Sea Next to Your House: 5 Tips to Choose the Right Property in Dubai

11:52 pm  |  21.11.2023

Fresh seawater, a private beach, and investment attractiveness – what should you consider when choosing your dream home?

Due to the fact that not many of us have had the experience of living on artificial islands for an extended period, not everyone understands the intricacies of their structure. For example, when choosing a villa or apartment in Palm Jumeirah, you should pay attention to the fact that your home is surrounded by water that flows freely along the shore all year round. Not all Palma “petals” have this advantage.

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Choose a house by the sea, where currents constantly renew the water. The ideal option is an external “crescent” encircling the palm island, also known as a breakwater, with access to the open sea. Such location advantages exist, for example, in the Anantara Residences complex. This project includes beachfront villas and more than 450 residential apartments with stunning views. All apartments are furnished and can be used by the owners for living or managed by the Anantara hotel operator.

It’s also a good idea to explore the trunk of Palma, where many luxury complexes such as Viceroy, Oceana Adriatic, or Dukes Oceana are built. Dukes Oceana is located close to the island’s exit, maintaining all the benefits of a maritime lifestyle. In addition, as a project under construction, housing prices here are still below the market average. Furthermore, profitability in projects such as Anantara Residences and Dukes Oceana is guaranteed to be at least 10% per annum for 3-5 years.

Among the sea-washed “branches” of the Palm Jumeirah, such as the E and S petals, you can find complexes, for example, Palm Views (branch S), with a cozy private beach. As a rule, all luxury residential complexes in Palm Jumeirah are equipped with long private beaches, which is another important factor.

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You wouldn’t want to step out of your own villa onto the beach and find strangers there, remembering the “delights” of the crowded beaches of the past, right? In this case, pay special attention to this parameter when choosing housing by the sea. 

It is worth noting that a service organization plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and privacy of the beaches without using unnecessary fences and barriers. Palm Jumeirah has some of the lowest tariffs for servicing local areas, including beaches, security, and public recreation areas, making it a great destination for tourists and residents alike.

Sunrises and sunsets, views from the window, lighting, and the possibility of relaxing on the beach in the shade or in the sun greatly depend on the location of the villa relative to the cardinal points. 

Tip: when choosing a ready-made villa on one of the branches of the palm island, it is better to give preference to odd numbers if you like to watch sunrises and enjoy the beach until midday, and even numbers if you prefer to sleep longer and love long sunsets.

Marine romance is great, but if this is real estate in Dubai, then it is also a good investment. But you need to be able to manage investments, and, most importantly, do it correctly. When buying a beachfront home in Dubai, listen to different opinions, but remember the basic principle: location is key. 

Tip: choose more “populated” and developed areas of coastal zones, such as the trunk of Palm Jumeirah. Then the return on investment will be guaranteed.

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Insurance. Life in Dubai is generally safe, and the likelihood of an insured event is extremely low. However, seaside property is a serious investment that is worth insuring. Among the coastal areas of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is also known for having the lowest insurance premiums in the city.

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