The Best Time to Travel to Dubai: Go There Between November and April

9:24 pm  |  22.09.2021
The Best Time to Travel to Dubai

For a vacation, the best time to travel to Dubai is between November and April. The temperatures there range from 25 to 30 degrees and these are perfect for a stay in the desert emirate.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Dubai?

When planning a trip to Dubai, you should definitely find out about the climate beforehand. There are always many tourists who underestimate this and then notice on site that it may be too hot and then you have decided on the wrong time of year. This has already happened to many and that is why we would like to explain it in this article.

Basically, the United Arab Emirates is a year-round travel destination where it is always warm with lots of sunshine. But the difference is certainly how warm you want it to be. You have to know that it can get very hot in summer with temperatures well above 40 degrees. For many tourists, this is simply too warm and therefore this is definitely not the best time to travel to Dubai for many. Then there are months again when it is very pleasant.

Dubai Beach

High Season

First of all, you should know that there is a high season and also a post-season in Dubai. This differs significantly in the price you have to pay for the trip. Also with the temperatures and are also very different. Now you probably wonder when this is exactly. The high season starts from October to April and there the tour operators charge a lot more for the overnight stay in the hotel. You can say that you have to pay at least twice as much during this travel time.

So this is a big difference and you have to spend a lot more money on it. But you also have better weather and you don’t have to sweat so much. The air conditioning systems then no longer run as strong and then you are also safer from catching a cold. A big advantage is certainly that you can then practise many sports such as golf. In summer it is simply too hot for that during the day.

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Low Season

Then of course there is also a low season and that is the best time to travel to Dubai if you want to save money. That means you can stay overnight in a five-star luxury hotel and save up to 50 percent on the overnight stay. Furthermore, you may get a free upgrade to a suite because the hotels are not fully occupied in summer. By the way, the low season is from May to September when there are significantly fewer tourists in the city. Now one wonders why this is so. As already mentioned, the temperatures in Dubai then rise very sharply. Especially in July and August the high point is when you have to reckon with 45 degrees during the day.

Emirate of Dubai in the UAE

At night these do not cool down as quickly and are still around 30 degrees. In order to be able to withstand this heat at all, all Dubai shopping malls and hotels are perfectly air-conditioned. The residents of Dubai don’t mind this anymore because they are used to it. But tourists who are vacationing there for the first time do not cope with this heat so quickly because they are simply not used to it. Therefore, this travel time is avoided by many. But there are also many holidaymakers who choose this time of the year because they can cope well with the heat. So everyone has to decide for himself whether he can tolerate this or not.

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Dubai Temperatures

We recommend looking at our article about the temperatures in Dubai where you can see exactly how high they are in which month. Then you can immediately see when the best time to travel to Dubai is actually. If you want to go on holiday there for the first time, we recommend choosing the winter months. In any case, you are on the safe side there and the temperatures are pleasant. However, you have to spend more money than you can imagine. For tourists who have to watch out for their money, the only option is to spend their vacation there in the hot summer months. There you have to accept that it is very hot and you have to sweat a lot. Especially there you have to pay attention to the right sun protection so that you don’t get sunburn.

Water Temperatures in Dubai

There is also a big difference in the Dubai water temperature. You definitely want to go swimming in the sea and there are many beautiful beaches in the city such as La Mer Beach. But there are also big differences in the temperature of the water and you should know that. There are many holidaymakers who would like warm water and for others, it should be cool so that you can refresh yourself. You should also read our article there.

Emirates Airline A380 

In our opinion, the best time to travel to Dubai would be from October to November. There the water temperature is between 27 to 30 degrees. That’s perfect and you don’t have to worry about freezing when you get out of the water. But if you decide for the travel month January then it can be that the water temperature is only 20 degrees. By the way, this is then too cold for many tourists and then the pools are heated by the hotels. So everyone has to decide for themselves the best time to travel to Dubai and how warm the water should be.

Climate and Weather in Dubai

You have to know that there is subtropical to even tropical climate in Dubai when you are right by the sea. If you then go inland then there is a dry desert climate. There are also months when it can get very warm, such as in summer. Then you also have the mild and warm months where the daytime temperature can only be 23 degrees. But it can also be that these then go below the 20-degree mark. As a rule, this is always the case in January and this is also the coldest month of the year. Furthermore, the temperature can then drop to 10 to 15 degrees at night. But there is no snowfall there and usually, the sun is always shining there.

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Tips Against the Heat in the City

In any case, you should always drink enough. Especially in summer when it is very hot, the body needs significantly more fluids because you have to sweat a lot. But the hotels there have reacted very well and offer hotel guests free bottled water in the hotel rooms. Furthermore, this is then always refilled and if you give a little tip then you get even more water. Then you should refrain from exercising and you should rather lie down on the beach. There you have the advantage that there is always a light breeze and then it is very pleasant again.

In any case, you should avoid eating fatty foods and rather switch to fruit such as a watermelon. On the beach, you should always wear beach shoes such as flip-flops. Because there the beach is so hot that you can almost burn yourself.

Our Opinion

Now you have already got a lot of information and tips about the best time to travel to Dubai. But every tourist has to decide for himself when he wants to vacation there. There are very hot months and then again pleasant months. For many, the travel price that one has to pay is certainly also decisive. In summer it is very cheap and in winter it becomes significantly more expensive. But you can vacation there all year round.

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