The Big: Dubai World Records

6:11 pm  |  16.07.2023
Dubai view

There are a lot of Dubai world records and the city is unique. There is the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa, or the greatest shopping mall around the world and that is the Dubai Mall.

Dubai World Records

Everything is a little bigger in Emirate Dubai, more spectacular and more luxurious than in the rest of the world. Who makes a vacation there for the first time is usually out of the marvel. There are gigantic skyscrapers, shopping malls, the best luxury hotels in the world, and much more. But that’s exactly what the tourists attract and everyone wants to experience how beautiful it is there.

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In this post, we once deal with the Dubai world records. In any case, the city has a lot to offer and the sights are so unique that these even hold a world record. That means something like this is only in Dubai and otherwise no other city around the world. Thus, this is something very special and probably there is no other metropolis worldwide that has even more records.

Burj Khalifa (Highest Building in the World)

Burj Khalifa

Probably one of the most famous Dubai world records that most tourists know naturally is the highest building around the world. That’s something very special and therefore the Burj Khalifa also gets a lot of attention. This means everyone would like to see the skyscraper once and visit the observation platforms. The view from the “roof of the world” one should not miss.

Dubai Mall (Largest Shopping Center)

Dubai Mall

Another well-known highlight is of course the largest shopping center in the world. As already mentioned, this is the Dubai Mall with 1,200 shops. You can talk about a mega-mall there. In our opinion, this is so big that you can no longer watch the shops in one day. That is one must always look at certain areas.

Ain Dubai (Highest Ferris Wheel)

Ain Dubai

For tourists, the highest Ferris wheel in the world is something special. It is called Ain Dubai and is located on the small island of Bluewaters Island. This is one of the Dubai world records where you can enjoy a great view and look at the Dubai Marina is unique. You should always make a round trip in the evening if everything is beautifully illuminated.

Emirates Airline (Largest A380 Fleet)

Emirates Airline A380 at startup

If you go to Dubai then probably with Emirates Airline. Of course, the airline is also known for being the largest passenger plane in the world and that is the Airbus A380. There is no other airline that has even more A380 aircraft than Emirates. In our opinion, this is a great plane and the big advantage is that you have more space and the cabin is also very quiet.

The Palm Fountain (Highest Water Fountains)

The Palm Fountain

Surely you have already seen the Dubai Fountain. These were once the highest water fountains in the world. In the meantime, The Palm Fountain has still overtaken this at the height. This shoot there up to 105 meters in height and the combination of light, water, and music is unique. If you see them for the first time then you will be excited.

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Dubai Miracle Garden (Biggest Flower Garden)

Dubai Miracle Garden

One of the Dubai world records that you should definitely look at is the Dubai Miracle Garden. There is the largest flower garden in the world. Most tourists think that there is only a desert in Dubai and everything is dry. Then you should visit this garden and you will be amazed as green the Emirate then is actually.

Gold Souk (Size Number of Gold Shops)

The entrance to the Gold Souk Dubai

Even an insider tip is always that you should buy gold jewelry in the Dubai holiday. Because this is particularly cheap there and you get very good quality. One of the Dubai World Cords is the Gold Souk Dubai where there are hundreds of shops with gold. Especially the women do not come out there and get always shiny eyes.

Dubai Frame (Bigger Picture Frame)

Dubai Frame

You should not miss the Dubai Frame. This is a 150-meter high skyscraper that looks like a picture frame and thus this is also very spectacular. There is a beautiful viewing platform with a glass floor where you can also make great photos. With a glass lift, you get up there and it’s a lot of fun.

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Burj Al Arab (Seven Stars Hotel)

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

Known as the only seven-star hotel in the world is of course the Burj Al Arab. Of course, those who want to stay there is a suite need a lot of money. There it sparks everywhere after gold and you feel immediately like 1001 night. For many tourists, it is certainly a dream to be able to stay there once. It is definitely a great experience.

At.Mosphere (Highest Restaurant)

At.Mosphere Restaurant Burj Khalifa

For tourists, one of the Dubai worlds records is certainly also very interesting is the highest restaurant in the world and it is called At.Mosphere. Of course, it is also the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The prospect of dinner is sensational what you can imagine. But you should always reserve a table because the demand is very big.

Deep Dive Dubai (Deepest Pool)

The water basin | © Deep Dive Dubai

In the Emirate, there are many extraordinary pools. But one of them is something very special and this is an insider tip for the Dubai world record. The special feature of Deep Dive Dubai is that it is the deepest pool in the world. You can dive there up to 60 meters in the depth and that is unique again. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of make a diving course.

Dubai Metro (Driverless)

Dubai Metro

Even with the means of transport, there are again Dubai world records and to mention here would be the Dubai Metro. The special thing there is this completely without a driver. There is no other route in the world where there is something like that. Furthermore, you should know that the metro is on the road 75 kilometers in the city and that everything happens automatically.

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Our Opinion

Now you have learned a lot about the Dubai world records and it will be more and more. You can say that this is just a small selection and there are, of course, there are otherwise not all listed here. But you can see what’s all in the city. This makes the metropolis so fascinating for tourists and those who have made a holiday there will certainly come back very quickly.

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