buy the ticket. You can do this on the official website or in our Dubai ticket shop.

You definitely need a reservation and you can’t just drop by on the spur of the moment. Certainly, you can imagine that only a limited number of visitors can come to the island every day. Otherwise, there would be too many and the island is not that big either. By the way, the size of the island is 2,000 square meters and there is an east beach and a west beach where you can lie down.

The Trip Time

The crossing takes around 15 minutes by boat. As already mentioned, the fastest way to get there is from this point. The entrance fee includes the outward and returns journey by boat, and that’s a lot of fun. You get to see the island world of The World where there are around 300 islands. There aren’t that many visitors there and that’s why a visit there is unique because you don’t just get there.

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Now you probably ask yourself how much money you have to spend to visit The Island Dubai. As already mentioned, the boat trip is already included. Then you can use the beach chairs free of charge as a visitor. At many beach clubs in Dubai, you have to pay a fee there if you want to have a lounger with a parasol. Furthermore, many sporting activities can be used such as beach volleyball or playing billiards so that visitors do not get bored. The sanitary facilities can also be used free of charge and if you have spent the whole day on the beach then you will certainly need a shower. Furthermore, the entrance fee also includes the bath towels and in principle, you don’t need to bring anything with you, which is very practical. Certainly one is also hungry and thirsty at one point or another. The drinks and food must then be bought there on site.

Can You Stay There Overnight?

In such an exclusive location, you would definitely want to spend the night. Unfortunately, this is not possible and all visitors have to leave The Island Dubai in the evening. Of course, this is also checked so that you don’t forget anyone on the island. You can find a couple of chalets there where you could stay overnight. But these are only intended for day visitors and so you are brought back to the mainland by boat. But maybe some hotels will be built on the other islands in the next few years where you could stay overnight.


There is a restaurant on The Island Dubai called Torro Blanco. Furthermore, this is certainly one of the most extraordinary restaurants in town because you are there on an island. Of course, you get a burger with french fries and a lot more. The prices are similar to any other beach club in town. Then there is a nice bar where you can get a cool cocktail. With the hot temperatures in Dubai, it is of course always very refreshing.

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Is That a Beach Club?

Of course, this is a beach club and there is also lounge music for the visitors. You will have a lot of fun there and spend a pleasant day at the beach with friends. It is always important to try to get a ticket in good time. Because the demand is always very high, especially over the winter months, and everyone would like to stop by.

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