The ETIHAD Luggage: Rules are Always Dependent on the Tariff

4:50 pm  |  16.06.2023
The ETIHAD Luggage

Before a flight to Abu Dhabi, you should also inform yourself about the Etihad luggage rules. These are always dependent on which tariff and flight class you have booked.

Information about the ETIHAD Luggage Rules

Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi

Meanwhile, the airlines differ in the luggage. That means you can not take so much as you may like to do that. More luggage means ever-higher fuel costs for the airlines. But those who are vacationing in the United Arab Emirates as in Dubai or Abu Dhabi also like to visit the great shopping malls, such as Dubai Mall, or Yas Mall. You always find something there and thus the suitcase is then full very quickly. But there you should always consider the Etihad luggage rules and one should only pack as much as possible. Otherwise, you may have to pay an additional fee at the check-in switch at Abu Dhabi International Airport. You should definitely avoid that because this can be very high. How much you can pack in the suitcase we will explain here.

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Tariff Economy Deal

The cheapest fare that there are Etihad Airways is Economy Deal. You can fly there as a passenger very cheaply to Abu Dhabi. But you also have some restrictions such as the Etihad luggage rules. For a given piece of luggage per passenger, there is a free luggage amount of 23 kilograms. As a rule, this is also sufficient if you do not want to shop too much on-site. But if you want to go shopping in the metropolis then this is certainly not the right tariff. Furthermore, if the suitcase then weighs a lot then you get very fast to the limit with the weight. With a beach holiday, you certainly pack more than you have to do for a few days on business. It always depends on what you want to do there. We always recommend packing light clothes and this does not weigh much.

Economy Saver, Classic, and Flex

The Economy Class by Etihad Airways

Then, of course, there are other tariffs when you want to fly in the Economy Class. Even more expensive are the rates Economy Saver and Economy Classic. Furthermore, you have the advantage that you have a free baggage amount of 30 kilograms. That’s a lot and you do not have to worry about what you pack in the suitcase. Then the tariff is still different from the flying miles if you collect. The most expensive tariff is the Economy Flex where you also have the best conditions as a passenger. The free baggage amount is even 35 kilograms there. There is also permission to upgrade and preferred check-in.

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Business Class

The Residence of Etihad Airways

If you can afford it then you should fly to Abu Dhabi in Business Class. There, the Etihad luggage rules are very pleasant. There you have a free luggage amount of 40 kilograms and the maximum weight per piece of luggage is 32 kilograms. Certainly, this is sufficient and you probably will not get the suitcase. But there are also passengers who only fly to the emirates for shopping. Because there are the biggest and best shopping malls around the world. However, we always recommend the duty-free import charge. That is one may bring for this sum from the Abu Dhabi vacation. If you exceed this value then you have to decay.

First Class

Very good conditions at the Etihad luggage rules are in the First Class. There, the free baggage amount is even 50 kilograms and you can then pack the suitcase as desired. In any case, this weight will be sufficient. However, you can imagine that the flight price is of course not so cheap. Furthermore, there are only a few seats on the plane and you also have the advantage of a lot of privacy. As a rule, this flight class book only wealthy people and business people. For tourists, this is too expensive and they can not afford that.

The Residence

At Etihad Airways, there is a very special flight class in the Airbus A380 and this is called the Residence. There you have a 3 room suite with a private bedroom and living room as a passenger. Also, a private shower and that’s certainly the highlight. A separate butler is still available and thus you travel there like a VIP. There, the Etihad luggage rules are also 50 kilograms and you can probably take even more. There is always an eye on there because it is something very special. No other airline in the world has such a suite. Of course, you can also imagine that you have to spend a lot of money there. This is again an increase to the First Class and more luxury and comfort can be found in no aircraft.

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Sports Equipment

Maybe you want to play in Abu Dhabi Golf and their special Etihad luggage rules apply. For example, if you want to take the golf club then you have another 15 kilograms extra. This weight comes in addition to the amount of free luggage amount and you have to pay nothing extra for it. Other sports equipment may be that a fee must be paid there. Only selected sports equipment is freed from the excavation fees and you should know if you want to take it away. These are, for example, bicycles, diving equipment, or even skiing. It is best there if you know exactly the airline.


If you already know exactly that you have excess baggage and the Etihad luggage rules are not enough then you can register this before. There you can save money and on-site at the check-in counter you would have to pay more. This can make you up to 48 hours before. But best you should always avoid it and the fees for excess items of baggage are very high. There can then get together 100 US dollars and more. This is always dependent on how much you have.

Electronic Equipment

In this day and age, most passengers have a smartphone or notebook. This can then be used in the aircraft. There, of course, the ETIHAD luggage rules apply and you can transport up to 15 devices in the cabin or given luggage. However, these devices are always very strictly controlled for security controls. It may be that you always need to turn on this to check the function.

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