Sky View Dubai Observatory: There is a Glass Floor in the Sky Views Dubai Observatory with Many Other Great Attractions

5:07 pm  |  26.06.2023
Sky View Dubai Observatory

A really great attraction in Dubai is the Sky Views Dubai Observatory. There you will find a glass floor with a great view, the Sky Walk and much more where you will definitely be amazed.

Visit Sky Views Dubai Observatory

In the Emirate of Dubai, there are countless sights that you can do as a tourist. It will certainly not be boring there. But something very special is the Sky Views Dubai Observatory. You will find attractions there that you will not find anywhere else in the city. The glass floor is certainly very spectacular and there is something similar with the Dubai Frame.

more impressive. So this is again very unusual and recommended for a visit. From there you also have a good view of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. In our opinion, the sights in Dubai are only getting more spectacular and this is a reason to go on holiday there.

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Address and Location

Sky Views Slide | © Sky Views Dubai

The Sky Views Dubai Observatory is located in Downtown Dubai and this is very interesting. But the special thing is that this attraction is located in the luxury hotel Address Sky View. If you are a hotel guest then you should not miss taking a look at it. By the way, there is also a spectacular infinity pool for hotel guests that you should try.

If you don’t stay there you can take a taxi. Another option would be to use the Dubai Metro. Then just hop off at Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro Station and it’s a quick trip from there. It is then about 500 meters on foot. If you have a rental car, you can park it for free in the Dubai Mall.

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Observatory with Glass Floor

Of course, the Sky Views Dubai Observatory also includes the observatory with a 25-meter long glass floor. The first highlight will certainly be that you will be taken up there with a glass panorama elevator to a height of 219.5 meters. You should take photos there right away as this is very impressive. By the way, this glass floor is very long and also impressive.

Edge Walk

Then there is the Edge Walk where you are practically on the outside of the building. You can practically walk along with the building at this gigantic height. Of course, this attraction is only for very brave tourists. But it is certainly a great experience on a Dubai vacation that you will surely remember for a long time. So that nothing happens, you are of course secured there.

Glass Slide

Sky View Dubai Observatory | © Sky Views Dubai

But that’s not the only attraction at Sky Views Dubai Observatory. For example, you can try the Glass Slide, where you can practically slide around on the glass floor. There is nothing like this in Dubai at the moment and that is also unique. But you are also secured there so that the glass pane cannot be damaged.

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Panorama 52

After trying these great attractions, you will certainly get hungry and thirsty. Then you have the opportunity to visit the Panorama 52 restaurant. As you can tell from the name, you also have a great view from there. For example, you can see the Dubai Fountain from there. It is also an insider tip where you can end the evening.

Where Should One Buy the Ticket?

We always recommend buying the ticket in advance so that you don’t have to queue at the Sky Views Dubai Observatory box office. Because you certainly don’t want to spend your vacation time in Dubai waiting. Especially on weekends you always have to reckon with many visitors. You have to know those particularly popular attractions are well attended.

So it’s best to do this beforehand. You can then choose the desired day and time at your leisure. You will then get a voucher and you only have to show it on site. It may well be that you can no longer get tickets at the box office because they are fully booked. This is similar to the Burj Khalifa ticket and you should always reserve it in advance.

You Can Also Stay in the Hotel

If you want a great view all day then just stay at the Address Sky View Hotel. As already mentioned, you can use the spectacular infinity pool there and the view of the Burj Khalifa is breathtaking. But since it is a luxury hotel you have to spend a little more money for an overnight stay there. In our opinion, you should treat yourself to this.

Our Opinion

The Sky Views Dubai Observatory is definitely a great attraction in Dubai where you can do a lot. Certainly, the glass floor is the highlight and if you’ve never seen anything like it before, it’s always a great experience. But you don’t need to be afraid there and the glass panes are of course very thick and stable as you can imagine. In the Emirate of Dubai, there are always attractions that are not available elsewhere and that is why the metropolis is so interesting for tourists.

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