Restaurant Prices in Dubai: There are Cheap and Expensive Restaurants in Dubai

2:44 pm  |  23.03.2022
Restaurant Prices in Dubai

You should also find out about the restaurant prices in Dubai. These are of course major cost factors of a trip. There are expensive restaurants in Dubai and cheap ones where you can save money. So every vacation has excellent options for catering in Dubai.

Exclusive and Expensive Restaurants

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If you want to treat yourself to something special, you will find many good restaurants in Dubai. Furthermore, these are also very spectacular and they are something very extraordinary. After all, these also fit exactly to Dubai. The Al Mahara in the Burj al Arab Hotel, for example, offers very fine cuisine. It is a seafood restaurant where you can eat while looking at the aquarium. For a specific occasion, you would like to celebrate, this is a perfect location. The highest restaurant in the world is certainly exciting. It is located in the Burj Khalifa and is called At.mosphere. The view from up there is of course gigantic.

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How Much Does a Restaurant Like This Cost?

If you want to eat in such a great restaurant, you easily pay 120 dollars per person. Of course, there are no upper limits and you get rid of the money very quickly. The quality of the dishes is at the highest level. Numerous star chefs are represented in these restaurants. But you certainly don’t go there every day.

Where Are the Restaurant Prices Very Cheap?

Food Court Dubai

Tourists who value price should choose a fast-food restaurant. These can usually be found in big shopping malls. There is always a large food court there. Usually, all international chains have a restaurant there. Of course, you can save a lot of money there. With 15 dollars per person, you can get along very well there. Then you have the opportunity to stroll through the shopping center.

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Where Else Can You Find Good Restaurants?

There are also many restaurants in the Dubai Marina. Or at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence or The Beach. From Italian restaurants to Arabic cuisine, you can find practically everything there. You don’t have to go long in the evening to look for a restaurant. But where there are many tourists, the prices are of course not exactly low. You can easily pay 20 to 25 dollars for a pizza there. Compared to Europe, this is of course significantly more expensive.

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Restaurants in the Hotels

Most of the hotels in Dubai also have a restaurant. If you have booked a half-board, you can help yourself to the buffet in the evening. The surcharge on the hotel room per person is then approximately 30 dollars per day. You can also visit the other restaurants in the hotels. However, these are significantly more expensive and mostly offer exclusive cuisine.

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