Ski Resort in the UAE: Where to Look for Adventure?

12:06 pm  |  21.05.2021
Ski Dubai

Over the past few years, the United Arab Emirates has established a State that can easily outperform even some centuries-old European countries. The UAE is located on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, its border in the east divides the territory of the Emirates and Qatar, and in west Saudi Arabia. With regard to water resources, the United Arab Emirates does not share one gulf, but two – the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. The Arab Emirates is divided into seven federations: Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaba), Ajman, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qawain, Sharjah and Fujairah.

Compared to other major states, the Emirates does not have the largest territory, but it is intelligent, so you won’t even notice the small size of the UAE. Local landscapes are surprising and relaxing. It is in the Arab Emirates that you find green oases, dried river estuaries, coloured mountains, sandy beaches, huge dunes and coral reefs in one place.

Except for 15 days, there’s a sun in this part of the world. What rain is, the locals probably can’t even explain it to you, because if it rains, then at night it’s weak enough. In January, the average temperature reaches 26 degrees, but in the summer, it reaches well over 40 degrees, and you can even say it reaches 50. Therefore, it is recommended that travel agencies come here during the winter period, namely from October to April.

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To talk about mountain skiing in this heat is even ridiculous. And for locals until recently, snow, skiing and snowboarding remained exotic. But only a few years ago, their image changed dramatically, because among the sands and skyscrapers there was a miracle palace, which without a warm jacket even scares entering, because there is a real winter cold. 

The United Arab Emirates now has its own snowboarding and mountain-skiing resort, which has added to the country’s popularity. It is located near the main tourist centre of the country – Dubai. It is called Ski Dubai.

The Ski Dubai is a completely different city from what lies outside its walls. There is no 40-degree heat, and instead of sand tourists are surrounded by snow, even artificial snow, but in many resorts, even in the Alps it is used.

There are many restaurants and cafés throughout this winter town, as well as shops and small markets that can be found anywhere in the UAE. Besides, the main decoration of the resort is not that we have already listed, but the Christmas trees, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, the main attributes of the New Year. In no case should you come here just for the excursion, in order to fully taste the local atmosphere you should buy snowboards or skis, or rent them, and enjoy the local route.

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But the most amazing thing is not that, but that, right under the roof, amidst all that splendour, there was an open ski trail. It is available for both beginners and professional athletes. Besides it is organized skating rink and track for slalom. On the grounds of the complex the usual, even familiar for many skiers, rope road was installed. You can also try snowboarding park and many others prepared for tourists, entertainment.

Mall of the Emirates is the name given to the first ski resort, which is enclosed between the walls and the roof. Perhaps there is no such miracle to be found anywhere else on our planet. 

In fact, you can not only enjoy the slopes, but just have fun with your family. The length of the local descent is 400 meters. This is a real record. Because the longest route under the roof is nowhere to be found.

We’ve already said that there is everything here that only the soul of a snowboarder can desire. The resort’s engineers paid particular attention to the children. All conditions are created for them, including on the slopes. Besides them, the children can enjoy themselves on a variety of rides. Together with their parents they can go to the ice cave or «snow tiger». It is promised that in the near future there will be a penguinarium, as well as a snow fortress and a real iceberg.

If you forget that above your head is not the sky, but the dome, then it is really possible to believe that you are somewhere on a luxurious ski resort, because there are real snow and live spruces. Each of the restaurants that are located in this resort offers a divine view of the whole complex.

In addition to the classic ski resorts, you can also visit the multiplex, which includes 14 cinemas, as well as the largest Carrefour hypermarket in this part of our planet. It is located on 12,000 sq.m.

The Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is considered to be one of the best hotels in the area. He invites his guests to relax after a day spent on a snow slide. There is a swimming pool, tennis courts, a health centre and an ayurveda centre. Every day, looking out your room window, you will see not just a beautiful but a stunning landscape, but more specifically the Persian Gulf. A gorgeous view from a window can be fascinating.

The hotel is designed to the brilliance of detail. This will allow you to experience a real Arabic fairy tale. Every morning you will wake up like true royalty on luxury bunks of baldachin, surrounded by a truly royal setting. In spite of all the greatness, such an atmosphere will not pressure you, because everything here is very modern and elegant. To get out of the hotel and get to the ski center, you will have to go through many vaulted galleries. If you wish to rest in luxury, not just well, then come here.

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The hotel has a suite of 415 rooms. In addition, you can rent one of the 50 chalets, which offer a great view of the ski track, as well as a playground where children are usually entertained. You can also walk around local shops every day with the best designers from all over the world and their latest collections. For businessmen who prefer to combine useful with pleasant, that is, work with rest, there is an opportunity to rent a conference room for negotiations.

As a matter of fact, all snowboarding or mountain skiing equipment is not required to be transported from the other side of the planet. Because on the territory of this luxury resort there are several rental stations which will provide you with everything you need. If you do not want to use something already used before you, simply go to one of the sports shops located in the complex, where you can easily buy snowboards or skis.

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