7 Best Districts to Live in Dubai: Detailed Information

7:43 pm  |  08.08.2023

Dubai is a modern and attractive metropolis that appeals to both business and leisure travelers. It is located on the Arabian Peninsula. Only 15% of the population are local residents, the rest are labor migrants. We tell you where it is better to live in Dubai and which areas in 2023 will be the most attractive for people who have arrived in the city for a long time.

Sleeping Areas in Dubai

Dubai Marina

Sleeping areas are located on the outskirts of the city and are often considerably cheaper than the central part. They are mainly represented by the service sector, with few offices and organizations. These areas are perfect for those looking for a peaceful retreat. Dubai Marina is a popular area for visitors, despite its elite status and high housing prices. However, there are several hotels with affordable prices. 

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Skyscrapers are built on the banks of an artificial canal, near one of the largest marinas. Renting a one-room studio apartment in Dubai Marina costs a minimum of $2,100 per month in a condominium or AED 7,700 per year. 

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, you can rent a single studio room for $1,560 monthly or AED 5,725. The sleeping area is being actively developed. It is attractive for people looking for a peaceful retreat. Dubai Marina is the second-largest area in Dubai in terms of size.

The Greenest Areas

The UAE is a country in the middle of the desert, but in some of its areas, there is a lot of greenery, despite the geographical location. The green areas of Dubai belong to different price categories.

The most popular areas include:

  • Discovery Gardens. Large complex in the southern part of the city. Here you can buy cheap studio apartments, as well as 1 and 2-room apartments. Housing prices are democratic, with many well-maintained lawns and gardens. The infrastructure is well developed, the area has all kinds of services from medical to educational. Prices for the studio vary around $75,000 (AED 275,000), one-room apartment – $125,000 (approximately AED $460,000). A rental studio apartment for a month will cost $ 1 700 (about AED 6 200).
  • DAMAC Hills. The area is known for its huge park and golf courses. Here you can consider housing for every taste: from apartments to luxury villas. The minimum price for renting a studio without furniture will be $9,500 (about AED 35,000), with furniture – AED 36,000. Buying a studio apartment will cost $85,500 (AED 314,000).
  • Dubai Hills. The greenest area in Dubai. It is divided into several zones, each of which presents certain types of housing. In the north, there are multi-story buildings where you can buy or rent an apartment, in the center there are villas. There is also an area for premium housing. Reviews for the Dubai Hills area mention excellent views, convenient infrastructure, and proximity to the main attractions. One-room apartments here can be purchased for AED 1,975,000 ($538,000). Apartments for rent start at AED 260,000 ($71,000) per year.

The Most Prestigious Areas

Business Bay

Dubai’s most prestigious areas are characterized by property prices: it is difficult to find an apartment or hotel inexpensively. Such areas and condominiums are usually located on the coast or around manmade lakes. The price of housing is influenced by the proximity to the city center and the main attractions.

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In some areas, there are no high-rise buildings, and to live will have to choose one of the many villas. The list of prestigious districts is led by:

  • Palm Jumeirah. The area is an archipelago of artificial bulk islands. One of the most ambitious and challenging projects in the UAE, there, and around the world. A very popular tourist attraction. The most expensive hotels in the city are located here, and the length of the coastal strip with endless beaches is about 520 kilometers. Monthly rentals start around $2,700 or AED 10,000. The purchase of the studio will be $245,000 (AED 900,000).
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence. The coastal area overlooks the Persian Gulf. Densely populated area with a lot of entertainment and developed infrastructure. There are a huge number of premium hotels here: there are more than 40 of them. One of the busiest areas in Dubai is filled with restaurants, clubs, and shops. The cost of a one-room apartment in Jumeirah will be at least 1,405,600 dirhams ($383,000), and the minimum rent for an apartment will cost $1,700 (6,250 dirhams) per month.
  • Business Bay. The popular business district and business center in the heart of Dubai. This densely populated area houses residential buildings, offices, and representative offices of international companies. Commercial buildings coexist with elite residential buildings. The value of housing in Business Bay lies in the proximity to the city center and the main attractions. Studio apartments start at $207,000 (AED 760,000) and one-bedroom apartments start at $233,000 (AED 855,000). There are no villas here, and housing is represented by high-rise buildings. Renting an apartment will cost $1,350 (AED 6,000) per month or $16,200 per year.

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All these parts of Dubai are very comfortable for living and working. Thoughtful location and convenient transportation allow quick access to attractions, nearby shopping centers, shops, and clubs.

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