The Green Planet: Little Piece of Flora and Fauna

10:16 pm  |  26.08.2021
The Green Planet: Little Piece of Flora and Fauna

A new attraction in the Emirate of Dubai is called The Green Planet. From the outside, it is a modern building and inside a gigantic zoo with a botanical garden. You probably wouldn’t expect what’s in this building. A visit with the whole family is always recommended and you will be amazed.

Information on The Green Planet

As a visitor, you get very close to the animals and you are even allowed to stroke some of them. It is estimated that there are hundreds or even thousands of animals on The Green Planet. It is certainly very interesting that there are also many very exotic animals there. If you want to see something like that, you should stop by there.

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You can also combine this with a visit to the City Walk Dubai. Because this is right next to it. As a visitor, you have the feeling of being in a gigantic rainforest. Usually, you know Dubai with a lot of deserts. But if you go in there you will see a green blooming landscape. For Dubai standards, of course, it was again made very spectacular.

The Division into Different Levels

The Green Planet is divided into several levels that visitors can walk on. That means you start at level 4, which is called The Canopy. From up there you have a great view of the whole botanical garden with rainforest. 

You could almost think you are Tarzan and you could float over the trees.

The whole thing is pretty high at 45 meters. Then comes level 3 called The Midstory. In principle, you are there at a height from the trees. The Forest Floor is on level 2 and then there is the Flooded Rainforest. You start the tour at the top and then go further and further down. You should plan a few hours for a visit.

What is the Entrance Fee There

There is a fee to visit The Green Planet. For a day ticket, adults have to pay 75 dirhams. However, this is the price if you reserve the ticket for entry online in advance. At the box office, you have to pay 99 dirhams for this. If you want to save some money then reserve the ticket online. A day ticket for children aged 3 to 12 is 55 dirhams. At the box office, this is a little more expensive at 74 dirhams. Another tip where you can save extra money is with a group. There you can also get a discounted admission price.

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Opening Hours

You can visit this attraction every day of the week. The Green Planet is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Longer opening times are on weekends. From Thursday to Saturday you can view the rainforest from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. However, one must always expect significantly more visitors at the weekend. Because that’s where the locals and guest workers come along. You have a little quieter and more space if you go there during the week.


In principle, The Green Planet is very easy to find. City Walk Dubai is right next to it. It’s kind of a pedestrian zone with lots of shops. There you can also stroll a little if you feel like it. We always recommend using the taxi from the Burj Khalifa.

Then you can be there in a good ten minutes. There is no Dubai Metro station nearby where you could go on foot. This district of Dubai is not yet very well developed for tourists. But if there are even more attractions then you can certainly get there with several means of public transport.

Dangerous Animals

You get to see a lot of interesting animals there. 

Of course, there are also a few dangerous things that could be dangerous to humans. These are, for example, snakes. But so that nothing happens there is always a pane of glass in between. So you are always on the safe side so that nothing can happen. Smaller animals can even be petted and they are not dangerous.

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Meet Fluffy: The region’s only Bearcat now lives in Green Planet Dubai

Our Rating

It’s another great attraction that was created in Dubai. The Green Planet has been done very well and it looks very spectacular from the outside. Of course, you immediately feel like having a look inside. You can see around 3,000 animals and various plants there. The division into different levels is very practical. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to take many beautiful pictures from your Dubai trip.

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