The Best of 2021: Top 50 Articles about Dubai

3:49 pm  |  30.12.2021

2021 will be leaving us soon. Should we remind you about the most interesting articles that have been published on our website? Here everyone will find something interesting about luxury and wonderful Dubai.

1. Things to Do in Dubai: 50 Incredible Opportunities

Burj Khalifa: the tallest tower in the world is in Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). More than 2 million people live here, and representatives of more than 90 different nations meet here.

2. Real Estate Market in Dubai: Stable Despite Corona Crisis 

Sunset view

The largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is a city of superlatives. Immense skyscrapers – the Burj Khalifa, with its 818 meters height, is the highest tower in the world – gigantic shopping centers dedicated to luxury, urban and impressive pharaonic architectural projects characterize them.

The black gold is the basis for the continuous development of the city. Originally a dry desert and a small fishing port, Dubai has become one of the most famous cities in the world. The luxury apartments equipped with all modern comforts with panoramic views over the harbor or the center make up a large part of the luxury real estate park in the metropolis.

3. Henna Painting in the UAE: The Oriental Understanding of Beauty 

Unlike India (which is where the henna tradition is strongest), where complex geometric ornaments predominate, the Emirati’s henna drawings are more likely to be vegetative. 

The tradition of decorating the body with temporary drawings according to scientists originated more than 5,000 years ago, long before the spread of henna. At that time, the Middle East used the fruit of the Lux tree as a dye. A henna painting for women in the Persian Gulf was routine, and the absence of drawings on the woman’s body indicated mourning or grief.

4. Jumeirah Mosque: One Of The Symbols Of Dubai And The Most Important Place For Muslims 

The construction of the Jumeira Mosque began in 1975 and continued for four years. The design and construction of the temple were supported by Sheikh Rashid bin Said Al Maktoum. 

The Jumeira Mosque in Dubai is one of the few mosques in the country open to all visitors, regardless of their religion. The Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Cooperation Center (SMCCU), which operates at the Jumeira Mosque, is the reason for this opportunity. The main purpose of the center is to promote tourists studying the culture and religion of the United Arab Emirates. The Jumeira Mosque has become one of Dubai’s most popular attractions, and its image can be seen on the 500 dirhams bill.

5. Incredible Arabian Perfumery: Top 8 Dubai Fragrances 

An exceptionally harmonious combination of vanilla and roses, creating a completely different sweet composition. 

Arabian perfume is very different from the most popular flavors widely available in most perfume stores. Anyone who has ever come across the scents of Middle Eastern spirits will never mistake them for anything else. Arabian perfumery is always based on natural ingredients, you will never find alcohol or synthetic additives here. Natural components not only give unique shades of scent to such perfumes but also guarantee that you will never have an allergic reaction to such products.

6. Interesting Facts: Everything You Need to Know About the Palm Islands of Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is protected from the devastating water element by an 11-kilometer breakwater that surrounds the island in the shape of a crescent moon, and also protects from the seasonal “shamal” winds sweeping through the Persian Gulf from Iraq.

As the largest city, an important trade, financial, and tourist center of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is constantly growing and developing, surprising its guests with new achievements and fantastic plans. Among the large list of famous sights of the city, one of the places of honor is occupied by the famous Palm Islands.

The Palm Islands have become the largest construction project in Dubai, which is striking in its scale and uniqueness. The Palms Islands cost Al Nakheel Properties $ 7 billion. The grandeur of the project is also evidenced by the fact that the Palm Islands became the second-largest man-made structure in the history of the Earth, which is visible from space.

7. UAE Golf Courses Review: All About Golf in the UAE

A world-class golf course. The main element of the sports complex is the club building with berths on 115 yachts. 

The UAE has built numerous golf courses, five of which are world-class 18-hole green fields. Dubai Emirate is a pioneer of golf in the Middle East. The Dubai Desert Classic Golf Championship, which has been held since 1989 on the golf courses of the «Emirates» Club, became a shining event of sports life in Dubai.

8. With Gucci and Prada Under the Hijab: The Life of Arab Women

Under the hijab, you will be able to wear Gucci and Prada, exclusive underwear, and the most expensive jewelry. You will live on the female half. But European disappointment does happen. One day, the flamboyant brown-eyed husband’s love for his wife ends, and this ends any relationship.

Getting to the United Arab Emirates is not difficult: you bought a ticket, made a visa, and now one of the most comfortable airports in the world welcomes you with open arms. But what is it like to get here to live? There are only two ways: come to work or get married.

9. A Tour of the Historic Al Fahidi District: Ancient Traditions and Fascinating Buildings

The narrow streets repeatedly lead past small, ornate, and inviting squares. These are equipped with trees, palms, colorful shrubs, and seating and offer an ideal opportunity for a relaxing break.

No pomp, no skyscrapers, and no traffic noise: if you visit the historic Al Fahidi district in the heart of Dubai, you will get to know the Arab metropolis from a completely different perspective. Narrow, winding streets, traditional wind towers, and low-rise mud houses dominate the image of the so-called Al Bastakiya.

10. Thrilling Experience in Heaven: Skydiving in Dubai

The parachute jump takes place from a height of almost 4000 meters in a twin-engine “Twin Otter”. And the power of the wind is felt very strongly. This situation is a unique feeling. 

It will be a thrilling experience for the “future skydiver”. To hover over Dubai like a bird and take off from one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. “Skydive Dubai” is one of the most famous organizers in the Emirates and the “guest jumper” is in good hands. An extra runway was built on Jumeirah Beach for these parachute jumps.

11. Wedding in Dubai: Where to Spend the Most Important Day of Your Life 

The coast of the Persian Gulf is perfect for a solemn event: white snow sand, warm sea and cool breeze without effort will create a romantic mood. 

There comes a time in every couple’s life when they want to legitimize their relationship. Now that the bride’s consent has been obtained, the engagement is over, so it’s time to start organizing a magical wedding celebration.

12. Active in Dubai: 7 Sporty Leisure Tips

Before it gets unbearably hot in summer, fitness fans like to hang out on public beaches. 

Doing sports in Dubai’s heat? In summer, outdoor sporting activities are hardly conceivable, but in the cooler months, a great number of sports and leisure enthusiasts populate the city’s public leisure facilities. On the public beaches of the Arab metropolis alone, every active athlete will find optimal conditions to strengthen their fitness and well-being. We present seven popular activities in our Dubai BLOG that will make the athlete’s heart beat faster.

13. The Nature Reserve in Dubai’s Desert: Unforgettable Beauty

The Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve will become the first unfenced nature reserve in Dubai and is expected to be created by 2030. 

When you think of Dubai, you usually see tall skyscrapers, pompous hotels, and a huge cityscape in your mind’s eye. When it comes to the subject of “nature”, only man-made green oases, islands, and golf courses come to mind. But Dubai and the surrounding area have much more to offer. 

14. Dubai’s Modern Art Scene: The Best Hotspots 

In 2017 Alserkal Avenue got an extraordinary “main building”. 

Young. Modern. Fancy. Hardly any other city has transformed so rapidly into a diverse and exciting metropolis of millions as Dubai. Even if the rich tradition and history of the emirate are emphasized again and again, the cityscape of Dubai is predominantly shaped by the achievements of the last 20 years.

15. Budget Entertainment in Dubai: Where to Have a Good Time and Not Spend a Lot of Money

Visiting Dubai cannot do without looking at the architectural wonders that have shaped the city’s modern appearance. 

Dubai is a city of contrasts. And only by embracing its past and present will you discover our emirate and experience its culture in its entirety. Someone comes to Dubai for just a couple of days, someone travels with family, and there are those who look for budget options for recreation. In any case, whatever the purpose of your trip, you will find entertainment and attractions in Dubai for which you will not have to overpay. Some of them will cost you just one dirham.

16. Back to the Past: History of the United Arab Emirates 

The United Emirates remained neutral or supported the other countries. In 1994 they formed a defense alliance with the United States, and in the following year with France. In 2001, the Emirates condemned the attacks in the United States and provided aid in the Third Gulf War. 

The United Arab Emirates is an amalgamation of seven emirates on the Arabian Peninsula that have joined forces in a federation for better political and economic cooperation. Above all, the economic development, due to the rich oil reserves, makes the region an important political factor in the Middle East.

17. La Mer Beach in Dubai: Why This Place Attracts Tourists

Layout La Mer is a 2.5 km long complex. Two bays are formed by artificial peninsula capes, which are so well done in Dubai. A wide boardwalk separates the sandy beach strip from the string of surrounding cafes, boutiques, and restaurants of various levels.

Spacious and cozy at the same time – such is the impression of a comfortable modern beach complex La Mer. It is a world-class beach in a prestigious area of Dubai that combines the best modern trends in the leisure industry. 

18. Alcohol and Arabs: A Story You Did Not Know

Even within one state, attitudes towards alcoholic beverages vary. For example, in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, alcohol is sold to foreign non-Muslim residents in special stores under a license.

Few people know that we owe the existence of strong alcoholic drinks to the Arabs. There is a version that the technology of distillation, which makes it possible to extract the “water of wine” from wine, was transferred to the Europeans through Spain by the Arabs. The Arabic words “alcohol”, “alambik”, “alchemy” have entered many European languages.

19. Bedouins: From Camels to Toyotas

The Bedouins never had any documents. In the recent past, they did not recognize borders, and in search of the best forage lands, they wandered with their herds from one country to another. 

Azure sky, blue sea. In the honeycombs of white fences, rare and desirable, like a sip of spring water in the desert, spots of greenery – such are the United Arab Emirates from the window of a liner landing at Sharjah airport.

20. Ramadan in the UAE: Rules of Conduct for Tourists

After sunset, the faithful begin to gather for the so-called Iftar, a meal in the evening. Numerous cafes and restaurants offer substantial discounts to visitors, and special tents are set up on the streets, where charities prepare and distribute food to everyone, regardless of nationality and religious affiliation. In Dubai, Ramadan is a truly charitable and compassionate religious holiday.

For the United Arab Emirates, the state religion is Islam. However, along with this, other religions are allowed. The Emirates is the most open state in the Arab world. It is here that citizens of many countries of Asia, America, and Western and Eastern Europe live and work. The country has a significant number of temples, churches, and other structures of various religions.

21. Main Attractions of Al Ain: Ancient Eastern History

The architecture of the palace is typical of old Arab buildings. 

Al-Ayn is a garden town, one of the oldest settlements in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Magnificent oases, historical forts, and palaces of rulers, archaeological parks with ancient artifacts, camel markets, lively souk bazaar with Arabian spices, carpets, and incense. But above all, the spirit of history and the aristocracy of culture. The name «Alain» in translation means a «spring» or «source», and it is from here that the whole history of the UAE begins because here Sheikh Zayed was born and grew. We have selected five places to visit.

22. Louvre Abu Dhabi: Palace of Light

Especially for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi, eminent contemporary artists created several works interacting with the spirit and architecture of the museum. The work of the American artist Jenny Holzer – three stone walls with engravings under the name «For the Louvre Abu-Dhabi». 

LOUVRE ABU DHABI is the first museum of its kind in the Arab world, dedicated to all of humanity at once, to the common experience of different civilizations and cultures.

23. Student of the Future: The Dubai Experiment

The central part of the IB program is the Theory of Knowledge course, based on the discussion of phenomena from the point of view of various subjects, involving independent research and research: for example, global warming is considered from the point of view of geography, ecology, and global politics. Students do not limit themselves to memorizing certain topics, but study systems and structures in their interaction, training conceptual thinking.

In 2019, in the Global Talent Trends report, LinkedIn cited the data: 92% of employers are less interested in the knowledge and experience of an employee if they are not supported by emotional intelligence, the ability to cooperate, adapt to changing conditions, etc. Deloitte Access Economics predicts that by 2030, flexible skills occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs.

24. Alternative to Supermarkets: 11 Grocery Ordering Services in the UAE 

For a minimum fee of AED 150 ($ 40.8), you can count on a variety of fresh fish. The service was created at the beginning of this year. 

The Internet is actively changing the retail industry. And last but not least, this applies to such a familiar thing as shopping. We have collected 11 popular online grocery ordering services that replace the exhausting process of going to the supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates.

25. Call of the Jungle: Inside Al Buqaish Jungle Private Zoo

Sami Humayd and Nurredin do not like their “children” and sometimes even take them out to sea on yachts or just take a walk outside the zoo. When asked how they train wild animals, Nurredin answers without hesitation: “With the help of love. It’s enough”. Nuriddin, by the way, together with his wife Camilla, lives most of the time on the territory of the zoo in a specially built house and spends with his pets almost all the time – both day and night.

Stroking a lion’s mane or playing with tiger cubs? Pick up a funny little monkey or feed a Madagascar lemur? Look into the clever eyes of a real Canadian wolf or take a close-up photo of an inseparable pair of pink flamingos? Al Buqaish Private Zoo, a private animal welfare project, recently opened its doors.

26. Camels: Tradition, Customs, and Exciting Sports

The camel in the UAE occupies an important place in legends and traditions. This is a unique animal that deserves respect by right. Tall, slender, strong, unpretentious in nutrition, resistant to cold and heat, the camel embodies all the qualities necessary for survival in the desert.

Dubai is the premier sports capital of the entire Middle East region. Here your attention will be provided with various types of competitions and international championships, golf, tennis, equestrian sports and car racing, ice skating, and scuba diving. The local climate and modern sports facilities make Dubai an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. The pride of the United Arab Emirates is camel racing.

27. Hope Reaches Mars: United Arab Emirates Spacecraft

Hope should start breaking about two and a half thousand kilometers above the surface of Mars. When it is done, it will orbit the planet in an elliptical, makeshift orbit. 

In July 2020, the Mars probe Hope launched towards the Red Planet. Now it should swing into its orbit. Those involved look to the maneuver with anticipation and concern. Because that’s anything but easy, especially not for a space novice like the United Arab Emirates.

28. Milk and Chocolate from the Desert: Dubai’s “White Gold”


Dubai is a glittering world of luxury: Spectacular skyscrapers and oriental markets shape the cityscape of the Emirates on the Persian Gulf. However, things are anything but glamorous on a camel farm on the outskirts of the city. Over 4,000 camels deliver the milk for Dubai’s “white gold” there.

29. Fabulous Billionaire: Son of the Emir of Dubai Buys Luxury Yachts, Planes, and Camels

UAE Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with sons Rashid and Ahmed at the graduation ceremony of the American University in Dubai, May 13, 2006

Diver, skydiver, and falconer lover. He loves lions and white tigers. He’s a snowboarder and a poet, a fine rider, a repeated winner of horse competitions. He owns expensive cars and a yacht – Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

30. Desert Lakes: the Arab Emirates and Water Wonders

Moon Lake

From the Palm Islands to the tallest skyscrapers. There is no shortage of world-famous attractions in Dubai.

31. Dubai Architecture: Art in the Middle of the Desert

Since April 2008 it has been the tallest structure in the world at 828 meters. The building has 163 usable floors. You can find hotels, offices, restaurants, apartments as well as fitness and wellness facilities. Visitors have the opportunity to visit a viewing platform with an outdoor terrace on the 124th floor at a height of 452 m.

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven states. Dubai is the capital of the emirate of the same name and is located on the Persian Gulf. With a population of 2.106 million, it is the largest city in all of the Emirates.

32. IMG Worlds of Adventure: the Largest Indoor Amusement Park in the World 

With IMG Worlds of Adventure, you have the advantage that everything is in a gigantic hall and the weather no longer plays a role at all. 

The IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai is the largest indoor amusement park in the world where visitors can choose from 20 different attractions that are great fun. Here we explain once how to visit the park.

33. Dolphin Bay: You Will Never Forget It

Experience a lot of fun with a raging “ride through the lagoon”. 

Once with dolphins swimming in the Dubai holiday is possible in Dolphin Bay. This belongs to the Atlantis The Palm Hotel and is a particularly popular attraction for children. Furthermore, it should also be the largest dolphin center of its kind in the world.

34. Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City: Web Heart of the City

Today, Dubai Internet City has 1.5 million square meters of office space and houses. This includes 1,600 companies with around 17,000 employees. International City is also a simple residential area in the desert. 

The Dubai Internet City is a free trade zone right next to the Dubai Media City. It is a technology park where well-known companies from all over the world such as Microsoft, Dell, Siemens, and many more have settled. 

35. Expo 2020 in Dubai: A Visit to Expo 2020 in Dubai is Possible for Free, but for Certain People 

The Emirates Pavilion at Expo 2020

Free entry to Expo 2020 in Dubai is possible for certain people. We will explain what exactly these are here and of course, you can save a lot of money by doing what you can imagine.

36. DubaiLand: Lots of Theme Parks and Entertainment Options

The developers (Nakheel and Tatweer) of DubaiLand have been cooking on the back burner since the crisis. 

DubaiLand is an entertainment center in the United Arab Emirates. Seven themed worlds are located on a former desert area of 140 km². 

37. Dubai Crime: Like a Tourist, You are Safe in the Emirate, Because the Dubai Crime Rate is Very Low

Women in the police force in Dubai

As a tourist, you are very safe in the emirate and the Dubai crime rate is low. So you can go on vacation there without hesitation. The United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world.

38. XLine Dubai Marina: The Zipline in Dubai

A flight with XLine

The longest inner-city zipline in the world is located in the Dubai Marina. this is called XLine and is something for tourists who are interested in a spectacular attraction.

39. Top 10 Most Expensive Business Jets to Fly to Dubai: July Gringuz, CEO of Novans Jets

Boeing Business Jets unveiled the VIP interiors of the BBJ 3. July Gringuz, Novans Jets

The Dubai Air Show featured 150 aircraft, from drones to commercial airliners, and, of course, the endless battle between Boeing and Airbus became a classic confrontation between these giants of the aircraft industry.

40. Dubai Water Taxi: A Popular Form of Transport is the Dubai Water Taxi

Water Taxi Dubai

A popular means of transport in the metropolis is the Dubai Water Taxi, which currently has 43 stops in the city where numerous hotels and attractions can be reached directly by the water.

41. The View at The Palm: Probably the Best View of The Palm Jumeirah is from The View at The Palm

The View in Dubai

Probably the best view of The Palm Jumeirah is from The View at The Palm. This is a viewing platform at a height of 240 meters where you can enjoy a 360-degree view.

42. Pack Your Suitcase for the Trip to Dubai: Tips on What to Pack in Your Suitcase 

What you should take?

Here you can find out what you should pack in your suitcase when you are on vacation in the emirate of Dubai. Of course, light clothing is very important here as the temperatures are always very warm. We will describe exactly what else you should pack here.

43. The Island Dubai: A Perfect Beach Club 

The World Dubai

If you want to visit a very special beach in Dubai then The Island Dubai is a good choice. This is the island of Lebanon from The World. This is an artificially raised island world off the coast of Dubai where the islands have the shape of the world.

44. The Price of Gasoline and Petrol is Very Cheap in Dubai: 0.40 Cents Per Liter

Gas Station

The price of petrol is very cheap in Dubai and if you have a rental car it is definitely worth it. You can save a lot of money on the trip, which you can imagine.

45. Burj Khalifa Tickets: Important Info About Reservation

The view from Burj Khalifa

We recommend booking tourists before traveling to Dubai at the Burj Khalifa Ticket. Here you learn why you should do this and you can save money.

46. These Are the Largest Shopping Malls in Dubai: Here You Can Get Tips on the Biggest Shopping Malls in Dubai 

Dubai Mall

We will explain here which are the largest shopping malls in Dubai. The emirate is a shoppers paradise where you can’t stop being amazed. The malls are always worth a visit, especially when the Dubai Shopping Festival is taking place.

47. Tips for Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai: A Highlight for Tourists with Great Fireworks

The flying cup on New Years Eve

Here you get a lot of tips if you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 in Dubai. The emirate has prepared well and there are great fireworks, for example on the tallest building in the world, that should not be missed.

48. Dubai Emigrate: Info about Dubai Emigrating

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

If you want to emigrate to Dubai, there is much important information that you should definitely know. This step must definitely be thoroughly planned so that you do not get any problems on-site.

49. Medical Tips: What Belongs in the First-Aid Kit for a Dubai Vacation

First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit for your Dubai vacation is recommended and also makes sense. These can then be used in the event of health problems. But there are a few things to consider there.

50. New Dubai Attractions for 2022: Attractions in Dubai that You Should Look at in 2022

Ain Dubai

Here we provide the new Dubai attractions for 2022 in front of which you should definitely look at. Every year new great sights are always there and therefore it is worth traveling to Dubai.

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