Renting a Car with a Driver: The Advantages of Such a Decision

11:59 am  |  24.09.2023

It is no secret that in the United Arab Emirates, the situation with public transport is not perfect, not counting the emirate of Dubai. However, the most comfortable option for moving around the city is a taxi. This article will discuss how to rent a car with a driver in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. 

A taxi can be called using special services, or applications, via SMS messages, or by calling the dispatch center at any time of the day or night. In addition, almost all the cars in the UAE taxi fleet are premium and business class cars, so you shouldn’t be too surprised that when you call a “comfort” tariff taxi, some brand new Mercedes S class will drive up to you. 

If you call a premium taxi, you will receive excellent service 24/7, plus punctuality, safety, and professionalism of the driver, as well as a modern and comfortable car.

Advantages of Renting a Car with a Driver in the United Arab Emirates

Thanks to this service, you can visit a particular attraction in a timely manner.

Note! In addition to taxis, the option of hiring and renting a car with a driver is very popular in the United Arab Emirates.

This option is perfect for tourists who come to the UAE in order to visit all the interesting places and visit each emirate in turn. In addition, by renting a car with a driver, you will receive maximum comfort and an individual approach.

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Another advantage of hiring a driver with a car for a day or half a day is that you can travel around the UAE, choosing your own route.

When you go on a trip to the United Arab Emirates, you immediately understand that it’s like traveling back in time, as you will visit ancient places and attractions, or observe the beauty of technological and modern structures.

Car Park

The UAE car park is simply replete with a variety of cars. In the car park of the United Arab Emirates, absolutely every tourist will be able to find a car to suit his taste. If you are traveling with the whole family, or have arrived in the UAE for a business meeting, this is not a problem – there are cars of all sizes and classes.

Important note! In addition, there are premium cars that have different capacities, for example, from the Lexus ES 300 to Mercedes minivans. As mentioned above, most of the cars in the fleet are cars from recent years. In addition, each car is carefully looked after, namely, this is expressed in the fact that there is always a clean and tasty-smelling interior, a working air conditioner, and security systems.

Business Class Cars

Infinity Q70, Lexus ES 300, ES 350 – these cars have 5 seats, the car is designed for 4 passengers, not counting luggage, or for 3 passengers and 3 suitcases.

Premium Cars

Mercedes S class, BMW 730i series – these cars also have 5 seats, the car is designed for 4 passengers without suitcases or 3, but with luggage.

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Family Cars, Crossovers

Infiniti QX60, Honda Odyssey – a total of 7 seats, designed for 6 passengers without luggage or 4 passengers with 4 suitcases. During the period of restrictions due to Covid-19, this class of cars could be booked for a maximum of 4 passengers.

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SUVs, Minivans

GMC Yukon XL, Mercedes V class – a total of 8 seats, designed for 7 passengers without luggage or 6 passengers with 6 suitcases. During the period of restrictions due to COVID-19, this class of car could be booked for a maximum of 6 passengers.

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