Safety in Dubai: Dubai is Considered One of the Safest Countries in the World

9:57 pm  |  27.11.2022
Safety in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai are very safe countries. As a tourist in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about being mugged or not. Even when night falls in Dubai, crime does not increase. Here you can also stroll at night at the Dubai Marina without anything happening. Even women alone can holiday in Dubai and you will not be harassed or maybe stared at. However, women should not dress too revealingly. Safety is very important to many holidaymakers and is a decisive criterion for choosing a country. Especially when traveling to Arab countries, many people are critical.

Security is a Top Priority

Many think of the attacks in Tunisia or Egypt or the kidnappings in Yemen etc. In Dubai there are no politically motivated acts of violence, in Dubai safety comes first. It is not for nothing that Dubai is called one of the safest countries in the world. However, the Foreign Office suggests that travelers should keep a low profile in public and respect social, political, and religious traditions. If there are demonstrations or protest events, one should stay away. What to avoid in Dubai is boating on waters, this could be a risk factor, not because of crime but because of sovereignty over the waters.

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No Dangers for Tourists

Police in Dubai

In Dubai you can move completely freely on the street, there are almost no dangers. From time to time there is pickpocketing, but this rate is so low that if you take good care of your bag in the shopping malls, it won’t affect you. Dubai is a great place to relax on the beach and not have to worry about violence or crime. Since there are many guest workers in Dubai, the crime rate has increased slightly. But if you walk around with your eyes open, nothing will happen to you. In Dubai, you can jump into a taxi without hesitation or travel around with the Dubai Metro.

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The United Arab Emirates is a popular travel destination for many people. Since Dubai is an interface between Orient and Occident. Women are not disregarded in Dubai either, most of them have an excellent education and have been promoted by special educational institutions. In the business world, they are increasingly competing with men. In government offices and banks, businesswomen in Dubai bypass the queues and are often offered a seat on the bus.

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In Dubai, respect is shown towards a successful woman. Women are not disadvantaged in any way in Dubai, they are allowed to drive a car, move freely on the streets alone, and of course use public transport. Dubai is far ahead of its neighboring countries in this respect. Dubai is progressive, modern, and tolerant, but a woman should not dress too tightly, then one is usually labeled as venal.

During Ramadan, one should not eat, smoke, drink or exchange affection in public. One should also not wear the national dress of Muslims, this is considered offensive. If you want to holiday in Dubai, you don’t have to be afraid of luggage robbers and car thieves. One can even drive through the deserted desert in Abu Dhabi without any worries. You don’t become a victim of tourists or be kidnapped to take hostages.

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