Sockets in Dubai: There Are Many Different Sockets in Dubai with Types C, D, and also G

7:11 pm  |  15.07.2023
Sockets in Dubai

There are different sockets in Dubai. For a trip, you should also have the right travel adapters and rice plugs in the luggage.

Which Sockets are Available in Dubai

If you are vacationing for the first time in the United Arab Emirates then you will find very quickly that the sockets are of course different. That is, you can not simply recharge the razor or even the smartphone. You definitely need an adapter and it is best when you bring it from home. Of course, you can buy them on-site and that’s no problem. But you always have to go first in a suitable business and look for and buy it. Thus, valuable vacation time is lost there and you certainly do not want to have that. In this post, you now learn which travel adapters or rice plugs you should always have on a holiday in Dubai.

Sockets Types in Dubai 

First, of course, you should know which sockets in Dubai are ever used. There are very different types of plug-in types of types C, D, and also G. Thus, it is not easier for tourists there different. Now you wonder if the other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, or Ras Al Khaimah have the same benefits. The answer is “yes” and if you still do a holiday in another emirate then you do not have to worry. You can then use the same adapter that you have already used in Dubai. So this is not a problem.

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Voltage and Frequency in the V.A.e.

Socket types

Especially if you are an electrician then it is certainly very interesting what it is in the V.A.e. at all for a voltage and frequency. The voltage is 220 volts and the frequency is 50 Hz. But as a tourist, you will probably not be interested in it because it is only important that electricity comes where you can recharge the electronic devices. As a rule, this is not a problem, and the devices are not damaged.

You Need a Travel Adapter There

Socket Type C

The first thing you certainly do while arriving in the hotel room is unpacked the electronic devices. You then seek the sockets in the room and then find that there is a completely different connection there. As already mentioned, you should then have a travel adapter in the luggage while you can then charge it immediately. If you do not have it then you always have to enter into an electronics business first, for example in the Dubai Mall where you can buy it. Of course, there are also available to buy as well as in the Dubai Duty-Free area. So you definitely need a rice plug there.

Which Plug is Needed in Dubai

Socket Type D

As you’ve learned in this post, there are different sockets that are used in Dubai. That is, for example, when you stayed first in a city hotel Downtown like the Steigenberger Dubai Business Bay then it can be that you need a completely different travel adapter like a hotel on The Palm Jumeirah. But this is not a problem at all and a travel adapter has many different connections. When buying, you should pay attention to this that this is suitable for Asian countries. If you then have the wrong thing then you only have the possibility that you buy a place in a shop.

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The Hotels in Dubai Offer a Rice Plug

Socket Type G

It always comes to which hotel in Dubai you stay over. In particularly luxurious hotels like the Burj Al Arab, it can be that you can even be provided for free during the hotel stay. This is, of course, a very special service that you can imagine. Of course, you can not expect that in many hotels. But it is quite possible that this is offered there. Furthermore, it can be available in an apartment in Dubai like the Oasis Beach Tower. But you should always have a thing for safety.

In the Bathroom, There is Usually a Plug Type C

If you have not brought a travel adapter and no desire has to buy one then you should look in the bathroom of the hotel room. There are always sockets of type C where you can then charge the razor. Furthermore, it is also possible to charge the smartphone, or also the notebook. But that’s certainly not very practical if you always have to do this in the bathroom. So it’s always better if you have an adapter and then can use it.

You Can Also Buy a Travel Adapter in Dubai

Travel Universal Adaptor

As already mentioned, it is not a problem that you can buy a travel adapter on-site in Dubai. You just need to go to one of the numerous Dubai Shopping Malls where there is a business with electronics. Furthermore, you can certainly get this in the numerous souks in Dubai. When buying, you should always pay attention to the adapter over different connections, which is suitable for the sockets types C, D, and also G are suitable. If you change the hotel then it is quite possible that there is another connection there. Of course, it always depends on how old, or new this is.

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Our Opinion

We always recommend tourists take a travel adapter as there are different sockets types. It is always when you buy this home for Asia. Then you are always on the safe side and can then start up the electronic devices on site. Furthermore, it is very useful if you not only have an adapter but several. Thus, you can also recharge the smartphone, notebook, or camera at the same time.

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