Singing Fountain in Dubai: History of Creation and the Main Features

11:37 pm  |  25.09.2023

The Singing Fountain in Dubai is deservedly considered the best fountain in the world, as well as one of the main attractions of the United Arab Emirates. The fountain is located in the center of Dubai near the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, on a large lake that was created artificially. The fountain is a unique creation of human hands, and it can safely be called one of the wonders of the world.

Singing Fountain in Dubai

The fountain itself is a very complex system that was created by a famous architectural company called WET, which is a specialist in the field of constructing musical fountains. In addition, the same company created the Bellagio Fountain, which is located in Las Vegas.

Today the fountain in Dubai is the largest in the world.

It has long been known that in the United Arab Emirates, as a rule, it is assumed that architectural structures should be built “to the very best.” Proof of this is the Burj Khalifa Tower located next to the fountain.

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The height of water jets can exceed 150 meters, which is more than a building with 50 floors. In addition, the fountain is illuminated from all sides by a variety of colors and spotlights, creating a stunning view.

Construction of the fountain began in the summer of 2008. More than 800 million dirhams were spent on the construction of the fountain, and if we take this amount in US dollars, then it is approximately 200 million dollars. In addition, the cost of the fountain included the creation of an artificial reservoir. In September 2008, it was reported that the fountain was under construction. However, residents of the city of Dubai decided not to attach much importance to this and simply called it a fountain.

The first test of the fountain was carried out in 2009. The fountain’s creators concluded that the height to which the water jets hit, as mentioned above, could be doubled after testing. However, to this day there have been no improvements or increases in the height of the jets.

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The fountain, located in Dubai, can easily lift 80 tons of water into the air in just one second. In addition, to ensure that the fountain is well illuminated, about 7,000 spotlights are used, which in turn have different shapes and colors.

The fountain has a large number of technical capabilities and is able to surprise its viewers every time. In addition, quite recently changes were made to the fountain, namely, gas nozzles were added, as well as smoke generators, with the help of which spectators could enjoy a mesmerizing fire dance in the evening. The performance of a fountain that dances with fire is highly popular with both tourists and local residents. However, water dancing has become a bit monotonous since 2009.

Thanks to its powerful jets and changes in their power, the fountain is capable of creating incredible figures in the amount of more than 1000 pieces. In addition, the figures that the fountain in Dubai can perform amaze the most eminent specialists in this type of art.

The lighting is so varied that it seems that every time a new composition appears, it is never repeated. The light reflections from the fountain can be seen within a radius of several tens of kilometers around the area. In order for it to operate efficiently during the several hours of the show, several powerful pumps operating under very high pressure are used, as well as water pressure devices. The system also includes movable nozzles, thanks to which the fountain jets move or dance. Powerful water cannons are capable of raising a significant volume of water to a height of more than 100 m several times during the evening.


A bright animated show takes place daily from 18-00 to 23-00. Thousands of Dubai residents and tourists from all over the world gather to see it. Entrance to the show, as you understand, is completely free.

The fountain has a lot of talents. It not only dances but also sings. Moreover, it performs both folk Arabic and European classical music. Here you can also listen to hits of world and Emirati popular music. Between individual musical compositions, there are periods of silence, but the fountain continues to dance in anticipation of the next classical or modern piece.

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The fountain is located near the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in Dubai and on the entire planet. This is one of the most famous places in the city, located in the new, fashionable Downtown area that is still under construction.

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