The Emirates A380 Experience: Emirates A380 Experience in the Dubai Mall

5:54 pm  |  05.07.2023
The Emirates A380 Experience

A particularly interesting attraction in the Dubai Mall is The Emirates A380 Experience. This is a flight simulator where you can fly with an Airbus A380 and the in the middle of the shopping center. What this costs exactly and what you have to consider would we want to explain here. But it’s a lot of fun and you should do this if you are interested in planes.

The Emirates A380 Experience in the Dubai Mall

Normally, most tourists fly to Dubai with the airline Emirates. Then with an Airbus A380 and certainly you will find the plane very great. Then the thought is very fast on why you have not really become a pilot. If you do not and nevertheless want to fly with an A380 then you can do this in the Dubai Mall. The Flight Simulator The Emirates A380 Experience is built in the mall and you really have the feeling of flying with an airplane. This has been very realistic and especially for younger tourists, this is very interesting. There is a cockpit building that has a scale of 1: 100 and you can already see it from afar.

Prices for a Ticket

The Emirates A380 Experience in Dubai

So that you can use The Emirates A380 Experience you need a ticket. It is important here that you have to book this in advance online. The demand is always very large and therefore the same system applies to the Burj Khalifa. You have to sign up for a time and pay adults 375 Dirham for a flight. Furthermore, there is no child reduction and these must also pay the same. But there is a way where you can save some money. That is, one simply flies at a time that is not so popular. You pay between 10:15 am to 12:15 pm for a ticket 325 dirham and of course, that is significantly cheaper. In the evening there is a discount between 22:45 hours and 23:15.

How Long Can You Fly

Certainly one can imagine that you can only spend a limited time in the flight simulator. That is one may sit in The Emirates A380 Experience 30 minutes in the cockpit. Then you have enough time to carry out different landings. You also have the opportunity to land at the Dubai International Airport yourself and that’s a lot of fun. If the time is not enough then you have to buy a ticket again. Then you have 60 minutes to fly with the plane.

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Opening Hours

Of course, the opening hours of The Emirates A380 Experience are very important. These are from Sunday to Wednesday between 10:00 to 22:00. There is a little longer at the weekend in Dubai from Thursday to Saturday. There you have time to fly from 10:00 to 24:00 clock with the plane. But at the weekend you have to expect significantly more visitors. If you are lucky then there is still a free appointment. But usually, you should strive for the ticket before.

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Location and Address of the Flight Simulator

So that you can even find the flight simulator you need the exact address. But you just have to go to the Dubai Mall and this is very easy to find. Furthermore, you have to know that the Emirates A380 Experience is located in the so-called Village Atrium. This is a special area in the Dubai Mall which is located on level g. If you do not find it the same then you just go to the information stand where you then get a brochure with the card so you can find it.

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Useful Tips for Flight

Flight Simulator The Emirates A380 Experience

Surely you now ask yourself if you have to bring something there. The flight simulator is structured that you do not have to bring anything. If you have luck then you can even fly there spontaneously. But that’s more the exception and you need a reservation. You get a briefing and then it can start with the flight.

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