The Biggest Myths About Dubai: Is It True

5:36 pm  |  31.05.2022
UAE desert

Here we clarify the biggest myths about Dubai that you probably think of as a tourist when you go on holiday there, or maybe want to go there.

These are the Biggest Myths About Dubai

As a rule, most tourists imagine the destination Dubai to be very different from what it really is. If you hear from others that they went on holiday there then you imagine that there are only luxury hotels there and nobody has to work and everything is like in Cockaigne. Of course, there are many beautiful and impressive hotels such as the Atlantis The Palm or the Burj al Arab. These hotels were of course built to attract tourists to the emirate for vacation. In this article, we will now clarify what prejudices there are and whether they are correct at all. There are many myths surrounding the emirate and some are fictitious. Here we clarify which correspond to the truth and which are not correct. But what is certain is that it is one of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world.

Only High Earners Can Afford a Holiday in Dubai

One of the biggest myths about Dubai is that it is a very expensive destination like the Maldives and that only high earners can afford a holiday there. However, this is not true at all and even a cashier at the supermarket can easily afford a week’s vacation there. Now you’re probably wondering how to do it. The travel price always depends on the season. Of course, the best time to travel to Dubai for vacation is from October to April. However, the prices there are very expensive as you can imagine. If you want to have it very cheap and also luxurious then you should travel to Dubai in summer. There the hotels reduce the accommodation prices by at least 50 percent and then everyone can afford a 5-star luxury hotel. The disadvantage is then certainly the sometimes high temperatures.

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Alcohol is not Allowed To Be Drunk in the Emirate


The topic of alcohol is very important, especially for tourists from western countries, because they don’t want to do without their beer. The first thing you should know is that there is no ban on alcohol for vacationers. But consumption is clearly limited and you can’t just buy a crate of beer in a supermarket. That’s not possible there. You need an alcohol license for this and then you can only get it in certain shops. Another possibility is at the hotel bars and there you can get almost everything. However, the prices are then correspondingly high and then you think twice about whether you drink a beer or not. So this is one of those myths that need to be dispelled right away as this is not true at all.

Women Should Never Be Alone in the City

One should know that Dubai is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. This means that women can move around the city very safely and at any time (even at night) alone. You don’t have to worry about being mugged or harassed. Furthermore, there are even taxis in Dubai that can only be used by women. You can recognize them by the “pink” roof color.

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It Is Hot All Year Round in Dubai

Then we come to one of the myths that deal with the topic of climate. Of course, Dubai is one of the warmest regions in the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s hot all year round. It is best to take a look at our climate table with the temperatures and then you can quickly see how warm it is in which month. There are months where it is very hot with over 40 degrees and then again months where it is rather mild between 20 and 25 degrees during the day.

As a Woman, You Have to Wear a Veil There

Residents of Dubai

Again, this is not true and tourists do not have to wear a veil there. You just have to dress accordingly and it is important that you don’t show too much skin. Otherwise, you can wear whatever you want there. Especially when visiting a mosque you have to stick to the dress code. There it can be that you have to wear a veil during the visit. But after that, you don’t have to wear it anymore.

Tourists are Also Not Allowed to Eat Anything During Ramadan

Of course, the fasting month of Ramadan also applies to tourists and there you have to adapt accordingly. However, tourists do not have to wait until sunset and the hotel serves breakfast and dinner as usual. The only restriction is that you should not eat or drink anything in public. But if you stay at the hotel by the pool or beach then there are no restrictions. So this is one of those myths to disbelieve again.

Couples are not Allowed to Stay in Any Hotel Room

Emirate of Dubai in the UAE

This is also one of the myths that you should immediately stop listening to. Basically, in the United Arab Emirates, you can share a hotel room if you are married. If this is not the case, you can still stay in a hotel room. Now you’re probably wondering how this is even possible. When you check-in, the receptionist sees that you are not married and then you are assigned a room with 2 beds. So you don’t have to sleep together in one bed.

You Are Not Allowed to Take Photos There

If you decide to travel to Dubai, you will quickly find that there are many beautiful motifs that you would like to photograph. Of course, you can also take photos of the Dubai trip. However, there are a few limitations that should be taken into account. You are not allowed to photograph government buildings and the same applies to the palaces of the sheiks.

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Our Opinion

There are of course many myths about Dubai, many of which are of course untrue. It is best if you go on holiday there yourself and then you will quickly realize that a lot of things are just fictitious. If you decide to travel to Dubai for the first time then the winter months are definitely the best choice.

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