Security Standards at Emirates for Passengers During Corona: Here You Find Everything About the Safety Standards at Emirates

10:46 am  |  22.07.2023
Security Standards at Emirates for Passengers During Corona

There are new security standards at Emirates for passengers who want to fly to Dubai during the Corona Pandemic with this airline.

Security Standards at Emirates for Passengers During Corona

© Emirates | Emirates Hygiene Kit

Since the Corona Pandemic, of course, there were clear restrictions in air traffic and the turnstile on Dubai International Airport has almost come to a standstill. Emirates Airline has temporarily set up flight operations and hundreds of aircraft were parked at both airports in Dubai. Furthermore, the Al Maktoum International Airport has become a large parking lot for the Emirates A380. But now slowly returns normal quality and the first passenger flights are resumed. If you currently book a flight to Dubai you have to know a lot.

The safety standards at Emirates were significantly increased and there are some restrictions that you need to accept. As the flight and the boarding currently expires we will explain exactly here. But you can be sure that the airline does everything that the passengers are safe there and can not infect themselves with the Coronavirus during the flight.

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At check-in, there are no clear differences that you will notice immediately. We recommend that passengers, therefore, use the Emirates Online Check-in where you can then check-in from home. There you can print out the boarding pass, or send them to the smartphone.

On-site at the airport you only need to give the suitcase and thus you have very little contact with passengers or staff.

Free Hygiene Kits for Passengers

© Emirates | Emirates flight attendant with protective equipment

So that you can not infect yourself in the plane, the safety standards have been significantly increased at Emirates. That means you now get a free hygiene kit dealt with by the employees. This then includes, for example, a mask, gloves, and antibacterial towels. Furthermore, there is also a hand disinfectant where you can always disinfect your hands during the flight to Dubai.

As a passenger, you have to know that you have to wear a mask during the flight. Of course, nobody can say exactly how long this regulation is. But by wearing a mask, the contagion can be significantly reduced. If you have no hygienic kit then you should contact an employee immediately that you get one. But that is of course very strictly controlled what you can imagine and thus this should not occur.

Temperature Control at Dubai Airport

For example, if you end up in Dubai or from there, all passengers will be subjected to temperature control. This is a thermoscanner where you can recognize exactly if a passenger may have an elevated temperature. By the way, this is done quickly and does not hurt either. So you do not need to worry about there, or maybe afraid.

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The new safety standards at Emirates also affect boarding and there are no significant differences as before. That means the passengers may only be staggered and in limited numbers. Furthermore, the entry order has also been regulated. So that the minimum distances are maintained, the maintenance area has been adapted. Directly at the Boarding Gate, Emirates employees now also wear protective equipment. Tomb, the gates are then cleaned and disinfected so that the new passengers can not be infected.

During the Flight Onboard

© Emirates | Travel hygiene kit

The first difference you will notice is that you have to give up the handpack. One may only stow the most important items there such as a small handbag or a notebook. Especially if you need important medicines during the flight then you should pay attention to it. Furthermore, the cabin crew of Emirates on board is equipped with protective equipment. You do not need to scare there and that is currently normal. In order for the safety standards to be implemented at Emirates with the toilets, an additional Cabin Service Assistant is now on board.

That means this cleans the toilets every 45 minutes thoroughly and there is now also disinfection. Thus, you do not need to worry if you have to go to the bathroom during the flight. Another change is not available to no magazines until further notice. Now you ask yourself if you get a warm meal during the flight at all. This is of course the case and the cutlery and crockery are sterilized before each flight. Thus, you can not infect there and can then enjoy his food on board.

Aircraft of Emirates are Cleaned After Each Flight

After each flight, the aircraft of Emirates is now thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, one should know as a passenger that the aircraft cabin is equipped with modern HEPA air filters. That is, there is 99 percent of all viruses from the cabin air. Thus, there is the possibility very low that one can infect the air. But we recommend touching as little as possible on the plane.

Our Opinion

The airline Emirates undertakes a lot for the passengers to fly safely. Therefore, the safety standards at Emirates were significantly increased what you will notice immediately. Of course, no one can say exactly how long this will continue. As a rule, of course, everyone wants to return to normal condition again so quickly. But that will surely last for a long time.

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The great progress is certainly that you can even fly back to Dubai. As a passenger, you have to accept the new hygiene requirements. So a flight in the desert is possible, but with a few limitations. Of course, if you can afford it, you should book the Emirates Business Class where the seat distance to other passengers is significantly larger.

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