Sports Cars and Limousines in Dubai: Where to See Them

12:48 pm  |  23.11.2021
Sports Cars and Limousines in Dubai

The emirate of Dubai is known that the expensive sports cars and limousines are displayed there. For tourists, this is of course a special attraction and highlight on vacation.

Expensive Sports Cars and Limousines Marvel at Dubai

An expensive Porsche in front of the main entrance to the Dubai Mall

When you hear about Dubai, most likely think of pomp and luxury. This is exactly what you will find there and visitors are happy to be shown what you have. Of course, expensive sports cars from luxury brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and much more are particularly popular. The certainly nice thing about the city is that you get to see cars there that you would otherwise only be able to see in a showroom or museum.

But these are not just standing there, they are also on the streets of Dubai such as Sheikh Zayed Road. But there are places in the city where the probability is very high that you can marvel at some straight away. We will explain exactly where you can find them in this article. In any case, you will be thrilled there and as a tourist, you will like to take a souvenir photo there. As a rule, you cannot afford such an expensive car yourself.

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The Main Entrance to the Dubai Mall

An insider tip where you can marvel at the sports cars and limousines is always at the main entrance of the Dubai Mall. But you should know that there are several entrances to the largest shopping center in the world. The easiest way is to use the free shuttles from the hotels in the area where you are staying. These then always drive to the main entrance and so you can’t miss it at all. From there you only need to use the escalator and you are there and marvel at it. But it may well be that no luxury car is parked in front of the mall at the moment. As a rule, you can only see them in the evening. So it depends on the time and then it has more visitors. If you own such an expensive car then you want attention and you only get it in the evening.

Mall of the Emirates

A Lamborghini in gold

Now you are probably wondering in which shopping malls in Dubai you can still see such great cars. There are many large shopping centers in the city. There you just drive to the second largest mall in the city and that is the Mall of the Emirates. Here, too, it is important to go to the main entrance and that is where the expensive sports cars and limousines drive up. However, this area is not as big as the Dubai Mall and there is not so much space for cars. So you can look at less there.

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The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Especially in the evening, there is always a lot going on along The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence. There you definitely have a very good opportunity to marvel at the exclusive sports cars and limousines. Our tip is that you just sit on a park bench and then it usually takes less than five minutes and the expensive cars drive past you. If you sit there for an hour then you will be amazed at what went by there. But even there you should opt for the evening and during the day it is very quiet and you cannot see it.

Entrance in front of the Hotels is Also a Tip

Rolls Royce and Porsche

If you are staying in an expensive luxury hotel in Dubai such as the Atlantis the Palm, Burj al Arab, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Versace Dubai, and many more then you simply go to the main entrance. This is exactly where the sports cars and limousines are parked and of course, the owners don’t want to wait long for the car if they want to go somewhere. As a rule, you can admire the cars there during the day as they are parked there all the time. But it may well be that you drive them into the underground car park.

It All Depends On the Right Time

As you have already learned, the right time is particularly important in shopping malls. In our opinion, you always have the best chance in the evening to look at the expensive sports cars and limousines. But in the city, there are always a lot of cars on the road and during the day it can also happen that a Ferrari or Rolls Royce is driving past you when you are sitting in a taxi. You would certainly like to swap there and continue driving with this car.

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Use Dubai Auto Drome

As a fan of the expensive luxury brands, you will certainly quickly feel like driving these sports cars and limousines yourself. Of course, this is also possible and you just go to the Dubai Auto Drome. This is the racetrack in town and you can rent a car there for a fee. So you then have the opportunity to do a lap on the racetrack yourself and of course, that is always a lot of fun what you can imagine. Of course, this is not cheap, but you will definitely be delighted if you are interested in expensive cars.

You Can Touch the Cars and Take Photos

As a rule, tourists like to take photos in front of expensive cars. Since these of course cost a lot of money, the owners don’t want any scratches. So it can be that there is a “barrier” around the car that you don’t get too close to. That would be the case with a Bugatti, for example, and it costs a lot of money. But you still have the opportunity to take a photo and that’s not a problem. It is always better if the owner arrives and drives off with him. So you can still enjoy the sound. But you are not allowed to touch the cars and you should refrain from doing so. As a rule, there is always security around the cars who are particularly careful.

Our Opinion

Especially if you are interested in expensive sports cars and limousines then you are in the right place in Dubai. For many tourists, this is also a reason to travel to Dubai, as these cars are nowhere to be seen.

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