The Best Desserts in Dubai: Everything for Candy Lovers

4:30 pm  |  04.06.2021
The Best Desserts in Dubai

Dubai offers every imaginable cuisine. Particularly noteworthy are the delicious desserts that the country offers. Here is our guide to Dubai desserts.

It is in oriental sweets. A European person finds a clear illustration of the thesis of the eternal East-West confrontation. Go in any Arab country to a non-tourist confectionery located somewhere in the depths of a block or in the bowels of a bazaar, and be amazed: jewelry displays dazzling appearance and incomprehensible purpose on the mirrored showcases. Bracelets and buckles adorned with turquoise, huge rings or necklaces made of silver, tiny boxes studded with pearls sparkle with gilding.

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All this luxury is betrayed by the smell: captivating aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and who knows what else – and snow-white corrugated napkins cups on which they lie. Well, the sellers – with special sugar smiles, able to persuade even the dead to gorge themselves on sweet food.

From what historical distance the eastern tradition of making jewelry make-up for sweets was led – is unknown. But not a single local hostess will serve even biscuits to the table without giving them the appropriate look. She will grease it with silver glaze, sprinkle with golden caramel shavings, and put ruby ​​or turquoise candy beads around the edges. It will turn out to be a lovely thing, like a precious medallion. Try to overcome the psychological barrier and try the “jewel”. It will literally melt in your mouth, despite its iron-stone appearance, and you will hardly ever forget the taste of these cookies and the aromas of unfamiliar spices.

Cotton Candy

Home Bakery has some of the best desserts in town. 

Our favorite is the Cotton Candy: a vanilla-cream-strawberry jam-chiffon cake with freshly cut strawberries and coulis. The cake is covered with chewing gum ice and covered with a mountain of fluffy cotton candy, sprinkled with homemade candy.

Cake in a Glass

Jarful offers a revolutionary concept for eating cake.

 Put simply, their signature is a serving of cake in a glass. It’s great as a snack and if you have a sweet tooth it’s convenient enough to carry in your purse. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance and the minimum order quantity is six glasses. There are nine flavors to choose from. Try the carrot cake glass with cream cheese glaze.

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“L’Africain”: Old-fashioned Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate in the Angelina Tea Room is so dense that it can be considered a full dessert. 

It’s so thick it seems like the drink is just a melted candy bar. We don’t know what their secret ingredient is, but it definitely hits after a good lunch.

Le Vacherin

The renowned Le Relais de L’Entrecote has a dessert called Vacherin. There are two versions of Vacherin to choose from. One is a tower of vanilla ice cream and meringue drizzled with chocolate sauce; it’s the perfect combination of both crispy and smooth. The other variant is vanilla ice cream and berry sorbet with meringue drizzle in berry sauce. Both are delicious.

Nutella Mini Pancakes

If you’re looking to stroll down Kite Beach for a quick snack, then don’t miss the bite-sized pancakes at Holland House. 

The pancakes can be covered, dipped, or smothered in your topping of choice. Top your pancakes with Nutella, honey, maple syrup, Kraft cheese, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, or cinnamon. One serving is 10 mini pancakes.

White Chocolate Matcha Surprise

Karma Kafe has the most visually enticing dessert. A white chocolate matcha ball is melted when warm green matcha sauce is poured over it, revealing a raspberry sorbet surprise. The mix of flavors is unusual, but still appealing.

Bakdasch Booza

For Turkish Dundurma lovers, the Arabesque Sweets in the Dubai Mall is just the thing. It offers authentic Syrian ice cream that is also organic. You get a show while you wait for it; two musician scoopers drum a dabkeh with utensils and ice cream containers. The brew is infused with crushed pistachios.

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The Dough’Sant, better known as CroNut (a cross between a croissant and a donut), is a must-see at Chikalicious. 

This hybrid has a honey-glazed golden crust that effortlessly complements the vanilla cream filling. Everyone wants a bite of this dessert so make sure to go early to grab this pastry as it will likely sell out by noon.

One Ton of Halva and One Cent of Baklava

All the Emirates have specialized candy shops for tourists. One of the most popular is the Dubai Candylicious, the largest candy store, with an area of about 1,000 square meters. But if you want to try real oriental desserts, go to the bazaar. You can buy them here boldly, with sanitation in these countries is all right, markets are strictly controlled, so you don’t have to worry about health and product quality.

Magnificent scale: colorful mountains of chalk and candied nuts, huge pancakes of baklava, giant baskets of rickets-lukum. You have to be tough to resist the offer to try everything in one visit. 

There are dozens, if not hundreds of species, of Rahat Lukuma, and the whole color scheme is represented – the eyes run away. In addition to the traditional sweets of the East, note the local desserts, very similar to pudding. Umm ali (omm ali) is the least sweet, a kind of light biscuit with raisins and nuts impregnated with fruit syrup (bread in compote, said a young eater without respect for Arabic cuisine). Asayaya (Asayah or Asayah) is a cake made of sweet sheep cheese, on top of which is political custard.

The ligament is like honey doughnuts, round or long. Asuda is a crude flour pudding with butter and date syrup usually served for breakfast.

Pistachio (baklava) is a huge success among foreigners – it is not even clear why this product has not become a major export as well as oil. The great thing about it is that you can buy it and take it with you, so you don’t have to suffer from a slump in your sweet life back home.

As a souvenir, you can bring it from the Emirates the world’s only chocolate on camel milk. It is produced in five types: dates, nuts and oranges, spices, bitter chocolate, and milk chocolate. It is called Al Nassma, in honor of the seasonal wind bringing freshness to the people of the desert.

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